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Viginia History

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FC: Virginia History By Damon

1: Landed in Jamestown in 1607

2: The settlers thout it had clean water and deep to dock.

3: also wanted gold and silver.

4: one hardship is disease! Another hardship was Native Americans.

5: The third hardship was difficult to find clean water and FOOD! Life was though!

6: Pocahontas tout the settlers how to tobacco and how to hunt deer grow cron. King James sponcded people to find gold and sliver.

7: John Smith had a famous phrase "YOU DON'T WORK , YOU DON'T EAT.

8: In 1619 government began. King James granted all charters.

9: slaves come in 1619 and women came in 1620.

10: American Revolution

11: War fought between Great Britain and its two enemies ,the French and Indians.Shooting of five colonists by british troops on march 5,1770.Colonists had to pay tax.

12: The stamp act is when you use paper they use. | The sugar act is when people use sugar and pay for using it.

13: When colonists get taxed for glass, lead, paints, and tea.

15: At the Boston massacre five colonists died because they sand .

16: The king of englind made people in North America pay for the war.

17: The minute men are people that get ready to fight.

18: Paul Revere toud the colonist that the british are coming. | George Washington was chief and commander of the Continental army.

19: James A Laffeat was an african amrican tha fought for freedom. | Ben Franklin was a son of liberty. He also asked the french if they can help in the war.

20: The Africans where divided in war. They had to chuse side.The africans were doded ' if you fright ,you will get freedom '.

21: The women took care of the sick and wonded.They ceped the frams going.They also cooked and made close.

22: The patriot won the battle of Saratoga.It was the treing point of the war.

23: This battle is Lexington and Concord.The british won Lexington and conord.

24: The red couts surrendered at the battle of Yorktown.

25: The Britsh ,French,Gramny,and American sined the treaty of Pais in 1783.

26: George Washington was cheif of the Continental army and was the 1st president of the USA. He was leader of the Constitutional Convention.James Madison took detaled notes and wote the contution.

27: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declraration of Independece and the statue Religios freedom,freedom of religon.George Mason wrote the bill of rights ,and Virginia declaration of rights.

28: The Legisaltive ,exgtive judicicl branch.

29: The Executive branch carry out law The Legislatave branch make laws. The Judicial decide if the law has been broaken.

30: Tobacco farming drained the minerals in the soil,causing many farmers to move west.Virgina minerals into western territories looking for land.As Virgina moved , they took their traditions ideas , and cultures with them.

32: Harreit Tubman was a slave who helped other 300 slaves.

33: Nat turner was born a slave.He killed 60 men ,woman,and chilhin. | John Brown was a write man who was hung for taking guns from Harps feary.

34: Civil War

35: Divided Nation The south was agriculture and the north was industrial. | The war started because the north wanted the new states to be free states and the south wanted the new states to be slave states.

36: West Virgina formed because they didn't want slaves.they sesed from Virgina.At the time West Virgina was a part of Virgina.It was one of the biggest states.

37: Abrerham lincon was the 16th president.He wrote a dokument name The GetysBraid Agrsses.

38: Abrham Lincon was elected again.He freed the slaves. | Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th president.He was the commander of the union army.

39: Robert E.Lee was the commander of the south. | J.E.B.Stuart was know for his blade raids. | Jefferson Davis was the president of the south.After the Civil War he ran a way. | StoneWall Jackson Played a major roll in the war.

40: IMPORTANT BATTLES | The first battle was at Mannassiso. | Richmend was the last battle of the Civil war. | The battle of the Moiter & Mrerymack chaned War Fare | This is the battle of chansservil.

42: After the civil war virgina was in ruins.The money in the south did nothing.The money could not be used any more.The banks were closed.Every thing was destroyed. | The blacks got freedom but they had no jobs,homes,schools,food,and others.

43: Sharecropping help black and prow whites because it gave them homes,clothing,and food. | This was the thing that the virginans did. | When the crops were ready the people that where living on the land had to give some of there crops to the owrener of the land.

44: After Recontruction the blacks had nothing that was theres. The "Jim Crow "Laws stated that blacks had to take reading and writing test to vote,or had to pay money which they didn't have.It was diffitcolt for blacks.Blacks and whites had to use diffent things and black had to sit at the bake of the bus.They had deffint schools.

45: Blacks and whites where separated because of segregation.It was unfair to blacks cause treatment of people.There where negetive opinoens formed without proof.Jim Crow Laws seprated blacks and white.

46: After the civil war transports were the key thing to Virgina growth.As more people traveled Virgina cities grew with more people,businesses,and factories.The need for better roads increased.Railroads were a key to the e

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