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Uncensored 09/10 (Copy)

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S: Uncensored 09/10

BC: Serving proudly for over 100 years, Greeneville High School boasts a long tradition of excellence, while continuing to be a state and national leader in innovative educational best practice and student success. Nestled against the backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains, GHS is located in the historical town of Greeneville, Tennessee, the home of President Andrew Johnson. A study in juxtaposition, our newly renovated and expanded modern high school sits in the downtown area surrounded by the President's tailor shop and pre-Civil War mansions and churches, all within walking distance along brick sidewalks lit by gas lamps. In 2008, GHS was honored as a U.S. Department of Education National Blue Ribbon School, the only high school in the state of Tennessee to be so honored in 2008.

FC: Uncensored 09/10 | Stories - paintings | Greeneville High School | Poems - photos

1: UNCENSORED 09/10 Greeneville High School Greeneville, TN Dr. Linda Stroud - Principal Mr. Randy Richards and Mrs. Beth Ricker - Assistant Principals Special Thanks to Tony Feathers, Shannon Hayes, and Gina Pavlovich

2: Table of Contents in Order of Publication Lessons Learned While Fishing John Boys Like the Fly John Vineyard Untitled Meredith Hull Wii Cannot Get Fit in the Living Room Martha Wells Sonnet Summer Lawson Untitled Tanja Miller Football Jordan Where I’m From Annie Arrington Mass Murder Jake Treadway The Greatest Man on Wheel of Fortune Carter Wright Never Been More Down Kaleigh Forte The Most Important Game Mollie Ray Basic Algebra John Boys The Devil’s Pet Jake Treadway Kara in the Sahara Daniel Olson King of the Wild Kaylee Holt From my Side of the Window Rodney Deyton This is me Meme Thomas Cox Forget Me Melissa Kessler I Am Kevin Pardes Where I’m From Danielle WIlliams Memories Tai Payne Shameful Hazel Eyes Melissa Kessler Over It Melissa Kessler

3: Wisdom of a Goddess Kimberly Gosnell Smoke that Thunders Josh Tillery Baseball Hunter Henriksen From the Military Danielle Peterson Untitled Matt Olson I’m From Cody Childress Fairy Tales Kaleigh Forte I Told You So Melissa Kessler End of the Day, I Ski Father Abe Snow Day Ben Hopkins Rwanda Genocide Rachel Agonizing Algebra Abbi Jones Teens Drinking Melissa Kessler Facebook Faceoff Martha Wells The King Zach Kidnapped Robert Wilson Art and Photography: Katie Brown, Ashley Ellenburg, Tony Feathers, Kevin Fruendenberger, Lauren Heffner, Alexis Hughes, Katie Lamons, Sarah Munday, Courtney Patterson, and Zach Sims

4: Lessons Learned While Fishing The quest for love is a fishing trip. Some days you don't get a nibble, Other days you fill the stringer to the top. Some days you catch nothing but weeds and frustration, Other days you head in early with confidence soaring. Over time, you learn which bait to catch what fish And where to fish for the big one. | Photo: Tony Feathers

5: You observe fellow fishermen catching and releasing blue gil Or other small fish all day, But you decide to instead aim your goals a little higher By fishing for the larger fish such as bass or catfish that you Catch less of but are a more rewarding prize in the end. With all of this knowledge though, some fish get away. They jump off of the line, or just tease you with a nibble. Your frustration barely quenched by the occasional fish Is extinguished by determination and the hope for that one big catch. With the help of patience gathered by years on the lake, You persevere and are rewarded with that one trophy fish. The one that will be hanging on the wall for the rest of your life. -John Boys

6: Like the Fly It moves around, unheard and unseen Born from the water yet taken to the air Unsuspecting their giant prey are Silent like the wind and dangerous as the plague. They sneak upon their prey to steal their blood. In a moment the prey reacts, to kill his attacker But the damage is done and the disease is free. -John Vineyard | Photo: Tony Feathers

7: I’m From I’m from the crisp, cold month of November and from the loving nights with the Hull family. I’m from the lake with my lake family, eating watermelon and then jumping in the water to wash the sticky all off. I came from Tusculum View, when sitting boy girl boy girl was a punishment. I came from the field of green grass where I kicked the ball for YMCA soccer and from the studio where I danced from age two to age thirteen. I’m from the stage where we won first place every time for the dances we performed. I’m from GMS when all my friends had boyfriends but me. I am from those three awful years that really did last forever. I came from that black day when someone told me I couldn’t do the only thing I loved. And I’m from the day I found out I could be part of something, even if it was JV. I’m from the halls of Greeneville High School, where I can be me. I’m from the days that told me chemo was the only thing keeping her hearing alive and from the moments I knew everything was going to be alright. I come from the hard days I wish I could forget and from the moments I wish I could stay in forever. I am from the moments in life that made me who I am. -Meredith Hull

8: “Wii” Cannot Get Fit in the Living Room -Martha Wells As the Wii Fit rapidly enters the homes of thousands of Americans, one wonders if this new revolution is actually as great as it claims to be. Wii Fit is an interactive video game, created in 2007 by Nintendo, which is designed to get Americans off the couch and working towards reaching their fitness goals in the comfort of their own living rooms. The whole idea of a video game that involves physical exercise is revolutionary. I personally gave in to the propaganda and joined the other six million Americans in purchasing a Wii Fit. It seemed almost too good to be true to know that I could have the opportunity to exercise at home without having to worry about if I looked stupid or not while I was doing so. Before beginning the journey of becoming fit, I was virtually instructed by my Wii to step on the Wii Balance Board and take a simple balance test so that the Wii will be familiar with my Body Mass Index (BMI) and where my center of balance is. My BMI will also help the Wii determine how many calories I will burn in each game. The Wii Fit comes with about 60 games plus yoga and strength training activities. Some games involve more movement than others. On the game that I refer to as the obstacle course, one has to run in place on the balance board and virtually weave oneself through obstacles of swinging balls, falling logs, and other random objects. After completing this game, I always have to wipe the sweat off

9: my forehead and sit down for a minute. While I thought that I must have burned at least 50 calories in this game, the Wii Fit calorie counter claims that I only burned 10. Ridiculous. Every time I log on to my Wii Fit account, I always start with the Body Test to view my fitness progress. One week, I logged on four consecutive days. My progress is as follows: Day 1: -1 lb; Day 2: +9 lbs; Day 3: -8 lbs; Day 4: +7 lbs. Does that sound reasonable? No, it does not. That kind of weight gain and loss is impossible, but according to my Wii Fit, apparently not. Sketchy? I think so. Although my Wii Fit is terribly inaccurate, I find myself playing it by myself for an hour or so at a time. But entering the world of Wii Fit still keeps me in my living room. Instead of taking a nice walk, I’m glued to my television set while standing on a Wii Fit Balance Board. Congratulations, Nintendo, you did succeed in getting me off the couch. But other than that, it is no different from any other video game. Sure, I’m burning calories (a grand total of about 100 per hour), but it is simply not the same as working out at the YMCA or taking the dog for a walk around the block. Getting fit in the comfort of your home is just not possible. One needs to get out of their house and step outside of their comfort zones to really understand what exercise is all about.

10: I’m wishing for the gift of a savant. Are sonnets AB or AC/DC? My face turns from red to purple eggplant. Remember the rules, its fait accompli. Will I be able to write to my love? Where did Browning go for inspiration? Did she “count the ways” that were unheard of? This cadence allows me to contemplate. There is purpose to my education. To my true love, I can articulate. Oh bliss, this my per-sonnet-fication. Fourteen lines will bring this to a swift end, and I can go and enjoy my weekend. - -Summer Lawson

11: I am from music From beating my own drum. I am from a Pentecostal family From shouting and screaming with joy. I am from a family that sticks together like PB&J. I’m from little peasants called my brothers, From sissy did this or that. I am from grandpa’s mix of names From “Come here, Kanijah, Kalajah, Tanijah Jane.” I am from soul food and high blood pressure, From eating like fatties on special days. I’m from basketball, Dribbling and hooping like Michael Jordan. I am from ups and downs, From getting back up and climbing back to the top of my game. I am from being a leader. Like an eagle soaring above all the birds! - Tanja Miller

12: Football Every day, year round working your tail off So you can be the best team in all games, And make it all the way through the playoffs. Enduring all of the year’s daily pains, Your blood and sweat you leave out on the field. A hundred percent is never enough. A great team to remember we must build Even if the course of the season is rough. Injuries are always there as a risk But you play for the great game that you love, If you didn’t play, the game you would miss. When you lose you cry to the man above. After all the suffering, in the end Nothing can match the feeling of a win. = Jordan Hite

13: Where I’m From I am from that little town From that pool in my backyard I’m from that stuffed little bear From those dress up cloths in my closet I’m from the millions of dogs running around my neighborhood From “you have grown so much”. I’m from taking naps and sleeping in I am from that swaying swing beneath the trees From the always loud holiday family gatherings I’m from summer days coming inside red as a cherry I am from the tapping of those dance shoes against the hard wood floor From sledding down that huge hill behind my house From jumping on the trampoline forever I am from waking to the smell of biscuits and gravy I’m from being afraid of the howling wind outside my window I am from that box of all those old memories, Seeing all of those old faces I cherish all these moments And all the unforgettable places -Annie Arrington

14: Mass Murder Corruption, the cause Government spoiled A land of death Families uncoiled Blood for money AK’s for use Fire and threat Relentless abuse Grotesque Evil Naive Oppression Careless Inhumane Destruction Escape -Jake Treadway

15: The Greatest Man on Wheel of Fortune Dear lucky man on the television. The man that drives a tasty spirits’ truck. Your awesome beard is a great decision. Wearing your argyle sweater for good luck. You are solving the captches left and right. You keep filling your walled with the cash. You could keep solving these puzzles all night. Will you exit with a gigantic stash? To no one’s surprise you beat your rival. You won vacations to sunny places. You’re the best in this test of survival. Oh the smiles on your family’s faces. You attacked the prize puzzle like a pug. Now in your garage is a brand new bug. -Carter Wright -Carter Wright

16: Never Been More Down -Kaleigh Forte Life for Africans is hard and painful But for us it’s playful Their hearts are big but their stomachs are small, Your emotions are stopped by a big wall. The worst thing is that there is no food So when they go to bed they don’t feel good. In Africa many people live this way, Because they cannot pay. Leadership is what brings them down, And this is why they frown.

17: The Most Important Game It’s the day of the most important game. We do our warm ups to help prepare us. Too soon we are down by one, what a shame. After this, Coach is making quite a fuss. When he does this we push way harder. The strikers dribble down the field with great speed. They go until they can go no farther With high hopes of taking a noble lead. As we dribble only one thing’s in mind. And then, out of nowhere, it is a tie. Through the other players we weave and wind. They can barely see us zoom right on by. We go and we shoot, and it’s in the net We won it two to one; who would have bet? -Mollie Ray

18: Basic Algebra I read girls like books, and see through them like glass. I can tell the fake from the legit, and the goody from the hoe. It's not a hard skill to learn, It just takes experience. No girl is an exception, I can figure them all. Like basic math problems They're all easy to solve. -John Boys

19: The Devil's Pet The pet of the Devil Eyes jet black Strikes when not seen A lethal attack Dark glazed skin Lies in the grass Protecting her offspring A soulless mass -Jake Treadway

20: Kara in the Sahara Her eyes covered with mascara Running down her face from the scorching hot Sarah Walking along the ergs she feels depresses Hoping that a viper will put her to rest Her only joy comes from the oasis She comes here on a daily basis Hoping to get away from this dreadful world It’s very hard being an African girl Sitting here she gets false hope She might make it to America but all she does is mope So she just sits here wasting the days But she can no longer take the heat waves Suddenly, she falls to the ground Not even a lizard to hear a sound She dies -Daniel Olson

21: King of the Wild Gently walking around Not even making a sound Stalking its prey Until the sky turns grey Finding food for its cubs That are hidden among the shrubs They are known as a pride Who stand side by side In the plains of the Savanna -Kaylee Holt

22: From This Side of My Window - Rodney Deyton What light doeth enter To shed forth it’s view? Things which I have pondered From this side of my window. Things oh so bright Things oh so new, The visions I’ve surveyed From this side of my window. First there was family Then there was school Oh all the glory, what sights to absorb From this side of my window. The lush sights of springtime The bright sights of summer, The glory of fall and winter all seen From this side of my window. From this side of my window No age is acknowledged, no faltering is felt. Springs youth eternal From this side of my window.

23: This is My Meme! I am Thomas Cox. Out Government is a House divided. The leaders of the world Are doing a Barrel Roll. There is too little to do, Too much time to do it. Scratch that; reverse it. One simply beaming down Into Mordor is impossible. Weegee is everywhere, Watching you! Witches are constantly Turning people into Newts. Ceiling cat is not approving Of anything. All of their base still belong to us. The amount of people Rick Roll’s Daily is OVER 9000! The Spanish Inquisition isn’t Expected. The cake continues to be a lie. Now let me go make and LOLGraph! This is my Meme!

24: Forget Me Pain is a goal everyone has to reach You get sick and tired of listening as they preach. You pop that last pill in your reach Then you get the difficult slurred speech. She has no idea why she's crying No one has a clue why she's dying. She slits her wrist that one last time He leaves her alone for his crime. She had no idea what she did wrong. He keeps saying it is my fault. He says I need my time to be with her Just please forget about me. He asks this one last time Just please forget about me I was dying once before and I got over it. Now it is time you do the same. She grows weaker and weaker Each day by day She finds out she was just a card to play. In his heart she fades away. She slits his lovers' throat To teach him how much it hurt As he tell her to stay away. She kills herself with her blood in his hands. Melissa Kessler

25: Photo | Photo: Katie Lamons and Katie Brown

26: I am from the city of angles, The sun is shining, yet I am so graceful. From sunny days, palm trees, and beautiful sky, A never ending summer madness no better way to die. I am from a wonderful place of dreams, We love to play basketball you know who’s my team.

27: It’s a land full of the fame and the freedom, My team is L.A., perhaps yours is Cleveland. Forget about worries, forget about money, You see there’s no problems no need to confront me. I am from where there is nothing to conceal, The feeling is so great, if only you could see how this feels. I am from where your dreams and your love may take flight, Just like jets and planes, such a wondrous sight. I am from where the days are so long, Under the California sun, oh, nothing can go wrong. The daylight is almost done, there’s no need to weep, For another day will cone, my city is in deep sleep, Because when the day is done, you forget about the past, I am from where you must embrace life You can only hope that it lasts. -Kevin Paredes

28: Where I’m From I’m from a little trailer on a hill From using towels for a spill A place with a big back year From Barbies and hot wheel cars We played a lot of football and tag Carrying our toys in a grocery bag Stayed outside from dusk till dawn Gosh, I hated mowing the lawn There was nothing like the summer’s sun Using imagination to have some fun I am from having little to nothing My brother complained 365 days about something Like a bee without a buzz Finally, I’ve had enough Off to sleep when I lay Wake up in the morning ready for another day -Danielle Williams

29: Memories When I think back, back way into the past, I think about how time went by so fast. I think of friends I’ve had, and ones I’ve lost. I think of friends I’ve made, what they cost, Trips I’ve taken, and places I’ve been to, Which includes all the states I have been through. I remember when I was really small, When I never thought the towers would fall. I remember my first day of high school. That’s not long ago, but we felt so cool. Finally here, here in what seemed like a new world, Oh, so many things that became unfurled. Luckily, I haven’t faced too much strife. So many memories I’ve made from my life -Tai Payne

30: Shameful Hazel Eyes Suppose you come running back, Back to the one who did love you. As you return to her You find she's in the arms of another. You broke her heart Can it be true That she doesn't feel her love for you? What a shame it is to see you cry. You said you need your space, You wanted another woman. She told you this was the end, Did you not believe her? Expect her to fall into your arms? Good luck for making up all the pain you caused to her. Your arms will be disserted from her Because she finally let you go. Suppose you cry to her again, Not a chance on your life.

31: She's moved on to her new love. You no longer exist With your shameful hazel eyes. -Melissa Kessler | Photo: Ashley Ellenburg

32: Over it You give and you get. You live and regret. It’s hard to find and get what you want. You forgive and forget. But is what you get what you really want? If you gotta fight for something Then it’s not worth having. Keep what you got But get rid of the extra. If you love someone let them go Because they really don't love you. After so long and you've been through so much All you need to do is walk away. It's not quitting or giving up It's called moving on and getting over it. You got too much to do and too much to live for Than sit around worrying about someone who's never cared about you. -Melissa Kessler

33: Wisdom of a Goddess Athena is the most knowledgeable. The goddess of the most strategic war. With her elegant mind so capable The great Athena is known near and far She came from the almighty Zeus’ head He regrets sending mother to his core Naturally born, she continued to lead Zeus not even a little bit sore She fearlessly lead her wise troops Deep into the gruesomest of battles Then she sends them back to their humble stoops To their beautiful baby’s and rattles Athena was a strong and wise goddess That was quite the utmost of most modest. -Kimberly Gosnell

34: Smoke that Thunders As one of the 7 wonders of the world When you see its beauty, it will make your head twirl Named in honor of a wonderful queen It is the most magnificent thing you’ve ever seen One of Africa’s Biggest Attractions Its elegant appearance will give your eyes satisfaction With all the amazing wildlife You’ll want to stare and pet but never use a knife So if you want to see an unexplainable sight Go to Victoria Falls, and you will find abundant life -Josh Tillery

35: Photos: Kevin Fruendenbarger and Sarah Munday

36: Baseball Major league players that swing for the fence How did they get there, pursuing the game Some have taken steroids, to them it makes sense With pressure to perform they lost their fame Kids look up to them but what do they see Men that are cheating in order to win These players are who these kids wish to be We are hurting our future with this sin How long will this go on before it halts These players must regret what they're doing Yet still there are players that work without fault Drug free as can be there fans aren't booing They are great role models for you and me; They haven't cheated as you clearly see. - Hunter Henriksen

37: From the Military I’m from a family serving our country From men in the navy and army I’m from a grandfather with a Purple Heart And a scar across his chest From men as proud of their country as any other I’m from the seas to the planes From Italy and Japan Being the new kid over a million times From 2nd grade and up, kids asking, “Can you speak Japan?” And answering, “No, but I can speak Japanese.” I’m from getting tired of answering that question I’m from finally living in one place From the best sisters and a mother a girl can ask for The best inside jokes with friends “tac-tac” From loving my life in general I am from those moments Being a kid, had lived in millions of places And made millions of friends That is now home -Danielle Peterson

38: The purest heart of innocence was unmercifully devoured, as murder crept silently into this unholy hour. Candles of righteousness were smothered by the wind, foreboding a darkness that was soon to be unpinned. Tides of crimson blood swallowed the shores, and unlocked many long-forgotten doors. In a tumult of animosity, light was purged, the soul turned harsh, hate surged. But the shadow must surrender to a glorious dawn, as the wings of time fly steadily on. -Matt Olson

39: Photo: Alexis Hughes

40: I’m From I am from the never-ending woods From the garden filled with flower I’m from the apple tree down the street I’m from the farm down the street The place where the deer cross the road From my grandmother’s house The laughter of family The fireplace warm as the sun From the kitchen with amazing apple pie Where you can hear the birds singing in the yard From the fun of my dad’s side of my family Cookouts on holidays From the sports contests From my crazy papaw making everyone mad but funny at the same time From my uncle that acts like he is thirteen -Cody Childress

41: Fairy Tales Kings and queens are only in fairy tales. The happy ending is what you wish for. Their love is joyful and will never fail. This wonderful love is never a bore. Her compassionate touch makes his heart beat. He looks at her with eyes so dreamy. They interlock hands every time they meet. Some think their relationship is steamy. Many times she has felt betrayed and hurt. Love and happiness is now hate and fear, For he has turned to lust and disconcert. Although he is so dear she is unclear. Now her heart is broken forever. Finding true love is a real endeavor. -Kaleigh Forte

42: I Told You So First time around I told you I wouldn’t take you back, After the last time you done this. Maybe you should've listened. Not today, Not tomorrow, Or not even next week, But you will learn someday. Someday those sweet hazel eyes, That I once loved so much, Will fill with tears and run down your face. I told you so. My Sweet and sour revenge, How fun it will be. As those waterfalls shoot from your hazel eyes, I will laugh and say I told you so. When she isn't enough I'll be you suppose best choice. Not on your life anytime, Will I be the second fiddle again.

43: When you come running back Don't say a word, I won't want to hear it. I told you so. Fall upon the cold, hard ground Upon your scuffed up knees, I don’t care how much it hurts. I told you so I won’t be there to pick you up As those sharp needles stick in you like knives. I told you so. -Melissa Kessler | Photo: Lauren Heffner

44: End of the Day I Ski Off I go, fleeing from the chair Before another on comes and I get hit The wind is so hard it seems to tear The slop is so hard it takes every wit I fall into a heap and feel the disgrace. The inhuman elements beat me down. I fly down the hill in a battle that is a race. I dream of getting off the hill and into town. Speeding down the hill I soar. My toes, I no longer feel. Going wherever my K2’s implore. I finish the run and want a hot meal. I see a scratch down my ski and wonder if I can make amends. I nod goodbye to my mountain, my friend. -Father Abe

45: Snow Day I look out my window to see the snow The ground is covered and the streets give shine The day seems brighter because of the glow I think of the snow day that could be mine Oh how great it would be to have no school And to have the day to relax and rest I glance outside to see my frozen pool – Skating on that is for another day best – Trying to think what to do with this time I give my stomach its full provision And go into the dining room to dine – Next I tune in to the television Then came to my heart a sense of dismay As school is on a two-hour delay -Ben Hopkins

46: Rwanda Genocide A mass killing of the innocent Death is all around Listen to the silence As no one can make a sound A million lives were lost While they were fighting to the peace From the Rwanda Civil War Hoping to be released From the grenades, machetes, and bullets Flying through the air During which the night was broken And caused a wide spread scare Rising through the ashes They try to reform once more Only to be struck down By more turmoil and war -Rachel

47: Photos: Zach Sims

48: Agonizing Algebra Sitting here in algebra Wishing to be in bed Dying for a pillow To be beneath my head Beyond my will I sit here, Forced to learn about fractions, Beginning to fear About what happens Next we learn polynomials, Again I could care less. Then on to binomials, But apparently this is best. Once again I dream of bed, With a nice, soft pillow beneath my head. -Abbi Jones

49: Teens Drinking Heartbreak is dealt with in so many ways. Everyone suffers from it at least twice in their life time. Only a fair few stand up and fight back the third time the heartbreak comes their way. The rest are hard and cold six feet under the ground. My friends tell me to put the bottle down, They didn’t mean to let me treat my heartbreak this way. As I sit here with blood shot eyes I wonder Is all this too much for me to balance? I sit and wonder what led me to act like this, To be sitting here giving my life to a small liquid. I ponder, with a blank expression on my face. I smash the bottle on the floor, Throwing down what could have so easily controlled my life, Or what could have killed me. Whichever would have come to me first. I’ve worked too hard to let one small thing ruin my life. Teen drinking isn’t always so easily stopped. It’s not just your friends or all those who care about you voices that count. The voice that matters the most is your own. It’s your choice whether or not to put a stop to it, Before it gets out of hand, And you can’t control it. One drink isn’t much when you look at it, It’s until you try it that makes the difference in reality. Make the mistake once it may be the last thing you ever do, Some got lucky and were stopped before anything could really happen. You go through pain, that’s life. Don’t let drinking ruin your life over something you could have avoided a long time ago. -Melissa Kessler

50: Facebook Faceoff -Martha Wells Convenience, pleasure, and simplicity are the ways of the future, and Facebook just so happens to fall under all three categories. It is easy to use in the comfort of your own home and provides hours of entertainment. Facebook is part of this century’s innovative technology that allows people to socialize virtually with friends and family members in the convenience of their own homes without even having to open their mouths. As we enter the 21st century, people have become lazier and lazier. Luckily, Facebook was invented for lazy people. For instance, instead of having to go through all the trouble of buying a birthday present and card for a friend, and personally taking it to said friend, you can send a virtual present and message on Facebook without having to leave your house. How easy is that! One can also reconnect with old colleagues, talk to the guy or girl they have been crushing on without awkwardness, and talk about almost

51: anything with anyone because, face it, most things are just easier to type than they are to say to someone’s face. What is more embarrassing, guys: having a girl turn you down to your face or online so that only you and your dog Scruffy know about it? Scruffy will not tell anyone, but you never know about your other friends Not only can Facebook save you from humiliation, but it also allows you to stay connected with friends whom you might not get to see very often. If you were to go to a summer camp in Canada and meet the most amazing people ever, at the end of the week saying goodbye would be extremely difficult. But wait! You and your new friends both have Facebook. This goodbye is not the end of your friendship. Thanks to Facebook, you and your Canadian friends will stay connected forever. Americans cannot look at socializing in a completely new way. Awkwardness, inconvenience, and complication are no longer issues you need to worry about when it comes to a friendship. Altogether, it is safe to say that Facebook is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

52: The King Lie in sleep by day, thrill of chase by night. The claws, the teeth, golden fur a symbol ot royal might. Africa’s monarch, majestic, known to all the land. Tall, regal, and royal, rules with a noble hand. Surveying the savannah, the fields, the plains, the brush. To live the life of a lionWow, what a rush! Loyal to the pride. Intelligent predator On the verge of endangerment Noble of the animal kingdom -Zach

53: The KIDNAPPED By: Robert “demon” Wilson The first book of the series Prologue I am Leon Burkes. I am an officer of a black ops team called N.E.R.S. N.E.R.S stands for Nuero Endurance and Rescue Squad. We were trained to stand alone in battle. I have been sent to a little town in Western Europe to solve a strange kidnapping of a young woman. She was taken from her family two months ago and was last seen being taken to a little village outside of town. This is my story. Prepare for the ride of your life. In this little tale you will here about dark clans, demons, and the walking dead. Remember nothing is, as it seems.

54: Chapter 1 The Beginning of the End “Leon your mission is to infiltrate this village and find a Ms. Jenny Luis.” said Chief Lawrence, my chief and best friend. Everything was a blur to me then and now that I’m on my way to Europe I begin to see that it was going to be a rough journey from here on out. My team was talking about there families and that they will go get them when they get back. They shouldn't make plans they might not make it back. I decided to take a little nap before we got there. As I slept, I got a cold chill and woke up in hell. My team was nowhere to be found, and just to make it worse there was a trail of blood leading off the plane we were on. I went to the door to get off and heard a scream. And to my horror there was a deformed girl coming towards me with a knife. I pulled my gun out of its holster and took aim. At the top of my lungs I yelled “drop the weapon and put your hands where I can see them.” She did not listen again I yelled the command. Yet again she came closer. She took one good swing, I jumped back dodging the razor sharp blade and pointed my gun at her stomach and pulled the trigger. She did not collapse: I took aim at her heart and shot. Still she did not collapse. I then aimed at her head and pulled the trigger. Finally she fell down. I began to slowly absorb the facts. “I’m in hell!!!!” I figured that was what this is; this place is some type of hell, and this village is a cursed place of death and despair. I slowly put my gun up and sat down on the ground. I have to look for

55: my team. That is my first priority. I stand up once more and begin to walk around searching for anyone that wasn’t hostile. As I look, I see one of my squad members lying on the ground. I run to him and checked if he was ok. To my horror he was fatally wounded and slowly dying. I stood up, pulled my pistol, and ended his misery. After I pulled the trigger, the body of the squad member got up and started to attack me. I jumped back and dodged his strike. All of a sudden a figure came from behind him and started to speak. It said in a terrifying voice, “This is the land of the dead souls you have killed in your past life, and now you will suffer their pain. Get ready to feel the unimaginable pain you have caused.” With that the hostile monster that used to be my friend struck me in the chest. It felt like a truck hitting me head on. When I finally recovered from the blow, I tried to run away. But no matter how hard, I tried I couldn’t move; it was like running on a treadmill. It was pointless to try; I wasn’t getting anywhere at this point. Finally I stopped running. I turned around and unloaded two clips into the corpse. To my horror it wouldn’t die. I fired again; nothing happened. I took aim at its head, since the other monstrosity died when I shot it in the head. It finally fell down. With extreme caution, I kicked the corpse to make sure it was dead. I figured that to kill these monsters is to shoot them in the head. I began to walk around a little bit to see what I could find. I found another member hung upside down from a tree. To see this was a horrific experience. The lifeless body hanging there was skinned. All I could see of him was his insides. I turned around holding back the vomit. When I turned back, there were a whole army of monsters coming my way. I ran from them, reserving what ammo I had left. I found a little shack I could take refuge in. I wanted to leave this village and forget about my mission, but I had to find out what was going on. I just had to. I soon felt like I was the last human being alive in this world. I had a feeling of loneliness and despair. It felt like I was there for centuries. But to my terror the

56: corpses found me. They were beating on the door, screaming at me, laughing at my horror. It felt like I was in a dream that never was going to end and that I was cursed to die in this little shack. And with that I woke up from the nightmare that was my hell. | Photo: Tony Feathers

57: Chapter 2 The End of the Nightmare As I woke up from the most realistic nightmare I have ever had in my life, I notice that we were landing. We are here in the village. I looked around and remembered the horrible nightmare that caused me to sweat. I noticed that the village I was in was the same as the one in my dream. Could my dream have been a warning of some sorts? As I stepped out of the plane, I felt a dark aura flow into me; something was going down in this small town village. I felt the same feeling of sorrow that I felt in my dream. One of the villagers came up to us and began to speak in a deep dark tone of voice. “Welcome to our village comrades. Please help us solve what is going on in our home. We need all the help we can get.” and he bowed down like he was going to worship us. I looked around noticing the similarities from my dream. And finally I noticed the small shack I took refuge in my dream. It was just like the one in my dream, to every detail. I started to walk towards it when the villager told us to follow him. We followed him to a hotel with old windows. “This is where you’ll be staying, I hope you enjoy your accommodations.” and with that he left. The town was a creepy little place. It was almost deserted. Most of the occupants were farmers. I couldn’t help but shiver at the thought of staying in this creepy old village. My team went up and checked into their rooms. As for me, I just decided to wait. I noticed I still had my uniform on consisting of a camouflage coat and pants, a brown shirt, and a camo hat. I went up to my room and changed into some jeans

58: and a black sleeveless tank. It was a little chilly, so I decided to get my coat and slip it on. When I got down stairs, my team was already starting to adapt to the lifestyle of these people. Thomas, Blaze as we called him, was sitting in an old chair, talking to the villagers, Nick, Sharp Shooter, was looking out the window, and Roger, snake, and was kneeling beside an old table. I walked up to Nick; he asked what I thought of this mission. All I could say was “It was a bizarre objective, but we were trained for it so let’s get to work.” We heard a loud scream and went outside to see what all the fuss was about. A man was attacking a woman with a pitchfork. We immediately took action; Thomas ran and tackled the man but he was too strong for Thomas. He threw Blaze off of him and stabbed him in the arm with the pitchfork. I ran up and kicked the guy in the back; he hit the ground with a loud thud. I pulled my gun and took aim at his back. “Stay on the ground! You are under arrest. If you attempt to get up I will be authorized to use deadly force.” He tried to stand, and I pulled the trigger. He was still moving; once more I shot. This time shooting three times, still moving. I aimed at his head and shot. To my surprise it worked, just like the nightmare I had earlier. “This is unreal; the monstrosity was just like the one in my nightmare.” We rushed to Blaze to see how badly he was injured; he couldn’t move; he has lost too much blood. We called for an evacuation chopper to rendezvous with us and to take Blaze to an ICU. He began to go into shock. As he left in the chopper, we saw him jolting. “That leaves two other men and me. Things can only get worse,” I thought to myself. Why was that guy attacking that woman? We have to get to the bottom of this. After we took care of the corpse, I went up to my room and fell asleep for what felt like hours. I had the same nightmare as the one on the plane, but this time it was worse. It was longer, and they had me tied down torturing me, and the pain felt real.

59: Chapter 3 THE DARKNESS FALLS When I woke up from this dream, I felt exhausted. My mind felt like it’s lost in a sea of loathing. I realize that it’s 11:46 P.M. I looked out the window and tried to see through the pitch-black night. I decided that I would patrol the streets tonight. When I stepped out the door of the hotel, I felt a cold breeze run down my spine. From the distance I could hear some type of growling. I thought it was a dog, so I just walked on. I walked all the way to the welcome sign and saw something in the distance. One of those things was coming fast. I drew my pistol and aimed at the monstrosity; it growled at me and then let out a big howl. Behind him there was what looked like hundreds of those things. I turned and ran for the hotel. Thinking fast I grabbed my radio and called for back up. I told Sharp Shooter to grab his rifle and take down some of these things. “Shoot them in the head! That’s the only way to kill them!” I grabbed the door, but to my horror it was locked. I yelled out for help. To the left of me, there was a window. I backed up and started to run. I jumped through the window. Shards of glass cut my arms and face. I grabbed a shelf and pulled it along in front of the window that I just busted through. “They will break through anytime; we need to get out of here.” Snake ran towards the exit to get out of there, and when he opened it, a couple monsters were waiting for us to

60: out of there, and when he opened it, a couple monsters were waiting for us to run. They grabbed him and stabbed him multiple times with a knife. He fell to the ground and yelled in pain. I shot the monsters in the head with his red7 German pistol. It took off their heads with one shot. When they fell, two more came in. I shot them in the head, and the heads blew off and a tentacle came out with what looked like an ax. It slowly advanced toward us with the tentacle swinging away. I ran up the stairs to get the shotgun that I brought when I heard a scream. I turned around to see what was causing it to witness one of the monsters was biting a woman on the arm. I shot the monster to get it off her. Her arm was starting to swell. She fell to the ground, twitching like she was going into shock. I ran to her aid when she got up and swung at me. With a lot of force, I flew up the stairs and hit the wall hard. I had to keep consciousness. I got up and ran to my room. I grabbed the twelve-gauge pump shotgun. I loaded it up and ran back down stairs and stopped dead still. It was quiet, too quiet. I looked around; nothing was anywhere to be seen. Is this a dream? I began to wonder when I heard a chainsaw revving up from behind me. I turned to see a woman with a chainsaw running towards me. She stuck at me. I jumped back and aimed for her head with the shotgun. I pull the trigger. With a very loud thud, the woman flew backwards and hit the ground. I felt a sharp pain in my back. I felt around with my hand and looked at the palm of it. It was covered in blood. I was injured. I fell to the ground. Trying to see what was going on, I saw a lot of the zombies coming for me. Then I heard a lot of shooting. I looked up and hanging from the chandelier was a man in a dark suit with a mask on that looked like a ski mask. He took out every one of the

61: zombies with an Uzi sub machine gun. When I looked back up, he was gone. I heard a thud. The man was right in front of me then. “Are you human or one of them,” he said. “Human” I muttered, and with that I passed out there on the floor with one thing running through my mind, “what is going on here?” As I was out, I dreamt of the monsters again. They were feeding on every one of my teammates. Sharp Shooter was looking at me motioning with his arm to help him. I tried to move but I couldn't I was tied down to the floor. One of the monsters came up from behind me and started to swing a Double bitted ax. When I saw him, I thought that it was over for me. I closed my eyes and thought about all the wrongs that I have done, and then I thought about her. She was a beautiful, blonde haired, blue-eyed woman. The ax struck. And I faded into a red slime.

62: Chapter 4 James Seras When I came to, I was lying on the ground, and there was a man sitting by a fire with a thing that looked like a rat on a stick over the fire. “Who are you?” I asked as I tried to stand. “The name is James, James Seras.” “I’m Leon burkes, of N.E.R.S. What happened?” As I asked this, he stood up and turned to look at me. He was scarred up from his left eye to his chin. He walked with a limp until he was in front of me. “Those monstrosities attacked this village about 3 years ago; we killed all of them, or so we thought.” He paused, and I saw a tear role down his face. “They came back about 5 months ago; they attacked my family and took my little girl away.” He turned back towards the fire and fell to his knees. I stood up, still a little dizzy from earlier and walked up to him. “Are you all right?” He turned around to face me, and there was blood running down his chin. I jumped back a foot, shocked from what I was seeing. He was in pain, a lot of pain. I tried to help him up but he wouldn’t budge. He fell face first on the ground and lay there lifelessly. I rolled him over and tried to get him up. When I did finally wake him, he was immobilized. He said that his legs were “on fire”. I drug him next to the fire and eased him on what he had set out as a bed. “Stay here, I’m going to look for some supplies.” I grabbed my weapons and set off due west, searching for anything we could use. I heard something coming from the woods to my left. What looked like a wolf jumped at me. I kicked it in the back to get it away from me. It jumped

63: back a couple of feet and then howled. Its head split open and what looked like tentacles came out of it. The tentacles had what looked like nails sticking through them. I took out the red7 I got from Snake and shot the wolf in the head. It knocked the wolf back a couple of feet, forcing its tentacles back in, but the wolf got back up and charged towards me. It jumped; I grabbed my field knife and uppercut the wolf. My knife went through its chin and stuck out of the top of his head. It fell to the ground with blood squirting on the soil. It was twitching. I took off running back to James. I knew if those things got to him, he wouldn’t be able to fight back, him being in the shape that he’s in. I was almost there when I heard a howl. I ran through the bushes and saw them attacking him. The wolves were closing in on him while he was loading his Uzi. I ran and shot the one closest to him in the ribs. It came after me and jumped up. Thinking fast, I kneeled down and rolled forward, dodging the wolf’s deadly fangs just by a hair. I jumped to my feet and shot the wolf in the head twice. It hit the ground hard. I turned to shoot the other wolf, click. I was out of ammo. I had to get the wolf away otherwise James would be its next meal. I picked up a stick and ran towards the wolf and James. I swung the stick, and it broke, knocking the wolf about five feet back, and charged towards the downed wolf. Since I broke the stick and made it sharp, I ran and jumped on the wolf, and I stabbed in the neck several times before I realized it was dead. I walked up to James to see if he was ok. He had a bite mark on his arm. I remembered what happened to that woman when she was bit. I stood up and aimed at James, “What are you doing?” He asked. “You have been bitten by those things, in about an hour the virus they carry will infect your whole body. The only thing we can do is shoot you before you turn.” He looked up at me and asked if he

64: could just think about it. I gave him five minutes. “What if we cut off the arm that is infected?” he asked. This never occurred to me, it might work. “Okay we’ll try it but if you start to turn, I’ll have no choice but to shoot you.” I took out my knife and laid his arm on the ground, extended so that I had a clear shot. With one clean slice, I cut off his arm. The blood started to flow out of the wound and gushed on the ground. He yelled in pain, tears running down his face. I took a piece of my coat and wrapped his stubbed arm. He stood up and started to walk around trying to forget that we had to decapitate his arm. He finally got done walking around in circles sobbing. I told him that we needed to get moving; he agreed. We started to head due south. We came up on a villa next to a river. He told me to go on, that he needed to go back to get something. I went on my own until I came up on a bunch of the zombies in one bunch. They were opening a giant cage. At that moment I got real stiff with true fear.

65: Chapter 5 El gigante The beast was huge, standing about 70 foot high. It had a grotesque face, with big eyes. It looked like a bald gremlin after being super sized and then beat with a stick. Its entire face was deformed. It started to attack everything in sight, including the zombies. They started to try to secure the creature. The beast smashed them with ease. Then the beast saw me. It started coming towards me and stomped the ground right in front of me. I jumped back, barely missing his foot. I grabbed my knife, because I was low on ammo, and grabbed his leg and held on for dear life. He kicked real hard and through me off. I hit a tree and collapsed on the ground. Trying to keep consciousness I stood up and ran behind him. I jumped up his back and started to climb. I got to his head and stabbed him in the top of the head. He yelled in pain. He grabbed me with both hands and through me to the ground. He stomped me into the ground, causing my whole back to hurt. I climbed to my feet, trying to forget the pain. He was trying to get the knife out of his head. I grabbed the shotgun I was carrying on my back. I took aim at his head. The shotgun had five rounds left. I shot at the beast, trying to hit his head. I missed all but one shot. I climbed his back again, grabbing the knife and thrusting it farther down into his skull. Hearing the cracking as the knife breaks through to his brain. I jumped off his back and shot him with the handgun I brought with me to this forsaken place. I got him all the way down his back. Blood dripped off his back as he fell to the ground.

66: Chapter 6 The Church When I got past the giant, I ran all the way to the church with no slowing at all. I ran to the door and picked the lock. It was easier than I thought it would be. I went to the alter and saw a mechanism that looked like a puzzle. I turned it to the left. It made a loud snap sending a jolt of electricity through my body. I tried again and noticed that it is making the insignia of the church. I pushed it once more that unveiled a cross with snakes running down it with fire on their backs. The insignia sunk and made a loud clap. A door opened up to my left, and I ran to it the door lead to a long path way and into a dungeon. Inside the dungeon was a bunch of the villagers who had survived. It was there that I had to free all of the friendlies and destroy the hostiles. I slowly walked into the room when a giant man walked towards me and grabbed me by the neck. I kicked him in the chest causing him to drop me. I got up and charged him. He grabbed the kick and threw me towards a wall. With a loud thud, I hit the ground. “I am Sazla Dorpe, the leader if you will, of this village and you have caused a lot of trouble for me, Mr. Burke.” “Why are you doing this to all these people? It isn’t right to turn them into these monsters.” I yelled at him. I stood up and walked toward him, being very cautious of his moves. “Monsters, is that what you think we are. We aren’t monsters we are missionaries of god and we are going to stop all of this sin, as you say. We have come to give the world our gift.” A gift is what this is, that’s what they call it, it isn’t a gift it’s a curse. “I won’t let you get away with this! You are going to pay for all the suffering you have caused.” He came towards me and grabbed me by the leg. I struggled to get loose, but he was too strong for me to free myself. Out of nowhere James shot him in the back and jumped next to me.

67: Chapter 7 The true form of the beast Sazla turned away from us and fell to the ground. “Leon you have to go free Jenny, she is in the cell outside the door to the west.” As I ran towards the door I hear a loud groan. “YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE THIS VILLAGE ALIVE. I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT.” I turned around and saw Sazla had morphed into a spider-like creature with four arms and a long spine. He came towards me and struck me in the chest. I hit a wall and fell to the ground. He picked up James and started to rip him in two. I shot at the creature and ran towards him. When I got to him, I was too late. He had James’ torso in one hand and his legs in the other. “You are next, Leon.” I ran up to him and climbed his back. I pulled my knife out of its sliver and started stabbing him. The beast shook in strength. He pulled me off of him and started to pull me apart. I grabbed his arm and sliced it off, swung around and grabbed the other and sliced it off. I did this to his other two arms as well. He yelled in pain. I grabbed him by the neck and flipped him over me with my foot. He hit the ground, and I jumped on him. He looked up at me and started to beg for his life. “Please don’t kill me, I’ll give you the girl, and you’ll never see me again.” “It’s too late for that. I am going to show you what its like to lose everything. YOU BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!” I sliced his head clean off of his shoulders. He started to swell. I ran towards the door and hid. He exploded into oblivion. I stepped back and took off towards Jenny’s cell. When I got there the door was unlocked. “Thank you James, for everything. God rest your soul.” I opened the door and saw that Jenny wasn’t more than a teenager with blonde hair, wearing a white buttoned up shirt, with a tie and a skirt. “Who are you?” “I am Leon S. Burke. I work for the President. He sent me here to rescue you and bring you home.”

68: hapter 8 Going Home We started to leave when I heard a loud groan. I ran toward the exit to see what was going on. All of the monsters were dying. They were falling to the ground and turning to ash. I ran down to the dungeon and freed the remaining villagers. They ran out the exit and started yelling in joy. All of the villagers were celebrating the return to their lives. They all ran up to me thanking me for all the help. I ran to my radio and called for an evacuation chopper to come and pick me and Jenny up. Thirty minutes later, we were safely on our way back to the U.S. when Jenny and I started to cough. “Must be something we caught in the village,” I shrugged. We would get over it. When we arrived at the White House, the President ran out to Jenny, hugging her with joy. “Thank you Leon, I owe you my life.” I started to walk away and heard a cough come from Jenny. Blood came flying out of her mouth. Oh no! The shot they gave us. It was turning her into one of them. All of a sudden, she attacked everyone, knocking me unconscious. TO BE CONTINUED..

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