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Vera Brodsky: Life After

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FC: Vera Brodsky: Life After

1: Alex Spencer Mrs. Triplett Honors English 2 November 4, 2012 Life After My recovery proved to be difficult and tedious both mentally and physically. My eye has never completely recovered and it's hard to say that it ever will. The eye-patch I am wearing is like a burden to me and it hurts my physical appearance as well as my emotions. The patch is a constant reminder of what has happened to me and reminds me of the horror which can occur. Whenever I look in the mirror, I am reminded of what happened, what could have happened. I constantly imagine a world in which I am no longer a part, a world where Dan is alone. I remember how I felt when Sergei left me and how it crushed me and destroyed the inner workings of my lifestyle. I remember how I cried for him and asked why he was so selfish. Would Dan have felt the same way if I would have died? Would he have gotten over the pain and found someone new? These are questions that continue to trouble me, all because of one man and one bomb.

2: The eye-patch has become my greatest enemy in life, the one I am constantly in battle with. As I walk through the crowds of people, I view myself in a new light. Questions rush through my head without end. Does that man think that I look gross? Why can't I be as pretty as that girl? Does that girl think she looks better than me? Often times I would answer these questions personally, which just make me feel worse. Of course, he thinks I look gross, with my face scarred and my patch and I can never be as beautiful as the girl I see, for she has not endured the pain that I have went through. Babushka used to tell me that I was strong and independent, but I am not any longer. Every time I evaluate myself, thoughts of repulsiveness and weakness overflow inside of me. It is truly a shame that one brief moment, one insignificant yet substantial period of time, can ruin a girl's life and the way she views herself.

3: Although I have had some terrible experiences with my recovery, I have some influences in my life which have helped me get through the pain. The most notable being Baruch Ben Tov, who has been like a grandfather and even father to me. He feels the void that my biological father created when he left my family. Baruch and I have always had a deep connection and he is able to help me in every matter or problem that arises. After the terrible incident occurred, Baruch and I grew even closer than before. You see, now both of us have endured a life-altering event which makes our relationship that much better. He has gained so much knowledge over the years in the area of coping, and he taught me everything he could possibly muster in these last few years. I have to say that without his help, I would not be in the position that I am in currently. I believe, as bad as it is to think about, that it was part of our destinies to endure hardships in order that we could help each other out.

4: When my previous boyfriend, Sergei, left me by taking his life, another void was created in my heart. This void was filled with Dan, my true love. Dan has also helped me recover from my mental and physical dilemma. However, there was a period of time when I thought that he would leave me as well. Around two months after I was released from the hospital, Dan and I began to fill out our applications to fulfill our plans of going to university together. I completed my application much before Dan did, since I had hours of time to waste while sitting in bed recovering. Dan, on the other hand, was caught up in other affairs and was only able to work on completing his on the side. So, inevitably, his application was not as good as he could have done. I would offer to help him, but he told me I was in no condition to do so. Eventually, he submitted the application to the university. Time went by and I received an acceptance letter from the college. Dan and I were so excited; our plans were finally beginning to come together.

5: As more time went by, we began to forget about his application and started to assume that he would simply get accepted. How could he not, our plan was going so great? The letter from the university finally arrived, and the verdict was that Dan had not been accepted. How could this be? We asked. Our plans had fallen apart, just like the plans I had with Sergei. Dan then went into a state of depression as he felt that he had failed me and he did not know how to deal with such a feeling. He thought that he could never make it up to me and that it had crushed my dreams. Little did he know that I just wanted to be with him, no matter where that was.

6: Eventually, he became so depressed that I thought he may try to take his own life away. I tried to make him feel better and did everything I could to cheer him up, but he was never the same. I began to ask Baruch what to do and even he had no solution to the problem. At one point I told myself that if he died, I would have no reason to live. In time, I made Dan feel better and even got him to create a new application to the college. He worked very hard this time around and I even helped him out a little by giving him ideas. Time passed again and we started to settle back into our usual lifestyles. Again, the letter came and this time success arrived as well.

7: That was the turning point in my life, the time in which my recovery from the attack was completed. At this point in my life, I finally began to see the good things around me and worry less about the not so great things. At this point, I began to be happy for the first time in a long time. As Dan and I went to university together, the bad experiences of my previous years were almost completely forgotten. No more worrying about father or Sergei, no more worrying if my mom, Babushka or my sister would be alright. Now it was just me and Dan taking on the world together.

8: Today (four years since I have graduated) Dan and I are happily married and have one child named Ben, in honor of Baruch. After I completed my second year at the university, Baruch sadly passed away. At first, I was devastated when I discovered the news and of course I organized his funeral. Although I originally thought I could not live without him, I realized it was his time to go and that I have Dan now and that I need no one else but him. I think that Baruch, in the end, was proud of me for getting through the attack and going on with my life.

9: Currently, life is going better than expected, which is good. My current occupation is archaeobotanist, which is a field of study that analyzes plant and seed remains from archaeological sites. Dan and I work for the same organization and are on the same research team, so we see each other quite a bit! It is perfect--Dan uncovers remains from long ago, and I aid him in discovering what happened to the plants, why they turned out this way, etc. I think, in a way, Baruch has taught me much about life in general and maybe even my job. You see, Dan is kind of like I was back when I first arrived at the kibbutz, looking for answers. Now, I help Dan discover why things happen the way they do, just like Baruch aided me. He uncovers old plants, as I used to try to uncover why the men in my life chose the paths they did. Now, just like Baruch, I have the knowledge to help my friend.

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