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To Kill a Mockingbird

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S: To Kill a Mockingbird

BC: Citation: | "When it comes to this world nothing is going to change according to race, no one can get passed what has happened and just as we do now, and we teach our families, we will do in the future." To Kill a Mockingbird shows us how the world really is and teaches us that we need to change even if we die trying. | Kelsey Watson, Third Period

FC: To Kill a Mockingbird | Harper Lee

1: Book Summary......................2-3 Main Character Analysis...4-7 Quotes.....................................8-9 Scouts Diary..........................10-11 Song Lyrics............................12-13 My Quote.............................Last | Table of Contents:

3: Scout, Jem, and Dill start off with small explosions of adventures. They live in Maycomb, Alabama where the whites and coloreds don't mix. The summers are always questioned about a “Nut” named Boo Radley and why he is stuck in his house. Their father, Atticus Finch, is a single parent whose life is surrounded with being a lawyer. Atticus is forced to help Tom Robinson, a man who was accused of raping a white woman, and sent to court. Atticus feels for the man and wants to help him let free. After the hearing Tom is “Guilty” and sent to prison, he runs for it and is shot. Now Scout and the gang is in for some trouble from Bob Ewell, the woman's daddy, and he will not stop until he's dead. | Summary:

4: Scout Finch | Scout is an outgoing, fight loving, daddy following little girl. She doesn't quite know the real world of being a lady, but she is learning.

5: Jem Finch | Jem loves football, being a gentlemen, doing the right thing, and standing up for what he believes in no matter what.

6: Atticus Finch | Atticus believes in stating how you feel, he is old but he loves his children. He lost his wife when scout was two but continues to nurture them the best he can. He is a lawyer with a heart.

7: Dill Harris | Dill loves fun. He goes to the picture shows, he is going to marry Scout and wants to have a family that won't ignore him, you might even call him a snake.

8: "What a morbid question. but I suppose it's a morbid subject. I know he's alive, Jean Louise, because I haven't seen him carried out yet" p.43, Miss Maudie (talking about Boo Radley) "Then whose blanket is that" p. 71 ,Atticus (Boo gave Scout a blanket without being seen.) "It's a sin to kill a mockingbird" p.90, Calpunria. | "Well if it came out during the old testament then it's too long ago to matter " p.162, Scout (about having coloreds blood)

9: "He got it caught in a cotton gin, when he was a boy, like to bled to death, it tore all the muscle's loose from his bones."p. 186, Reverend Sykes (talking about Tom's left arm.) | "Well, if everybody in Maycomb knows what kind of folks the Ewells are they'd be glad to hire Helen" p. 124, Scout | Their Quotes

10: Atticus neva' lets us down. I know he ain't gon' lose this time. He won'! Nome, Tom is gonna get free and Bob sir's gonna regret it. We all's gonna cheer when judge Taylor say's not guilty, then we can all go home. Auntie should let us stay anyways cus' I am old enough to know the court. Atticus say's it's alright and I wanna stay. | Dear Diary:

11: Before I can say somethin' Atticus looks at the jury and yells all sorts of stuff about picking Tom over Bob, an' I agree. They can't be treatin' him like trash jus' cus' he ain't got skin like them. Some folks have hard heads.

12: Song Title: ~Free as a Bird-The Beatles~ | Song Lyrics: Home, home and dry, like a homing bird I'll fly as a bird on wings. | Free as a bird. It's the next best thing to be. Free as a bird. Free as a bird. Free as a bird.

13: Where did we lose the touch that seemed to mean so much? It always made me feel so... | I chose this song because Tom deserved to be free like mockingbirds, he was not guilty. It's a sin to kill a mockingbird, but they still did.

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