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Virginia History

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Virginia History - Page Text Content

FC: 4th grade S.S created by Sadie

1: At 1607 setters landed in Jamestown.They were not aware of the Indians.

2: At 1607 setters landed in Jamestown.They were not aware of the Indians.

4: Reasons for coming to Jamestown. They thought Jamestown was going to have lots of food and clean water.

5: It would have to have deep water for ships to dock.

6: People were eating bad food like this poor bunny. They were drinking bad water. These are only a few of the hardships!

7: The Indians began attacking the settlers, which made life difficult. But the number 1 killer was diseases!

8: John Smith is a very important person.Without him all the people would have died. | Christopher Newport was a famous explorer. He was the captain of the ship that continued to carry people to Jamestown!

9: Pocahontas and John Rolfe are very important people.They even got married! John Rolfe planted tobacco and Pocahontas was Chief Powhatan's daughter that wanted peace between the colonist and her tribe.

10: In 1619 the General Assembly began.It included two representatives called burgesses.In 1643 it was named House of Burgesses.

11: Jamestown became a more diverse colony by 1620.In 1614 John Rolfe worked with tobacco.During the summer of 1619,a ship arrived at Jamestown carrying people of African descent. The economy of the Virginia colony became dependent on slave labor,and the dependent lasted a long time.

12: American Revolution

13: French and Indian War. British vs French and Indians.King George made the colonist pay for war.

14: Taxes Sugar Act.The king taxed anything that had sugar in it.

15: The stamp act.The king taxed paper,news paper,cards,and letters.

16: Problems in Boston. This is a picture of the Boston Massacre.Five people where killed.

17: This is the Boston tea party. People dressed as Indians so they wouldn't get in trouble. | These people are the sons of Liberty.In this picture are three Sons of Liberty.

18: British,Loyalist,King George the ||| and Lord Cornwallis vs Patriots,Sons of Liberty,Colonist and Minute men

20: This is George Washington.He led the Continental Army.He was the 1 presedent. | Patrick Henrey gave the give me liberty or give me death. | Thomas Jefferson wote the Declaration of Independence | Betsy Ross sew the american flag.

21: James A. Lafayette. One of many enslaved Africans from Virginia who served with the troops of the Continental Army. | Paul Revere did the famuse ride thoure Boston. | Jack Jouett saved Thomas Jefferson from atack.

22: African and American Indians were divided in war focred to take sides and who to fight for.

23: Women cared for the men who were hart,made clothes and planted.

24: Battle of Lexington and Concord was full of minute men.The colonist won the war. | The Battle of Terton was icey and cold.The colonist won the war.

25: The Battle of Saratoga the french entered the war.The colonist won the war.

26: Battle of Yorktown 1781.The Red Coats surrendered the war. The colonist won the whole war.The war was over.

27: Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783.It ended the war.

28: This is George Washington[left].He lead the Continental Army to its victory.He is known as the father of our country.He was the 1 president of the US.Leader of the Constitutional Convention. | This is James Madison[right].He was a compromiser.He toke lots of notes.He was known as the father of the constitution.

29: This is Thomas Jefferson[top].He wrote the Declaration of Independence.He beleved in freedom of religion. | This is George Mason[bottom]. He wrote Virginia Declaration of Rights.He influenced the Bill of Rights.

31: The Legislative Branch[top]. The Legislative Branch has the people that make the laws.It also has the senate and house of delegates who vote on laws. The Executive Branch[middle]. The governor carry out laws. The Judicial Branch[bottom]. They decide if laws are broken. The jobs are lawyers,and judges.

32: Tobacco farming drained the minerals in the soil, causing many farmers to look to the west and deep south for new land to farm.People moved into the west looking for large areas of land.As they moved,they took their traditions,ideas, and cultures with them.

33: Harriet Tubman She was a abolitionist.She helped over 300 slaves.An abolitionist beleves slavery is wrong.Harriet was a slave in till she ecaped.

34: John Brown[left] was an unlucky man.He tried to lead a slave rebellion.His plan was to sneak into The United States Armory to steal weapons but he got caught and killed.Nat Turner[right] he also

35: Divided Nation The North hated slavery and the South needed slavery.North worked in factories, and South worked on land and farmed.

36: Creation of West Virgina People in VA had disagrements over stuff. The people in the west hated slavery. The people in the east had to have slaves. So, Virgina split in half.

37: Abe Lincoln was elected president in 1860. Lincoln firmly opposed to slavery but, did not make it stop. After he was elected president 7 states seceded from the Union.

38: Union Their president is Abe Lincoln. Their amazing general is Ulysses S. Grant.

39: President Jefferson Davis | General Robert E. Lee | J.E.B Staurt | Stonewall Jackson

40: This is the Battle of the USS Monitor VS. USS Merrimack. This battle happened on March, 1862.. | This is the Battle of Bull Run or Manassas. It happened July, 1861.

41: Robert E. Lee surrenders to General Grant, at Appomattox Court House.! Jefferson Davis gets captured.

42: Freed slaves all over America needed jobs, housing, clothing, food, and jobs. The South's money was worthless. Railroads, bridges, plantations and crops were destroyed.

43: Congress created Freed Mans Bureau. It gave blacks food, shelter, medical care, school and jobs that was a big one. Sharecropping let the blacks work for crops and land.

44: Rights were taken from blacks, that were promised. Jim Crow Laws were a big part of this. To vote people had to take a tax or take a big fat test ( which was hard because they couldn't read or write). Soon people had to have separate schools, water fountains, you name it!

45: segregation: the separation of people based on race or religion prejudices: mean opinions without proof discrimination: the unfair treatment of people Jim Crow Laws: laws established segregation or separation of the races.

46: Virgina's economy begins to grow again. As people traveled VA's cites grew with more people, businesses, and factories. The need for more and better roads increased. Railroads were a key to the expansion of businesses, agriculture, and industry.

47: With a little bit of help the entire world will be covered with people who like to help and take care of the Earth. Witch would be so AMAZING if it really does happen!!!!!

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