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BC: Reviews | "Best and most informative presentation on the web!"-The New York Times | ""Coolest Mixbook on the Internet!!"-TIME Magazine | "Very neat and informative presentation.""-Bill from The Rolling Stone Magazine

FC: Diary of Edgar the Viking | By: Jason Kushy and Michael Monte

1: What are the Vikings? | The Vikings are brutal warriors who have traveled in kingship in order to search for land and strive as a clan. There reign was from 800 A.D. to about late 1100 A.D.. The vikings are masters in craftsmanship, as well as navigation across the globe. People think that vikings are dumb warriors who only know how to kill. Vikings were actually one of the smartest warriors of their time.The vikings used strategies and other warfare tactics to strive and conquer as a group.

2: September 17, 851 A.D. | Hello My name is Edgar. I am part of the viking group called the Sea Wolves. My crew and I are gearing up to go fight the Europeon's for their land and their people. My lad Asmund is supplying me with my Spear, my battle axe, throwing weapons, and my helmet with shield. We are boarding the long ship and are going to set sail at sunrise. I have navigated that we will be traveling South West to France. I have just been informed that we will be sailing soon. Have to go! I will write later. - Edgar

3: September 18, 851 A.D. | Day 1 at Sea cross the Atlantic Ocean. My Crew and I are getting Sea sick from all of the rough currents and Icy temperatures. My lad Asmund informed me that we are one day from reaching France! This Will be good!

4: September 19,851A.D. | WE have reached land in France and we have started conflict almost immediately after arrival. We are against heavy forces of European archers and soldiers. We are progressively winning the battle.(BOOM!!!)My lad Asmund has been killed by a catapult shot from the castle! WE are preparing to breach the castle walls after waves of arrows pass our face.

5: September 19th 851 A.D. | Charge! We are pounding against the wooden castle walls and have almost broke through! There moat is frozen and has no effect on are troops. We have broken the walls and men with lances are stabbing us through cover. Are shields are breaking and this is not good...

6: September 20, 851 A.D. | We are still fighting the Europeans I can tell that their men are getting tired, but they are still holding up. Arrows are flying everywhere and it is hard to find cover in such a big field! Men are dieing every minute in such horrible pain like having arrows shot in there body and having to pull them out.

7: September 20th (continued) 851 A.D. | Hazaa! we have killed the last of the remaining troops of the French army and are holding there leader hostage. We are know traveling back to the home land of which we came from. I will have the duty of taking all of my dead brethren to Denmark and have a ceremony for them. RIP my friends.

8: September 22, 851 A.D. | We are back at Denmark, the burial ground of the deceased... I have performed my ceremonial speech before we sent them in long ships across the Atlantic. I have done the honors of laying them to rest and putting their belongings in their ship. Even though, the longships cost a lot of materials to build but, it is worth it to have a brother laid to rest.

9: September 24th, 851 A.D. | After a few days of rest, i have begun to realize what has happened. We have won two of the wars in France and lost one in present day Hungary but it doesn't make sense. We have defeated the French but our map master and black smith have been assassinated by French scouts. Tomorrow is my birthday and my parents always give me weapons. I'm going to need them to take a journey alone to France.

10: September 25th 851 A.D. | I have got my weapons and have traveled by ship to France and I'm on the outskirts of the woods. I have located some castles to the west of the sea and i will travel to the castles and engage if necessary..

11: September 26th 851 A.D. | I am in the castles walls and support area and i am moving in to try and find out some secrets about the French forces so that we can raid them and take there goods! Phew! i just slipped past some guards and i reached the generals quarters

12: September 26th 851 A.D. | I walked in to the room and i found the plans! The French are planning to... (BANG!) (Edgar was hit by a blunt object from a French warrior and was knocked out. During the time, the vikings sent a search party and rescued Edgar but without the plans. The vikings declare he is dead and send him on a longship.) He awakes. Where am I?

13: Works Cited Hewitt, Sally. The Vikings. North Mankato: Smart Apple Media, 2008. Print. Margeson, Susan M. Vikings. New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1994. Print. Nicholson, Robert. The VIikings. New York: Scholastic, 1991. Print. "Vikings." World Book. Web. 16 Nov. 2011. .

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