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United States Expansion

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FC: The United States Expansion

1: Table of Contents | Ideas Page 2 and 3 National Geographic Page 4 and 5 Social Page 6 and 7 Political Page 8 and 9 Economy Page 10 and 11 Cultural Page 12 and 13 Technology Page 14 and 15 Conclusion Page 16 and 17 Work citied Page 18

2: Ideas | Another great idea they had was known as the Industrial Revolution. This was a historical development, where the people left their farms to work in mills and earn wages. | They were trying to think think of a new idea on how to run their machines and thats when they though of using water power.

3: The Erie Canal was a construction that was 363-miles long. Along the canal the built a series of locks, which were separate compartments where water levels were lowered and raised.Locks provided a way to raise and lower boats at where places where water levels changed.After a long time of thought and hard work the Erie Canal opened on October 26,1825. | The Erie Canal

4: National Geographic | The land that was west of the Missouri River was very unsuitable for farming because of the hard rocky suface. This made it hard for the native Americans to produce and grow crops.

5: The running rivers had many different uses.They could use the water, could get fish, and use for cleaning. One of their main uses for the running waters were building, what they called "textile mills" which was a building built along a river and made it easier for the workers to work together by using the machines. They were put into different sections and each sections was doing a different thing. It was made to be just like an assembly line.

6: Social | Discrimination This was only a problem mostly in the southern states because the northern states did not believe that this was the right thing to do. Not all people in the southern states believed that slaves/Native Americans should not have the same rights as them. But most of them did believe that they should be made into workers and be sold to whoever did not want to do their own work. The people that were with this was mostly people who had higher authority and did not want to do anything themselves.

7: The Trail of Tears was a very horrific event that happened in 1835.The federal government persuaded the Cherokee to sign a treaty giving up their peoples land. Many of the Cherokee refused to leave and then General Winfield Scott and 7000 federal troops cane and removed the Cherokee from their homes and lead them west. | Trail of Tears

8: Andrew Jackson was elected president in 1829 and stayed president until 1837. Jackson was everything most Americans admired.He was a patriot,a self-made man, and he was also a war hero.On March 4,1829 thousands of farmers,laborers,and ordinary Americans crowded into the nations capital to hear Jackson's Inaugural Address. Jackson was nicknamed "Old Hickory" because he was born in a log cabin and also his troops called him Old Hickory because he was as tough as a hickory stick. He gained his fame in the battle of 1812.He defeated the Creek Nation in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and Defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans. | Political | "equal protection and equal benefits" (Jackson)

9: Voting Suffrage | In the nation's early years most states had limited suffrage for men who owned property or paid taxes. By 1815 many states had loosened or soon would loosen the property requirements for voting. In the 1820s democracy expanded as people who had not been allowed to vote voted for the first time. Which changed the percentage of white males voting from 26.9 percent to 57.6 percent.For the first time male sharecroppers,factory workers,and many others were brought to the political process..

10: Economy | Free Enterprise | Free enterprise- is another word used to describe American economy. In this system people are free to buy,sell, and produce whatever they want.The top factors of free enterprise is the competition, profit, private property and economic freedom. Buyers also have competition in finding the best products for the lowest prices.

11: Working for yourself was a very tough way to make money.You need to know people that can help you sell and you have to do all the work by yourself,unless you hire more people to work for you,which will just take more money away from you. | Working in these mills that the government builds is easier because you do not have to pay for equipment,you have other people to help you all the time,and you just go there and work for a certain amount of time and get payed on how much you work. Not so much on quality but quantity.. | Work for your self | Work for others

12: Cultural | Cotton was what most people's clothes were made of because it was easy to clean and easy to work with. The cotton took a very long process before it could made into anything because it had to be cleaned but that is what the textile mills were built for,to make this process go faster.

13: During the guys free time one of their favorite things to do is to wrestle.This was one of their ways of telling who was better.This was one of their biggest competitions. | While the men were out doing other things the women put together sewing parties were the made many different articles of clothing and exchanged them with each other.These parties were very special times to families and friends.

14: Another great use of technology was the Second Bank of the United States.This bank had the power to give out big loans to companies to help them pay for emergencies. | Technology | The patent was probably on of the best inventions created.If we did not have these anybody cold take credit for inventing something which then everyone knows that will just break out into a fight,and nobody thinks violence is the right answer.

15: The cotton gin was one of the most helpful inventions in the past. It was a simple machine the quickly and efficiently removed the seeds from the cotton fiber.This machine could work as fast as 50 people working by hand. | The Cotton Gin

16: Conclusion | There was many different people that made the change happen in there society.One person that made one of the biggest impacts in life was Andrew Jackson.He did many good things for this country.Also everyday citizens made the change.They were the ones coming up with new inventions and ideas,which made more change than people think. ------------------------------------------ The past is very different from the future.Some things are still ran the same way but we have a lot more inventions now which make everyday life easier.Also the government has changed quite a bit.The world is a lot more strict than it was back then,it was not as laid back. ------------------------------------------

17: The whole country has benefited from this change because it makes their life easier.I know that if we did not have some of the things today it would make things a lot harder.I would rather live in todays country rather than living in the past. -------------------------------------------- Past decisions has affected todays world drastically.If we did not make restrictions on what the president can and can't do it would make life harder.Also if we did not have a limit on how long a president can serve it could make things a lot worse than they are because we could have a bad president who doesn't know what hes doing and he could keep running for president. -------------------------------------------- The people viewed their country like it was good enough.Some people wanted to make changes but no one would listen to him unless he had money.So they just sat and waited for some kind of changed and when it came the felt,I'm guessing, very relieved.

18: Work Citied | American Republic. McGraw-Hill Companies, Print. | Mixbook.com | Yahoo photos

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