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Virginia History

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S: Virginia History

FC: Virginia History Created by Andrew

1: Jamestown 1607

2: Reasons For Coming To Jamestown Some of the reasons they came to Jamestown were 1.It was on a peninsula for easy defense against Spanish attacks. 2.They thought they had a good supply of clean water. 3.They thought there was silver and gold.

3: But life wasn't easy. The settlers would face many hardships on there economic venture. The summer of 1607 would bring disease and a blistering sun, and the winter bitter cold

4: One of the many hardships they faced was that there was no clean water it all came with a free package of disease. | Another hardship they faced was that they couldn't walk five feet outside there fort without being pierced by an arrow

5: But the biggest overall hardship. Was the gentleman. They wouldn't work at all! All they cared about was looking good. The only reason that changed was because Captain John Smith made the law "He who shall not work shall not eat".

6: Captain John Smith President of Jamestown. Also credited with the survival of Jamestown. | John Rolfe He came up with better with a better way to grow tobacco

7: Chief Powhatan Leader of the Powhatan tribe

8: King James The I passed a charter allowing colonies to be established in Jamestown

9: In 1619 women came to Jamestown | In 1619 slaves also came to Jamestown

10: The American Revolution started in the mid 1700s

11: ss | After the French and Indian war the King of England decided to make colonist pay for the war witch was preposturous because the cost of the war was $30,000,000

12: The first thing the King of England did was put a huge tax on sugar

13: The next thing he did was tax things such as paper goods, and tea

14: After the Boston Massacre ( in which 5 colonist were killed) the Sons of Liberty were furious. The Sons Of Liberty were a group of colonist who spoke up against taxation without representation.

15: In fact they were so mad the decided to dump British tea in water. total they dumped 342 crates of British tea. | The Boston Tea Party

16: 'The Continental Army (led by George Washington) consisted of mostly minutemen. Minutemen were people who pledged to fight even at a minute's notice. They could be farmers, slaves, basically any colonist.

17: The Red Coats (led by Lord Cornwallis) consisted of many trained soldiers and loyalist. Loyalist were people who remained loyal to the King in the time of the revolution. They were known to have one of Europe's best army's.

18: George Washington He led The Continental Army against the British Red Coats and is known as The Father of our Country | Patrick Henry He inspired Patriots everywhere by saying " Give me liberty or give me death" | Thomas Jefferson He wrote The Declaration Of Independence

19: fsgefhjsdrfegeguyerg | James A. Lafayette He was an African-American slave who fought for his freedom | Paul Revere He rode through Boston yelling "The British are coming!" | Ben Franklin He convinced France to join there side and help win the war | Jack Jouett was important because he rode 40 miles on horse to warn the VA assembly the British were coming

20: African-American slaves | The African-American slaves were divided in the war. The British promised freedom, but so did the colonist. It really came down to whose side there master was on | American Indians | The American Indians were divided in war based on there on there opinion. The British promised them there land back, But the colonist promised them land out west.

21: Women provided tremendous support during the war such as farming, making clothes, cooking, and caring for the sick

22: The Battle Of Lexington And Concord | The Battle Of Great Bridge | The Battle Of Lexington And Concord was the 1st battle of The American Revolution. The minutemen were greatly outnumbered, yet the colonist still won. this battle was important because it showed that the colonist would fight for there freedom. | The Battle Of Great Bridge was the 1st battle in Virginia and was the 1st decisive battle fought. It led to the destruction of Norfolk in 1776. The colonist won again.

23: The Battle Of Saratoga | The Battle Of Saratoga was extremely important because is was the battle were France joined the colonist! After the French came the colonist dominated The Red Coats That battle became known as the turning point of the war | Ready! Aim! Fire!

24: The Battle Of Yorktown | The Battle Of Yorktown was the point of the war where the British surrendered and the colonist won the war. With the the help The French and Spain

25: The Treaty Of Paris | The Treaty Of Paris was signed in 1783. It declared that America, France, Spain, England, and Holland could no longer fight.

26: George Washington led the Continental Army to victory and was elected the 1st president of the United States | He took detailed notes during the writing of the constitution and helped everyone cooperate

27: He wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights and influenced the Bill of Rights | He wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom that stated anyone in America could be of any religion

28: The purpose of the Legislative Branch was to make laws | The purpose of the Executive Branch was to enforce laws. The governor was in charge | The purpose of the Judicial Branch was to decide if laws have been broken

29: 3 Branches of Governmont

30: After the tobacco sucked up all the minerals in the soil. Farmers moved west to build new plantations and settle out west against the natives wishes

31: Abolitionist | Harriet Tubman

32: Harriet Tubman was an important abolitionist because she helped over 300 slaves across the underground railroad. She influenced other slaves to rebel against slavery. Think of how much different America would be without this true American hero.

33: John Brown was important because he tried to capture Harper's Ferry to help slaves escape their masters by threatening them with weapons so they could escape to the north.

34: The Civil War | A northern soldier (blue) and a southern soldier (gray) fight over the issue of slavery.

35: A Divided Nation | The Civil War started mainly because the southern part of the United States had an agricultural economy and the northern part of the States was industrialized. When the Abraham Lincoln found out slaves were being treated poorly in the south he said that new states in the west would become free states if he was elected president. When the south heard this they said if Abe was elected they would secede from the Union because they needed slaves to grow there crops. Abe was elected and the south seceded. | A map of the north and the south during the Civil War. (the green is the south)

36: In 1863, VA was divided over the issue of slavery. This occurred because the western part of VA did not need slavery, while the northern part did. This led to the secesion of West Va.

37: Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. When he was elected in 1860 he was not a big fan of slavery. He said " If I am elected president all the new states in the west will become free states!" Now at that time the south and the north had an even amount of states. If the new states were free, than the north would have more states and could therefore vote against slavery and win. In the end Abe wrote an important document called the Emancipation Proclamation that freed slaves altogether. | A photo of Abraham Lincoln.

38: The Confederacy | The Confederacy was fighting in the Civil War because they needed slaves to grow there crops. If they did not have slaves then it could lead to an economic collapse. Therefore the found general Robert E. Lee to command the Confederate army. They also elected Jefferson Davis to be there president | Robert E. Lee the Confederate General

39: The Union | Ulysses S. Grant the Union General | The Union was fighting to bring the south (aka the Confederacy) back to the Union. They believed that slavery was wrong and cruel. Ulysses S. Grant was the General for the Union. Abraham Lincoln was also their President.

40: Important Battles | The Battle of Fort Sumter was the 1st shots of the Civil War. | The Battle of Bull Run or Manassas in the July of 1861 was the 1st major battle of the Civil War. | The Sea Battle of the USS Monitor and the CSS Merrimack was the 1st naval battle of the Civil War. | The Battle of Fredricksburg in 1862 was huge win for the Confederacy. | The Siege of Petersburg was a 10 month siege on Petersburg that led to the Union takeover of Richmond, VA the Confederate capital.

41: Confederacy Surrenders | In 1865 the Confederacy surrendered to the Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, VA. A few weeks later Confederate President Jefferson Davis was captured trying to escape the army by dressing as a woman. | The Confederate President Jefferson Davis (left) Robert E. Lee surrenders ( right).

42: Reconstruction Time Period | The Reconstruction Time Period was the 12 years after the Civil War. Many Virginians had to find ways to work without slaves. Confederate money was also useless because many rich Confederates had Confederate Bills and had to switch back to U.S. money. Crops, railroads, bridges, and plantations were destroyed

43: Freedman's Bureau was a government agency intent on providing homes, medical care, and an education for freed African Slaves and poor white farmers. Sharecropping was a new way for slaves to earn a living. Farmers would let slaves live on there land in exchange for a portion of the crops the slaves grew.

44: Some of the aftereffects of the reconstruction time period were not exactly nice. Many slaves slowly began to lose there rights after the Civil War. Jim Crow Laws were passed in the south that made it difficult for blacks to vote. Black Codes were passed making almost everything seperate

45: Terms To Know | Discrimination: Unfair treatment through separation Jim Crow Laws: Laws established in the south to make it hard for slaves to vote. Poll Taxes: Expensive Taxes were established that made Hard to Vote.

46: Virginia's Economy Begins to Grow Again | Virginia's Economy began to grow again. Some of the improvements are... Computers also were invented for the Millitary Transportation improved because you could transport Goods faster with Cars. One last improvement was that was that many people stopped farming in the urban areas and moved to the suburbs | What One of the Worlds 1st Computers Looked Like

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