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Titanic Project

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S: The Sinking of the Titanic

FC: The Sinking of the Titanic: The Story of Life Boat 11 By: Alice Barry, Bailee Gilbreath, and Christina Cammarata,

1: On Wednesday April 10, 1912 at 12:15 pm the luxury ship the Titanic left its port in Southampton, England.Carrying 2,224 people it set out towards America. The Titanic was divided into 16 parts including the hull witch had a double bottom. It also had four water tight compartments that would fill up if there was a break in the ship. This is why the Titanic was named the ''Unsinkable Ship''. She also had about 16 life boats and 4 collapsible each with a capacity of 65 people. On April 14 ,1912 the Titanic hit an ice burg at 11:40 PM. and started to sink. The ship sent out distress signals but no one responded. Women and children were loaded into the lifeboats first and dropped into the frigged sea. While the passengers watched as the Titanic slowly sank the California was on its way to help the survivors. It was estimated that about 1800 lives were lost during that fateful night. The people who survived were pulled aboard the California and were accounted for. As the survivors searched for loved ones, they replayed in their mind what they had just witnessed. | Titanic leaving Southampton, England. | The S.O.S sent to other ships close to the Titanic, while it was sinking.

2: Life Boat 11 | At 1:25 am on April 15, 1912 life boat 11 of the main Titanic ship was launched. It was carrying a total of 27 survivors. Five first class members, 11 second class members, 1 third class member, and nine crew members. There was also an unnamed fireman aboard the life boat. The average age of the people on our life boat was 22.

4: Passengers and Crew Members on Lifeboat 11 | First Class: Master Hudson Trevor- 11 months, infant Miss Alice Catherine Cleavor- adult- nurse for the Allisons Mr. Philip E. Mock- adult- brother of Mrs. Kryillschabert Miss Edith Louise Rosenb/Russell- 33 years old Mrs Paul Schabert (Emma Mock)- adult-sister of Philip Mock- dress designer Second Class: Mrs. Allen Oliver Becker- 36 years old Miss. Marion Louise Becker- 4 years old-she died of Tuberculosis in 1944 Master Richard F. Becker- 1 year old- became a singer- he was widowed twice Miss Mildred Brown- 24 years old- cook

5: Miss Nina Harper- 6 year old- child- traveling with her dad to Chicago from Denmark Hill- she is the cousin of Jesse Leitch Miss Jessie Leitch- child- cousin of Nina Harper and traveling with her to Chicago Miss Elizabeth Nye- 29- adult- from Folkstone going to New York- She claimed baby Frank Aks after the rescue Mrs. Jane Quick- 33 years old- is traveling with her two daughters to Detroit from Plymouth Miss Vera Winnifred Quick- 9 years old- child- traveling with her mother and sister to Detroit from Plymouth- She now lives in Michigan, USA Miss Maude Sincock- 20 years old- adult- She is from Cornwall traveling to Hancock, MI. Third Class: Master Frank Phillip (Filly) Aks- 8 months old-infant- son of Leah Aks- They had the ticket number 392091, it cost 9puonds and 7shillings

6: Crew Members- Mr. W. Brice- 42 years old- Job: Seaman Mr. S. Humphry- 48 years old- Job: Quartermaster Mr. Charles Donald Mackay- 30 years old- Job: Bath steward Mr. A. McMicken- 26 years old- Job: Steward Mrs. Annie Robinson- 40 years old- Job: First Class Stewardess Mrs. Maude Slocombe- 30 years old- Job: Stewardess Mr. A. Theissinger- 38 years old- Job: Steward Mr. Joseph Thomas Wheate- 29 years old- Job: 2nd Class Assistant Steward Mr. Edward Wheelton- 29 years old- Job: 1st Class Saloon Steward

8: Miss Alice Catherine Cleaver Alice Cleaver was born on July 5,1889. She lived in London, England as a nursemaid. She was convicted of murdering her own baby son, Trevor. Cleaver was hired by the Allisons to nurse Master Trevor Allison, but they were unaware of her conviction. She had ticket number 113781. When the Titanic hit the ice burg and started to submerge, Alice grabbed Master Trevor Allison and took him aboard lifeboat 11. The Allisons didn't know that she had taken him, so they stayed and tried to find him. Cleaver was indirectly responsible for the Allisons' death. When Miss Cleaver arrived in New York after the accident, she avoided reporters by telling them her name was Jean. She later died from having a stoke on November 1, 1984.

10: Interesting Facts- -The Californian was the closest ship to the Titanic when it sank, but the Californian's captain didn't order his ship to turn around and come to the rescue; he was criticized later. -.Before the Titanic book departed from the port they were permitted to take a grand tour. -The workers on the Titanic were paid by how many rivets they put in the Titanic -The youngest passenger on the boat was 2 months old. -The Titanic carried 75,000 pounds of fresh meat, and 7,000 heads of lettuce. -The search of bodies after the wreck took 9 days and still not all of the bodies were found..

11: Primary and Secondary Resources- This picture is an example of a primary resource, because it was taken at the port where the Titanic set sail. This Newspaper is an example of a primary resource, because it was first hand of what happened on the Titanic. This website we used is an example of a secondary resource http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic_survivors/ , because it wasn't there and the information was taken from other primary sources. This mix book is also a secondary resource, because the information was used from other sources.

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