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S: The Vicious Vikings and Their Warlike Way of Life By: Joe Capri

BC: Thanks for Reading My Mixbook! | See Ya! | Written by: Joe Capri | "One of the best Viking books ever written." -New York Times | "Truly a great read." -Discovery Channel | "It is a must read." -Time Magazine | "Harold Haardraade would want to read it." -Robert Nicholson | U.S.$29.95 Can. $31.99 | MISS TORPEY... | ...

FC: The Vicious Vikings and Their Warlike Way of Life | By: Joe Capri Period 8

1: The Vicious Vikings and Their Warlike Way of Life | By: Joe Capri | Copyright Scholastic 2011 Philadelphia Boston New York

2: This Mixbook is Dedecated to Miss Torpey... | ...For Being such a wonderful social studies teacher

3: Raiders or Traders | The Vikings were fierce warriors who raided France, Britain, and even down into Africa. A raid was basically running into towns and monasteries and taking and destroying anything in sight. They robbed and took slaves back to their wives. They attacked churches and monasteries. Lindisfarne, an attack in 796 A.D., was what really got the ball rolling for the Vikings. At the turn of the millennium they followed a more organized way to invade. The Vikings were eager on trying to make Britain a part of Scandinavia. As well as raiders the Vikings were traders. They traded down river to places like the Baltic and Consantinople. The Vikings traded things like luxury goods, spices, silk and many more. The Swedish Vikings traded more in the west. The Vikings were of the first to settle in Iceland and parts of Canada. They traded along the coast of North America. | Viking trade routes

4: color. After this a great hot-headness occured which at last lead into great rage, such as the howling of a bear of wolf. Also, a great strength happened and the only way to aquire it was to drink the blood of a wolf or bear. Whether this actually happened is unknown, some believe it and some don't. | Beserkers were fearsome Viking warriors who fought in uncontrolled fury. The first the Beserkers were heard of was in a 9th century poem called "Raven Song." The Beserkers wore a bear skin coat and fought bear chested or without armor. They worshiped the Scandinavian war god called Odin. Some Vikings had Beserkers in there army, but many people thought of them as bruthish and dangerous to coincide with. Beserkers were trained to fight and enjoy it. The actual madness is known as beserkergang. This fury occured on the battle field or in hard labor. The condition of going beserk is told to have begun with shivering, chattering of the teeth, and the face swelling to change it's | The Beserkers

5: The Vikings were poly- thiestic, meaning the belief in more than one god. The Viking gods were not perfect and had human attributes. Many Viking gods represented something. Some of the Viking gods are Thor and Odin. Thor was the god of thunder. He was short tempered, but had a good heart. Odin was the god of | war. He road an eight legged horse and doubted himself very much. He spent much his time deriving what to do. Odin was also the most popular god and ruled Valhalla, the Viking heaven. Frey was basically the god of the sky. He made sure the sun shined,the rain fell, and crops grew. His sister, Frejya, was the goddess of love and war. She could turn herself into a falcon by putting on a magic falcon coat. Valhalla was the Viking heaven. If you were taken in battle you would have fought all day and all night, and in the Viking world that was something they loved. Ragnarok was the Viking judgment day. Also known as the Viking apocalypse or end of the world. | Viking Religion | Old Viking Church

6: protected him. In 1045 A.D. Harold returned to Norway and 2 years later became the king of Norway. In the next couple of years people start to call him Harold Haardraade meaning Hard-Ruler. Over that time he was in war with King Sweyen of Denmark. Eventually they signed a peace treaty in 1064 A.D. Vikings all across Europe thought Harold was the most weapon bold man alive, meaning he deserved to be at the position he was at, because of the things he did with a weapon. His most famous battle was the Battle of Stamford Bridge. In this battle he showed his nobility for the Viking world. In this battle Harold is struck down and for once does not get back up. | Harold Sigudsson (Haadraade) was born in 1016 A.D. He was Olaf, the King of Norway's, half-brother. Harold was with Olaf when he died in the Battle of Stiklestad. Harold found refuge in Kiev where Prince Yoaroslavk the Wise | Harold Haadraade | Painting of Haadraade's army

7: Lindisarne | 793 A.D. the Vikings brutally and ruthlessly attacked Lindisfarne. Scandavian Vikings are responsible for sea raids. Lindisfarne was what got the Vikings into action and sent fear across Europe. The Vikings robbed and took people for slaves. | Lindisfarne was a monastery and was very holy. Many monks were attacked and killed during the Battle of Lindisfarne. Also, many of the young children were taken forcefully from there parents and sold off into slavery. | Outside the coast of Northumbria in Northern England is Lindisfarne. It is only reached by a causeway from low tide. The coastline of Lindisfarne is low sand banks ideal for the slim Viking ships. In June | Ruins of Lindisfarne. | Castle of Lindisfarne | Holy art made in Lindisfarne.

8: The Vikings greatest weapon was the sword. It was prized for it's fighting strength and was intimidating to other warriors. If a viking had a higher ranking the greater his sword would be. Most swords had a double edged blade and the sword was roughly 70-80 centimeters long (like the one to your right). Also, the Vikings used battle axes which were very deadly. It could easily have pierced through armor and make a fatal wound to the skin. The battle ax could also be used at home to chop wood and kill animals. The spear of a Viking was probably the most popular weapon. They were long and deadly and had an extensive blade up to 50 centimeters long attached to a wooden shaft. As well as thrusting, spears could be thrown and the Vikings were deadly accurate with them. | Weapons of the Vikings | Viking [[spear | Viking sword

9: Viking Gokstad shield | Vikings were great with weapons, but not good enough they didn't need armor. Their shields were a main part of their defense. Gokstad shields were approximately 7 millimeters. thick and were 94 centimeters in diameter. A typical Viking shield was about 80-90 centimeters in diameter and about 6-7 millimeters thick. Viking helmets were a simple cup shape and had a sliver of metal straight down to protect the nose. The helmets were made of strong steel and were very heavy. Although, many people are mistaken, Viking helmets did not have horns on them. Vikings also wore chain mail which protected against arrows. Chain mail wasn't the best form of armor, but the Vikings didn't have breast plates and steel armor. Steel armor came later. | Armor of the Vikings | Viking helmet

10: Kings of the Sea | Vikings were great sailer's. They didn't have any modern technology. They used the stars and the sun to navigate instead. They also looked at the birds to tell where they were, because birds were at different places at different times. The Vikings rode long ships and measured it's length by it's number of oars. An earing ship was very small and generally had only 4 oars, where a long ship had 32 at the most. In the front of the boat was a keel which helped the boat slice through water at great speeds. All Viking ships had prows. Prows were the head of the boat. Most prows were a dragon or something like that and the ships were named after the image on there prow. Prows were made to intimidate the people they were raiding. Sometimes the Vikings would take the prow off and then put it back on once they got closer to there enemy. Also, the Vikings would have red sails, the color of blood, for scare factor. | Viking long ship with sail

11: October 13, 1066 Dear Studia, Skipton has died in the Battle of Stamford Bridge. He was fighting bravely side by side with me. He was battling against one of Godwinson's men. An archer struck him in the gut and the man he was fighting finished him off. He died bravely. Studia, please tell your kids, for they deserve to know. Skipton fought well and gave great honor to your family. His last words were these exactly, ''Tell Studia, I love her." Sincerely, Harold Haardraade | Letter from Harold Haardraade

12: ''Harold Hardrada : Biography.'' Spartacus Educational. Web. 09 Nov. 2011. . Harris, Stephen. ''Beserkers in Viking Society.'' Stephen Harris on HubPages. Web. 16 Nov. 2001. . Nicholson, Robert, and Claire Watts. The Vikings. New York: Chelsea Juniors, 1994. Print ''Regia Anglorum - Vikings." Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History850-1100AD. Web. 09 Nov. 2011. . ''Vikings.'' Stone & Fish. Web. 09 Nov. 2011. . | Work Cited

13: About the Author | Joseph D. Capri was born in Emmaus, Pennsylvania on April 28, 1999. He is now 12 years old. He started his school past time as a Mixbook author last year, writing his first one about The Breadwinner. His social studies and language arts teacher, Mr. Hunsicker, inspired him to be a part time author for Mixbook. As well as an author, Joe Capri enjoys a wide variety of activities, his most favorite is sports. He plays football, baseball, and basketball. His favorite sport is basketball. He has been playing basketball for 7 years. He is currently playing for the Emmaus Cadet travel team. Joe plays shooting guard and point guard. Last year he was the starting shooting guard for the Emmaus Jr. Cadet travel team. He hopes to one day go to college at Villanova and play football or basketball for them. He also would like to be a chef and one day open up his own restaurant. Joe Capri hopes to retire at the age of 65 and live his remaining years of life as a millionaire.

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