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FC: vestigo

1: I'm walking down 75th street the air is cold and heavy. The fog is heavy the air is musty. When i come to this store,windows covered in dust, a old green wooden door, and a sign that says closed when i notice some blood on the window and the door is open and moving in the wind slowly cricking.

2: Me allowing my police side to come out i move closer to the door to see what happened, I move my head near the door to look inside when i see a single light on in a back room and i hear a cry of pain and death. I pull my neck less out from under my jacket revealing my badge the light hits my badge and a soft golden glow comes from it as the light hits it..

3: As i hear the sound i ram though the door, and rush to the back room where the dim old golden light is coming from. As i get into the old room i see blood on the old faded green concrete floors, and on the white walls that over time now look like a dirty cream color now covered in blood. and in the center of the room is a body, of a man about 45 years of age with a knife sticking out the side of his neck and atleast a dozen other stab marks on him. I hear a noise behead me i sweep around to see a black SUV outside with a man staring at me.The window rolls up, and the black SUV drives off...I reach for my phone.

4: A couple hours later the area is covered with crime scene tape and the street is filled with squad cars marked and unmarked,CSI, news vans, the whole city is awake on this one street. As i finish talking to my sergeant, Internal Affairs roll up. my sergeant hands me a cup of coffee "Goin be a long night...

5: " The two IA officers come up to me "detective..come with us please you know protocol." We walk to there SUV, as we get into the SUV one of them opens a bag, "your gun and swat knife." I upholster my gun take the magazine out and put them in the bag,I pull my knife from my boot and drop it in. "Thank you sir."

6: After a few hours of drinking bad department coffee and answering questions for those IA monkeys they finally finish and clear me to go home, they get me a ride home and as we head out i drift off to sleep...

7: "sir" "detective.." i open my eyes "what?" "were at your home sir." I slowly get out of the IA SUV. i get to my front door i unlock the door and walk in. as i head to the kitchen i notice my office has been searched things thrown everywhere, and my back kitchen door window is broke out. I reach for my gun but thanks to those IA monkeys i don't have it, i go towards my office and i get my knife from the desk.

8: I slowly move though the house,and find no one. I move to my office which has been tore apart someone was looking for something.I look out my office window and i see the same black SUV across the street with the same man staring at me. I run outside and towards the SUV i get halfway to the SUV when i hear a noise from my house and the street and the area around my house lights lights up i turn around my house is missing a large portion of it and is on fire. I turn back around and the SUV takes off down the street. I go towards my car, when i see a tiny spec of red flashing on and off near my tire, I look under to see a block of C4 and a timer that now has 6 seconds

9: I jump up and run to a stone wall, I leap over the wall and do a dive bomb roll forward, just as i start into the roll...Boom my car is engulfed in flames. About the time i start the get up squad cars roll up with thier sirens screaming. Two patrol officers come runing up to me helping me up slolwy.

10: This man who had stared into my eyes more then once now.Was coming after me tieing up loose ends. I knew what i had to do.. I need to find him and make the next move before he he does because i dont know if i can survive another attempt on my life.

11: I wanted to just go find this guy, but my sergeant wouldn't let me he told me to go back to the station and try and get some sleep. So i go back to the station i lay down on the old couch that we have. i close my eyes and i hear a noise, i look up and see a dark figure moving thru the office. then i feel a jump on my side i turn to see a K-9 dog. "Sorry he got away from me" no problem " have a good night" you too. i lay back down and close my eyes i slowly start to drift off to sleep. Then i hear a click. the sound of a hammer of a pistol being coked. i open my eyes. "You played a good game office... but not good enough.." then BANG. i open my eyes and jump up. i grab the pistol from under my pillow and point it in front of me. theres.. nothing. a hand touches my shoulder. "Dream of him again?" yeah.. "please go see the therapist." I open my drawer and take a drink of my liquor. "ok i will" I close my eyes and go back to sleep.

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