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Virginia History

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S: Virginia history ASHTON BOURGEOIS


FC: Virginia History created by Ashton

1: At first the colonists brought men to Jamestown.

4: The settlers came because they thought that gold and silver would be waiting for them. | They ran out of food and water on the ships!

5: They thought that there would be nice, clean water and that there would be food everywhere for them to eat.

6: But, it turned out that there was no food or water.

7: And there was a lot of sicknesses. And worst of all there were Indians!

9: Captain John Smith was a great leader.He helped the Colonists and Indians. John Rolfe found a better way with Tobacco. Chief Powhatan was the chief of the Powhatan Indians.

10: King James was the first person to grant charters. The first charter was made in 1606 the charter was to let the colonists go to America. | The General Assembly includes two representatives elected by settlers.

11: In 1620 women landed in Jamestown to raise children and the colonists realized that the women made better food, and were able to put old ripped clothing to use. Africans came in 1619 and helped with making food but mostly helped with crops.


13: the colonists had to pay the taxes for the war. | The Indians and the French army joined together to destroy the British.

14: The king of England made sugar a big tax. | I LOVE SUGAR NNNOOOO

15: Stamps were also a big tax And they had the Townsend act.

16: The Boston tea party sounded fun its about a group of Sons of Liberty that poured a bunch of tea into a harbor just to let the king have a taste of his own pain. The Boston Massacre sounded not so fun because about five people got shot lots of good people they got in a fight a BIG fight but it was about 2 min because 5 good guys got shot.

17: The Sons of Liberty were good and were on our side the Patriots were too.

18: The king of ENGLAND wanted to control the colonists so he made taxes because he did not like them but he needed to have lots of money to pay for the wars.

19: The Continental army were good guys they did not like the king of ENGLAND. He taxed every one he taxed Virginia where George Washington was from so he wanted to fight back.

20: All of these people are very important to us. The one on the bottom is our founding father George Washington.

22: The Indians and Americans were divided in war.

23: The women helped the colonists and patriots and all the other soldiers by planting more food in the farms. They make almost all the food.

24: After the battle of Lexington and Concord the British found out that they were going aginst a hard opponent. The battle of the great Bridge was the first battle in the American Revolution!

25: In the battle of Saratoga the French army comes in the war to fight.

26: The BATTLE OF YORKTOWN was the last battle of the American Revolution it was a great success the British surrenderd to the Americans.

27: The French signed a treaty so we would not fight any more and that we would be friends.

28: GEORGE WASHINTON was the cammander of the Continental army,Father of country,first pres of U.S.A. James Madison was our father of the Constitution,great Compromiser,and an excellent note taker.

29: made the Declaration of Independence,Virginia Statue of Religious freedom,freedom of Religion. Bill of rights Virginian declaration of rights.

31: LEGISLATIVE BRANCH Makes laws as the General Assembly ,Senate,House of Delicates. | EXECUTIVE The Governor carries out all the Laws. | JUDICIAL They dicide if laws have been broken or not.

32: Tobacco farming drained lots of minerals and soil that was bad to all the farmers.Then Virginia migrated into nice new land.

35: Abolitionists fought aginst slavery and did not think slaves should have been treated the way they were.They thought that no matter the color of your skin that you should be free.

36: The North did want he South to use machines but the south said that farming was the way they lived so the South didn't want to do anything to do with machines or factories. | Farming is what the South did and they did not to have machines.Down there in the south they wanted to farm and thats all.

37: The North and South argued a lot because of the creation of West VA. | Conflict grew between the eastern counties of Virginia that relied on enslaved people and western counties that were against slavery.

38: When Abe Lincoln was elected Pres the South was not happy.

39: The General for the North was Ulysses S.Grant,and the Pres for the North was Pres Lincoln.

40: Here to the right is Stone wall Jackson.He was a proffeser at VCU but they called him to be a general. | The Pres of the Confederacy was the guy under me who is Jefferson Davis.

41: Here we have lots of battles from the Civil War.

43: These are somethings that happened during Reconstruction.

44: This is some old supplies that the Government would give the slaves. | This here is called Sharecropping it is when you make slaves do all the work but they have a part of your land and a part of the cotten or plants that you want them to get.

45: The Jim Crow Laws had a big affect on the African Americans.

46: Segregation = The separation of people,usually based on religion. Prejudices = Negative opinions formed about people with out proof. Discrimination = An unfair treatment of people. Jim Crow Laws = This law made it so the whites and blacks could not use any of the same things .

47: After the Civil war our technology and transportations advanced.As more people traveled Virginia's economy got bigger.Railroads were an expansion in business. More county's grew when the source of coal was found in Tazewell county.Tobacco became a big product like in the Jamestown settlement.

48: The African Americans had different schools ,water fountains, and were treated different.

49: Freedoms and rights promised to African Americans.Jim crow laws had an effect on African Americans .African Americans found it very hard to vote.

51: Martin Luther King Jr. was a African American who thought that whites and blacks can be together and that they had lots in common but but back then the whites thought that they had almost nothing in common and they beat the blacks up just for going in a library they would do that for going in other places also.

53: Rosa Parks was put in jail after she did not give up her seat for a white man. It was very unfair in the Civil Rights movement time period. Then after Rosa went to jail that started the bus boycott.

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