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Touching Spirit Bear A-Z

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Touching Spirit Bear A-Z - Page Text Content

S: Touching Spirit Bear: A - Z

FC: A ~ Z

1: This book is dedicated to my lovely English class!

2: Table of | Characters | Literary | Invisibility Justice (it's circular!) Keeper Life is a Circle Man vs. Society Nature vs. Man Omen Peter | At.oow Bile Cole Detainees Edwin Father vs. Cole Garvey Hyperbole | Vocab Terms

3: Fun Facts | Contents | Types of Conflict | Quiet Rummaged Skepticism Totem Poles Ultimate Vocab: boughs Wolf Dance eXposition | "Yelling..." Zoo-phobia | Devices

4: A | t.oow | - | In Tlingt culture, an at.oow is a sacred blanket that is handed down from person to person throughout generations of a family. It is not something that can be owned, it is more like something that you can take care of. It can be passed on to people that you trust, not just family members. In "Touching Spirit Bear", Garvey gives his at.oow to Cole as a symbol

5: of trust. Even though he didn't realize it at the time, the at.oow was the first thing Cole was ever trusted with, and he eventually grew to treasure the at.oow.

6: B | ile | Bile: a bitter, alkaline, yellow or greenish liquid, secreted by the liver, that aids in absorption and digestion, especially of fats. "A sour bile taste stung his throat" (72)

8: C | Cole was the main protagonist of the story. He was the one who faced problems that needed to be overcome. He was also an antagonist at times. He antagonized Peter, as well as the Spirit Bear. He was definitely a round character. We saw his complete thought process, being front row witnesses to the war going on in his mind. Cole was very dynamic; "Cole laughed and spit at him even as he was held back. | ole

9: Nobody crossed Cole Matthews and got away with it" (7). This quote shows that he started off the story with a passionate hatred towards everything in the world that defied him. Being dynamic, Cole did change. At the end of the story, he finally came to realize that world does not revolve him.

10: D | etainees | Detainee: a person held in custody, especially for a political offense or for questioning "The other detainees were a bunch of losers" (8)

12: dwin | E | Edwin is a Tlingt elder who helps Cole and mentors him throughout the story. At first, Edwin seems to antagonize Cole, pushing him to his limit and angering him. It is quickly shown that Edwin was always trying to help Cole. Edwin is a round character, but he's more of a slightly flattened sphere than a complete sphere- we cannot see his complete thought process, but he shows

13: conflicting reasoning and other things that show his flaws along with his strengths. In reality Edwin is a static character, not changing very much throughout the story. "They hiked back to camp laughing and joking as if they were old friends" (175). This quote shows that in Cole's eyes, he seems to be dynamic, changing from a foe into a friend.

14: ather vs. Cole | F | An example of a conflict in "Touching Spirit Bear" is Cole vs. his father. This is an example of man vs. man. The inciting incident was when Cole's father started beating Cole, although this was a present-time event in "Touching Spirit Bear". The rising action is when Cole yells at his dad at the circle justice meeting and calls him a liar. The climax is when

15: Cole's mom finally files an abuse report. The falling action is where Cole finds out that his dad was abused as a kid. The resolution is where Cole doesn't hate his dad anymore, but his dad is out of his life for good.

16: arvey | G | Garvey is a protagonist in "Touching Spirit Bear". He might be harsh with Cole at times, but its obvious from the beginning that he really wants to help Cole. Here is a quote that is representative of Garvey; "'The whole world is a hot dog". This quote represents how hes constantly trying to get Cole to realize what living happily is all about. Garvey is in between being a round character and being a flat character.

17: Although we know a lot about him as a person, he has a very mysterious past that is not spoken very much in the book. He seems to be a static character, but I think he's a dynamic character. I believe that helping Cole and helping Cole help Peter really let him release some guilt over something he did in the past.

18: H | yperbole | "Cole felt himself floating upward into a cloud" (97) This quote alone is not very significant to the story. However, the paragraph that it was in was a major plot turning point. This quote is right at the point where Cole is about to die. He is finally rescued by Edwin and Garvey, yet from this hyperbole you can

19: see that they were minutes away from being too late. Being so close to death really changed Cole.

20: I | nvisibilty | Cole's quest for invisibility is an example of Man vs. Self. Cole tries and tries and tries, yet he can't seem to achieve 'invisibility'. The inciting incident is when Cole realizes that he needs to become 'invisible' to be able to get near the spirit bear again. Then, during the rising action, Cole is attempting to achieve invisibility. At the

21: climax, Cole thinks he realizes what invisibility really is. In the falling action, Cole sees the Spirit Bear again. In the resolution, Cole sees the Bear with Peter.

22: J | ustice (it's Circular!) | Circle Justice is a Native American justice system. It doesn't necessarily punish the wrongdoer. It focuses on healing everyone associated with the offense. Including the wrongdoer. It is beginning to be practiced in many states, primarily in the mid west. Circle Justice is important part of "Touching Spirit Bear". If Cole hadn't gone through the Circle Justice system, then he wouldn't have

23: healed and become a better person.

24: K | eeper | The Circle Justice Keeper is portrayed as a minor antagonist and protagonist. She states both the faults in sending Cole to the island and the benefits. These two quote fragments- "'Cole's response to this opportunity was very disappointing,'... 'he violated our trust'" show how the Keeper does not approve of Cole, yet she still tries to change him for the better. The Circle Justice Keeper is a flat

25: character without much background knowledge. She is also a static character that remains the same throughout the story.

26: L | ife is a circle" (34) | This quote is a metaphor. It is very important to the story. When Garvey says that life is a circle, Cole remembers that. Although at the time he takes it as a joke, he eventually came to realize it's true meaning- that everything in life really is a circle. For instead, when he thinks about life and death, he thinks, "They would just rot into

27: the ground to help the grass grow... you live, you die, and rot, and then something else lives, dies, and rots" (83)

28: M | an vs. Society | An example of man conflicting society is Cole vs. the Circle Justice. They are there to help him, yet they also want the society changed for the better, not just Cole changed for the better. Cole's struggle with Circle Justice is incited when he goes to his first meeting. Then it rises when he tries and succeeds to get a meeting after he returns from his mauling. The climax is when he is at the meeting, and the falling

29: action is when Cole tries to convince the Circle to let Peter come to the island. The conflict is resolved when Peter comes to the island.

30: N | ature vs. Man | An example of nature vs. man conflict in "Touching Spirit Bear" is Cole vs. Spirit Bear. It all started the first time Cole tried to hurt the Spirit Bear. Then, in the rising action, Cole is mauled by the Spirit Bear. In the climax, Cole is confronted by the Spirit Bear again, and he spits at it. In the falling action, Cole sees the Spirit Bear a third time. This time he doesn't

31: try to hurt the Spirit Bear. The conflict ends when Cole Touches the Spirit Bear.

32: O | men | Omen: an occurance or phenomenon that fortells a future event "Overhead, a gray matted sky hung overhead like a bad omen" (3)

34: P | eter | Peter Driscal is a protagonist in "Touching Spirit Bear". He is the victim, the person that Cole has antagonized. Peter is more of a flat character. We know about how he was hurt and how that changed his life, but we don't know anything about what he was like before he was attacked. Peter is also a dynamic character. He changed from being an average

35: person to being an abuse victim who's suicidal and scared of everything, to being a forgiving person with small issues.

36: Q | uiet | Quiet-making no noise or sound, especially no disturbing sound "The Tlingt elder's quiet presence was better than the endless hours alone" (199).

38: R | ummaged | Rummage: to search thoroughly or actively through (a place, receptacle, etc.), especially by moving around, turning over, or looking through contents "Last, he rummaged through the supplies until he found a candle to place in the middle of the low table" (170)

40: Skepticism: skeptical attitude or temper; doubt "'For how long?' asked Judge Tanner, his voice edged with skepticism" (56) | S | kepticism

42: otem Poles | T | Totem poles were originally used by the Native Americans. They would carve animals and other important parts of nature into a trunk from a fallen tree. Most of the time, what they carved symbolized something in the carver's life, or something important to them.

43: In "Touching Spirit Bear", Cole carves a totem pole. He carves all of the animals that he has learned something from, and occasionally something not living (raindrop, lightning bolt). In the end, Peter helps him carve the last space. For Cole, his totem pole symbolizes his journey, and how he has changed.

44: U | ltimate | Ultimate:last; furthest or farthest; ending a process or series "This banishment was the ultimate hurt-worse than his father's fists and belt, worse than his mother's never caring" (31)

46: ocab: Boughs | V | Bough: a branch of a tree, especially one of the larger or main branches "He even rubbed ashes and sweet cedar boughs over himself to mask any human smells" (185)

48: W | olf Dance | Many Native American tribes, including the Tlingt, perform dances in imitation of animals. It helps them to let out their feelings and learn things from each other, as well as learn things about themselves. These dances are an important part of Cole's healing. One of the dances that Cole did was the wolf dance. From that dance, he learned "That you need the help of others, like a wolf pack" (162).

50: X | e | position | "Agreeing to spend a whole year alone in Southeast Alaska had been his only way of avoiding a jail cell in Minneapolis" (3). The exposition of the story is when the setting and characters are introduced. In a book, it is generally the first few chapters. An exposition was important to Touching Spirit Bear", because without an exposition readers would be lost, not understanding

51: who's who or where the characters are and why they're there.

52: Y | elling at the rocks and the sky and the water, 'Get away! Don't mess with me!'" (192) | In this quote, Cole personifies the rocks and sky and water, talking to them like they were people who needed to back off. This quote is significant because it is an excerpt from Cole's anger dance. In this dance, he realizes that he hasn't been in charge of his anger, and to be happy, he needs to be.

54: Z | oo-phobia | Cole's lack of zoo-phobia is a conflict in "Touching Spirit Bear". His lack of fear for animals results in a major example of man vs. nature. It starts when he tells Edwin that if he saw the Spirit Bear, he'd kill it. Then, the rising action includes when he first threw things at the Spirit Bear. The climax of the conflict is when

55: Cole throws a spear at the Spirit Bear. The falling action is when Cole is mauled, and the conflict between Cole and the Spirit Bear is resolved when Cole touches the Spirit Bear.

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