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Virginia History

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FC: Virginia History created by Payton J.

1: Captain John Smith and Christopher Newport arrived at Jamestown in 1607 with three ships and only men .

2: There are so many reasons why the colonists picked Jamestown for their settlement .

3: Here are some reasons . They thought there was a large supply of drinking water,it had good defense against the Spanish , it was deep enough to dock their ships , and they hoped to find gold..

4: Life is very hard at Jamestown . Many diseases went around. | The Native Americans wanted their land back. | Every one started to starve . | There was no clean water to be found

6: Captain John Smith , Chief Powhatan , and Pocahontas are three of the most important people at Jamestown . Captain John Smith was the leader at Jamestown. Chief Powhatan was the Chief of the Powhatan tribe. Pocahontas saved John Smith so she was very important .

8: In 1619 the Government began. In 1643 the Virginia House of Burgesses was started.That is when a group of representatives come together to discus our laws and rules.

9: In 1619 Jamestown became diverse. Soon after that the African Americans came. They were their servants for a very long time . | In 1620 women arrived. Men and women got married and had children.

10: The American Revolution

11: The French and Indian war was a war fought between Great Britain and their two enemies, the French and the Indians. After the war the British did not have much money left so the King made the colonists pay for it.

12: The King of England taxed the colonists so the British would have money. The first tax was called he sugar act. He put a tax on sugar, coffee, indigo, and wine.

13: There was two more taxes. The second one was the stamp act. They were taxed on stamps, newspapers, and pamphlets. The last one was the townshend act they taxed glass, lead, paints, paper and tea.

14: The Boston Massacre took place in 1770. The British red coats and the colonists met up. There was one big BOOM. The British thought a colonist let out a fire. Thats when all the action happened. The British shot five colonist. | In 1773 the Boston Tea Party happened. All the colonist were so mad about th tax on tea that they decided to dump all the tea in the Boston Harbor. The King was so so so so mad.

15: Do you know who patriots are ? Well I'll tell you. Patriots are people who love their country. They will risk their life to fight in the army. The patriots did not want to be taxed. They wanted their freedom so they would fight. | How about Sons of Liberty do you know they are? Sons of Liberty are just patriots that formed a group to fight for England. On the other page I talked about the Boston Tea Party. The Sons of Liberty were actually the ones who came up with the idea to do it. Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington are all Sons of Liberty

16: During the war there was two sides the British and the colonists. The British had on their side the Loyalists from the colonists,King George the #3, and Lord Cornwallis. The loyalists were people who remained loyal to the king. King George is the man who is taxing the colonists and Lord Cornwallis is the chief of the Red Coats. VS. The colonists had on their side the Patriots, Sons of Liberty, minute men, and of course them the colonists. The Patriots and Sons of Liberty loved there country very much. The Minute Men were people who were always ready to fight and the colonists were important men who fought in the war.

17: American Flag | British Flag | French Flag

18: There were many great important people from the American Revolution. George Washington was the chief of the Continental Army. He came up with the Battle of Trenton which lead to a great victory . He also became the 1st president of the United States.

19: James A. Lafayette was a African American spy who earned his freedom after the war. Ben Franklin was very important because he convinced the French to fight with them in the Battle of Yorktown when the British surrendered. Paul Revere rode on a horse to warn the Minute men that the British were coming. | Jack Jouett rode on horse back for 40 miles to the Monticello to warn everyone that the British were going to attack and that they were going to capture Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. This document gave reasons why America should be Independent. Patrick Henry Inspired Patriots when he spoke out against taxation without representation with his famous words give me liberty or give me death.

20: African Americans and American Indians were divided in war. Which meant that they had to chose who to fight for. England promised the slaves land but still some fought with the colonists.For example James Lafayette was a African soldier from America.

21: The women at the American Revolution provided lots of support in the war. They Farmed,Made clothing, cooked,and cared for the sick.

22: The main part of the American Revolution was all the battles. The first battle that started it all was the battle of Lexington and Concord.It was fought in Massachusetts on April 1775. This battle proved that the Americans were willing to fight for there freedom. This battle lead to many more for example The Battle of Great Bridge, The Battle of Saratoga, and the Battle of Yorktown.

23: The Battle of Great Bridge was the FIRST battle fought in VA. If you want me to be exact Norfolk Va on Dec. 1775.This Battle forced the British governor to flee to Norfolk. The British soon found out that the colonists would be hard to beat. | The Battle of Saratoga was fought in 1777. Ben Franklin got the French to fight with the colonists which lead to a great victory for the colonists. Everyone call the battle the turning point of the war. | Victory

24: The last battle was The Battle of Yorktown! It ended when Lord Cornwallis surrendered because the French had trapped them in. There was no way out. The Americans then got their freedom! Everyone was happy except the British. After the war the king had to tax the British.They were so Mad!

25: After the war there was a document that every country had to sign that said that they would not fight any more. They called it the Treaty of Paris. | Treaty of Paris

26: George Washington was the Chief of the Continental Army, the 1st President of the US,"Father of our Country" and the leader of the Constitutional Convention. | James Madison compromised with everyone. He took detailed notes. He was called the "Father of the Constitution".

27: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and The Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom. He fought for Religious Freedom. | George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights and influenced the Bill of Rights.

29: Legislative Branch The Legislative Branch makes laws. The law makers are The General Assembly, Senate, and The House of Delegates. The Senate and the House of Delegates decide if the bill should be a law. | Executive Branch The Executive Branch carries out laws. The governor is in charge of this branch. If the Senate and the House of Delegates disagree that the bill should be a law the bill goes to the governor. | Judicial Branch The Judicial Branch decides if laws have been broken in a court. The members of this branch are the Lawyers and the Judges.

30: Tobacco drained all the good minerals from the ground which caused farmers to look west and south for new farming land. Virginians moved into western territories looking for big areas of land and new opportunities. When they moved they took their traditions, ideas, culture and lots more with them.

31: A Abolitionist is a person who is against slavery. They hate it and will do anything to help a slave escape. | Harriet Tubman was a Abolitionist. She helped slaves escape to Canada. She was a slave herself. She escaped and then she decided she wanted to help other slaves do the same. She made 19 trips back and forth to the Underground Railroad and helped more than 300 slaves escape. She was called a Conductor.

32: John Brown was a white Abolitionist.He planed to steal weapons and give them to the slaves. Then the slaves would attack there masters. He was caught and hung. His plan didn't work. | Nat Turner was a Abolitionist too. He was a freed slave himself. He got a group of slaves and led a rebellion. They went to many farms killing white people. They killed 60 men, women, and children. He hid in the woods for many days until he was caught.

33: Divided Nation | The North was industrialized which means they use factories. The South was agricultural which means they farm. The North wanted all the new states in the Western territories to become free states but the South disagreed. They wanted them to become slave states.

34: The Creation of West Virginia The Eastern counties of Virginia relied on slaves to do their work but the western counties were against slavery. The disagreement of the two regions led to the formation of the new state, West Virginia.

35: Lincoln elected President in 1860 Abraham Lincoln stood by his opinion to not allow the spread of slavery to other states. After Lincoln became President of the United States in 1860, seven southern states seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America.

36: UNION Abraham Lincoln was the President of the Union and General Ulysses S. Grant was the General of the Union. They both played a very important part in the Civil War.

37: There were many important people from the Confederate side of the Civil War. Jefferson Davis was their President. Then there was Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall Jackson", and J.E.B Stuart. They were all great and strong generals.

38: Fort Sumter began the Civil War in Charleston, South Carolina in April of 1861. | Battle of Fredericksburg was a victory for the Conferate army in December of 1862. | The Siege of Petersburg was a very important victory for the North that lasted from 1864-1865.. | IMPORTANT CIVIL WAR BATTLES | Sea Battle of the USS Monitor & the USS Merrimack/CSS Virginia was fought to a draw because both ships sunk in March of 1862. | Battle of Bull Run or Manassas was the first major battle of the Civil War and won by the South in July 1861.

39: General Robert E. Lee surrenders his army to General Grant at Appomattox Court House. Jefferson Davis is captured and the Civil War is over! | CONFEDERACY SURRENDERS

40: So many problems! Virginians faced many problems after the Civil War. Millions of freed slaves needed housing, clothing, food, and jobs.Virginia's economy was in ruins. Their Confederate money had no value. Banks were closed. Everything was destroyed like railroads, farms, homes, crops, and families.

41: Freedman's Bureau and Sharecropping. Congress created a government agency in 1865 that provided food, schools, and medical care for freed slaves and poor whites. This was called " Freedman's Bureau ." After the Civil War a new system of farming was developed. It was called sharecropping. This was developed because freed slaves needed land and work. The way sharecropping worked was freed slaves could rent land from landowners and promise to pay the landowner back with a share of the harvest.

42: AFTER RECONSTRUCTION Many of freed slaves rights were taken away after the Reconstuction time peirod.Laws made it so very hard for them to vote. Jim Crow laws changed freed slaves lives. Because of poll taxes freed slaves had to pay and take literacy tests to vote! African Americans had to use separate water fountains, schools, bathrooms, parks, and they weren't allowed to sit next to whites in buses, trains, and restaurants.

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