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Virginia History

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FC: Virginia History created by Taylor

1: Only men came to Jamestown in 1607.

2: They though the water was deep enough for ships to dock.

3: They though there was a lot of food and clean water around.

4: They did not have enough food so thats why they called it the surviving.

5: The Native Americans tried to attack them.

6: Christopher Newport sailed the ship to Jamestown in 1607.

7: John Smith knew how to talk to the Indians,and became part of the tribe.

8: The King of England granted Charters! In 1619 Government began. It was called the General Assembly. In 1643, this government system became known as the House of Burgesses.

9: In1620 women came to Jamestown.They cooked better meals,and sewed clothes.

10: The American Revoution

11: The colonist had to pay a lot of taxes

12: the French and Indian war costed a lot of money.

13: the sugar act put taxes on coffee,indigo, and wine.the stamp act every paper thing had a stamp.thetownshend act put taxes on glass,lead,paint

14: The Boston massacre was a war.The Boston tea party was when colonist though tea in the water.

15: Patriots and sons of liberty are the same things because they both are fighting for freedom.

16: the British are the people who the patriots are fighting agained. | king George the 111 taxed the colonist for the money to pay for the war. | loyalist are people who remain loyal to the king.

17: lord Cornwallis was the British army leader.the patriots and sons of liberty foght agained the BritishMminute men are colonist who are ready to fight.

18: Paul Revere word people that the British are coming.Ben Franklin convinced France to fight with the colonist! | Jack Jouett saved Thomas Jefferson's life at Monticello!

19: George Washington,James A Jafayette,Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson are important people in history.George Washington was a leader for the army. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

20: Africans and Native Americans were divided in war. Africans wanted Freedom and Native Americans wanted land!

21: Women provided support in the war! They made food, clothes, and took care of the sick. They farmed and took care of the children.

22: Battle of Lexington and Concord This was the first battle of the American Revolution.This showed England that the patriots would fight for their freedom!

23: The Battle of Great Bridge This battle was fought in Virginia! | Battle of Trenton George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night.

24: The Battle of Yorktown! This was the last battle of the American Revolution. Lord Cornwallis surrendered his army to George Washington!

25: The Treaty for Paris ended the American Revolution,and was signed in 1783.It was to bring peace.

26: George Washington was the leader of the Continental army and the 1st President of the US.George Washington was called the Father of our country. | James Madison was a great compromiser,and a great note taker. He was called the father of the constitution.

27: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence,and the Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom. | George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration,and helped influence the Bill of Rights.

29: The Executive Branch carries out laws,and the governor is in this branch | Legislative Branch makes laws and rules the Senate and the House of Delegates are in this branch. | The Judicial Branch decides if laws have been broken,and lawyers and Judges are in this branch.[court]

30: tobacco drained the minerals in the soil so they had to move | Virginians moved western territories looking for large areas of land. | when Virginians moved they took there traditions with them.

31: A abolitionist is a person who does not like slavery and will fight to end slavery.Harriet Tubman Worked in the Underground Railroad.She saved 300 slaves.

32: Nat Turner was a slave that killed 60 men,women and childern.John Brown wanted to give weapons to slaves.

33: The south farmed and the north used machines.Also the south wanted the new states to be slave states,and the north wanted the new states to be free states.That is now they got in the civil war.

34: Virginia was a big state before West Virginia left,and became West Virginia.West Virginia left because of slavery.The south needed the slaves so they could farm and get money,and the north did not want slavery.

35: Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860.He firmly opposed to slavery.The south did not like Lincoln because they needed slaves.So that is why 7 states seceded from the north ,and became the confederacy.

36: The confederacy's President is Jefferson Davis.Also the generals for the confederacy are Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and J.E.D. Stuart.

37: The president of the Union was Abraham Lincoln.The general for the Union is Ulysses S. Grant.

38: The Confederacy surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant.At Appomattox Court House.Later Jefferson Davis was captured by the Union.

39: Here are some important battles of the civil war.The battle of Fort Sumter,Battle of Bull Run ,the Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack,the Battle of Fredricksburg,and the siege of Petersburg.

40: Virginians faced a lot of problems in the Reconstruction.Like slaves not having homes to live in,clothing,food,and money.Virginia's economy was also in ruins because money had no value,bank were closed,and the land was destroyed.

41: The reason the Freedmen's Bureau was so freed slaves could food,schools,and medical care.Sharecropping was plantation owners lacked on paying workers to do there work.It worked by slaves needing land so they planed crops so they could live on the land so they payed them some of there crops.

42: After the Reconstruction slaves rights were taken away.laws were pasted saying that almost impossible for slaves to vote.The way for them to vote is they had to take a literacy test or pay a poll tax.

43: Terms to know segregation:the separation of people,usually based on race or religion. prejudice:negative opinions formed about people without proof. discrimination:an unfair treatment of people. Jim Crow Laws:laws established segregation or separation of the races and reinforced prejudice held by many whites.

44: Virginia's economy begins to grow technology and transportation were key factors to Virginia's economy too.Also the Railroad centers attracted buildings because a lot of people were there so they bought things.As people traveled,Virginia's cities got more people,businesses,and factories.Soon Virginia's economy began to git better.

45: Rosa Parks was a very important person in the civil rights movement.She was important because she said no to a white man because she would not give up her sat.she got arrested for what she did.

46: Martin Luther King Jr. was also a important person too.He was important because he was a minster and he believed in non-vionlice is the key.

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