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Therapist's Intervention Portfolio

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S: Therapists Assessment Portfolio Emily Rae Hall

FC: Therapist's Intervention Portfolio | Emily Hall English 597 CDA: the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime

1: Client: Christopher Boone (for the rest of this log the client will be referred to as CB) Chronological Age: 15 Diagnosis: Autistic Concept of Interest for this Portfolio: Understanding Metaphors

2: Therapists Log: 1. What does this metaphor mean/represent? Raining Heavily; storming 2. What is CB's interpretation of this? Cat's and dogs fall from the sky with rain. 3. Why does this metaphor confuse CB? Cats and dogs have nothing logically to do with rain 4. How can I explain this metaphor in a way in which CB will understand it? Explain to CB where the phrase may have originated so he can create a new mental picture.. ie.-In the 16th century, animals would take shelter in thatch roofs. When heavy rains came the animals would be washed off of the roofs, looking like they came down with the rain. .

3: It was really raining cats and dogs. | CBs picture | Though this metaphor is not directly referenced by Christopher, I think it is certainly one he would find confusion with. Expanding upon this confusion, I find Christopher's interaction with, and therefore relationship to, these metaphors quite interesting. He says that a metaphor,like fiction, should really be called a lie, yet the entire work is truly fictional. (pg 15). He also notes that he has difficulty understanding fiction; however, he enjoys imagining himself as an astronaut, and sometimes pretends he is alone in a tight and quite space.He even gives evidence of writing his own metaphor when he says that his mind has a smelltrack, complete with buttons like Play, Pause, and Rewind (pg 76). In my opinion, this significant irony serves as a door into the mind of our narrator.

4: Therapists Log: 1. What does this metaphor mean/represent? He liked her a lot. 2. What is CB's interpretation of this? A person with apples in his eyes. 3. Why does this metaphor confuse CB? Having an apple in your eye has nothing to do with liking someone a lot. 4. How can I explain this metaphor in a way in which CB will understand it? Write a story with CB about a man who loves apples--over-accentuate how much this man enjoys eating an apple every day and when he even looks at an apple he feels happy. Then tell CB to "think of this story whenever he hears this phrase. Think about how much the man loves the apple instead of the apple literally in a persons eye." .

5: She was the apple of his eye. | CBs picture | Christopher directly references this metaphor and explains clearly why he finds it confusing. He says that,when he takes the time to think of an apple in a persons eye, he has forgotten what the real subject of conversation was in the first place (pg. 15). I think that this can be the reaction of any person, not just an autistic individual, when one is introduced to a new metaphor. This concept causes the reader to analyze the true value of metaphor in everyday speech, and causes one to ponder the purpose of this literary construct.

6: Therapists Log: 1. What does this metaphor mean/represent? I laughed a lot.. 2. What is CB's interpretation of this? A person whose sicks have fallen off. 3. Why does this metaphor confuse CB? Your socks do not fall off because you laughed really hard. 4. What activities can I do with CB to reinforce his understanding? Provide various colors of paint and create a picture by mixing the paint to represent complex situations. For example, to describe when a friend does something that is not nice, use white and black paint. If the friend is really a good friend and apologizes, the paint will be light gray (ex. when CB's father lied and hid his mother's letters.) This will have real life application because it will teach CB that he does not need to fear his father.. .

7: I laughed my socks off. | CB's picture | While doing a bit of research on the book, I came across a literary blog that claimed an intriguing opinion on this novel's writing style. The author of the blog took note of the world that the reader is placed in;one of "good colors" and "dangerous colors", Super Super Good Days, and Black Days, a world where logic is like medicine and mental pictures can seem utterly confusing. He claims that the book was written to make the reader feel autistic, and I would have to say that I agree. Time and time again, Christopher places us in his shoes, using fragmented sentences, logical diagrams, and a whole chapter that starts every sentence with the word "and". I believe that this sense of "living in Christopher's world" is an integral part of what makes the reader question the use of metaphor in everyday speech.When thoroughly analyzed, this reader, at least, has come to the conclusion that metaphor is more than a way to describe our universe; metaphor is what provides an imaginary space where we can explore and manipulate literary and communicative avenues for language.

8: Haddon's gentle humor reminds us that facts don't add up to a life; that we understand ourselves only through metaphor.

9: Metaphor Explanation Book Christopher Boone

10: My first picture

11: My new picture

12: My first picture

13: My new picture

14: My first picture

15: My new picture

16: Interesting Observations | This picture I found particularly interesting. It is an one autistic boy's interpretation of the metaphor "My cousin is the black sheep of our family." I find it intriguing that he not only added a sheep, but also a Shepard and a wolf.

17: When provided with colored pencils, most students decided they would rather draw in regular pencil with no color. | This picture I also find to be quite interesting. It was drawn by an 8th grade autistic girl, also an interpretation of "My cousin is the black sheep of our family." I would love to know what she was thinking and the significance of the black key-hole over the boys heart..

18: One girl's unique interpretation of "I laughed my socks off." She described it as "happy tears." | This is another interpretation of "My cousin is the black sheep of our family." I find it interesting that the student picked up the underlying concept, I think much like Christopher did throughout the book.

19: I gave the students 6 metaphors in total: 3 for HS and 3 for MS. Out of the 6 given, "I hit the hay" was the only one that each student got correct.

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