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Virginia History

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FC: Virginia History created by Andrew S.

1: In 1607 three ships arrived with only men.

2: The first reason for picking Jamestown because of it's possibilities for defense. Also because of drinking water. The third reason was deep harbor facilities.

3: The fourth reason was because they were safe from Spanish.

4: The settlement in Jamestown was very brittle! They also suffered from diseases.

5: Another hardship was starvation and Native Americans.

6: The leader in Jamestown was Captain John Smith. Captain Christopher Newport was the Captain of the ships.

7: Some more people that were famous were John Rolfe. Another one was Pocahontas.

8: The General Assembly met in 1619. | In 1643 the burgesses became a separate legislative body.

9: In 1619 African Americans arrived in Jamestown. In 1620 Women arrived in Jamestown.

10: It started in the mid 1700s. With the French and Indians.

11: The British made the colonist pay for the war by taxing them. The war was: The British vs the French and Indians.

12: In 1764-1773 The King James 1 Decided to tax the colonists. In 1764 place. The colonist did not like this. | This lead to the war. The Boston Massacre had five people killed in it. The sugar act was when you had to pay if you wanted sugar.

13: The stamp act is when you had to money on paper. The townshend act is when you had to pay money on glass and stuff like that.

14: One problem in Boston was the Boston tea party. In the Boston tea party the colonist poured tea into the Boston Harbor.

15: This lead to the battle of Lexington and Concord.

16: Loyalist remained loyal to the king. The patriots did not like these loyalist.

17: The slaves where divided in war. The Red coats promise the slaves freedom.

18: Some important patriots were Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, George Washington.

19: James A. Lafayette, Jack Jouett, and Ben Franklin. Thomas Jefferson is important because he rote The Declaration of Independence. George Washington is important because he was commander and chief in the continental Army. Patrick Henry said "Give me Liberty or give me death. Paul Revere and Jack Jouett both rode a horse to warn people. James A. Lafayette was a African American Ben Franklin convineced France to join their side.

20: African and American Indians were divided in war. Most of them joined the patriots.

21: The women provided support in the war. They made clothes,grew crops,and caring for the sick. As you can see the women played an important role in the war.

22: Some important battles had an effect on the war like The battle of Saratoga, and The Battle of Yorktown. | In the Battle of Saratoga the colonist destroied the British,and it was the turning point of the war.

23: The battle of Lexington and Concord was the first battle of the American Revoulotion war. | The battle of Yorktown was the last battle of the war.

24: The battle of Yorktown was the last battle of the war.

25: In 1783 the Treaty of Paris was signed and it ended the war.

26: George Washington provided leadership in the continental army. He was the first president ,and the father of our country . Leader of the constitutional convention. | James Madison took detail notes. He is a compromiser. He is the Father of the constitution.

27: Tomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence also the Virginia statue of religious Freedom. Also freedom of religion. | He wrote the Virginia declaration of Rights. He Influenced the bill of Rights.

28: The Legislative branch writes bills and laws and sends it to the Senate and the House of Delegates. | In the Executive branch the Governor is the boss and he carries out laws. | The Judicial branch decides if laws have been broken.

30: Tobacco Farming drained the minerals in the soil, causing many farmers to look to the west and look for new land. As Virginias moved they took their ideas with them.

31: The word Abolitionist means someone who is agenst slavery. One of the most important abolitionist was | Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman made 19 trips on the Underground Railroad, and saved over 300 lives whoa.She is also a conductor.

32: The are both very vilent. Nat Turner killed 60 men wemen and children. John Brown got coght at Harpers Ferry.

33: The South had farming, agricultural. Also they had slaves and Jefferson Davis. | Divided Nation. The North had factories, machines, and indestres. The north had Abe Lincoln, and more land, Industrialized.

34: The creation of west Virginia had many details. The East part of Virginia wanted slaves. As for the West, did not. The West part of Virginia wanted to secede from the East, and West Virginia was born.

35: In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected as president. The only problem with that was that the south did not want this. Soon seven southern state seceded from the Union.

36: The Union was different from the Confederacy. The Union had more land, soldiers, supplys, and money. The Union had General Ulysses Grant and Abe Lincoln.

37: The Confederacy had J.E.B. Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee. The way the Confederacy was winning more battles is because of the slaves. The slaves worked in the fields to help soldiers.

38: The battles of the Civil War were very important. The first two battles of the Civil war were Bull Run and Ironclads. The attack on Fort Sumter started the Civil war. The battle of Fredericksburg and the Siege of Petersburg were next to fallow.

39: On of the weirdest parts of the surrender was the attack on Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis dressed up as a woman to escape. | At Appomattox Court House the Confederacy surrenders to the Union. The reason for this is because Robert E. Lee didn't have enough soldiers, food, or water.

40: After the Civil war Virginia's economy was in ruins. Over four Million slaves (freed slaves) needed Jobs, housing, clothing, and food. For the south, money had no value. Banks were closed. Railroads, plantations, and crops were destroyed.

41: Sharecropping and the Freedmen's Bureau took place during Reconstruction. Congress created Freedmen's Bureau in 1865. Freedmen's Bureau provided food, schools, and medical care. | A new system farming called sharecropping developed for plantation owners lacked money for workers | Freed slaves needed land to work.

42: The rights promised to African Americans were taken away after Reconstruction. "Jim Crow" laws had an effect on African American life. It was very hard for African Americans to vote. Unfair pole taxes and voting tests were established. They were segregated in everything.

43: Terms to know: segregation: separation of people. prejudices: negative opinions formed about people with no proof. Discrimination: an unfair difference. Jim Crow laws: Laws established one African American life.

44: Other parts of Virginia grew,and other industries developed. Coal deposits were found. Also Tobacco became very Important. | After the Civil War, Virginia's Economy was starting to get better. It was still in ruins though. Industries, technology, and transportation were key factors. Railroads were key factors too.

45: People started to stop segrgation. This time period became known as the Civil Rights movment. This time period came after reconstruction. | This time period held many court cases, but not just court cases stopped sgregation. Jackie Robinson and Arthur Ashe. Changed segregation.

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