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Virginia History

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Virginia History - Page Text Content

S: Virgina History by: James

BC: This is a great book.

FC: Virginia History created by James

1: Reasons for picking Jamestown.

2: Jamestown 1607 men land at the New World.At Jamestown there was no food until the Native Americans came and traded with the colonist and got food.

3: Good defense against land and sea. | Deep enough to dock. | Thought there was a good supply of fresh drinking water and food . | Thought there was gold and silver.

4: Hardships at Jamestown.

5: The hardships at Jamestown were disease,Native Americans,difficult to find clean water and starvation.

6: The important people of Jamestown.

7: The captain of the ships was Christopher Newport. | The experimenter with tobacco was John Rolfe. | The leader at Jamestown was Captain John Smith.

8: The government of Jamestown had the house of burgesses and the general assembly.

9: One reason Jamestown became more diverse is because of tobacco. | A second reason Jamestown became more diverse is because African Americans came.

10: The American Revolution. It started in the mid 1700's,and it started with the French- Indian war.

11: The war we had was the British vs French and Indian war. After the war the British made the colonists pay for it.

12: The British made the colonists pay a lot of taxes. There were three kinds of taxes.

13: The sugar act, was were you had to pay a tax to use sugar. | The stamp act,was when you pay a tax on all paper goods. | The Townshend acts was where you had to pay a tax on glass,lead,paints, paper and tea.

14: Patriots and Sons of Liberty were not loyalist. They love their country and want freedom from England.

15: The problems in Boston were the Boston tea party and the Boston Massacre five people were shot.

16: The continental army's flag was sew by Betsy Ross. Some Sons of liberty and patriots fought with the Continental Army.

17: The British Red Coats had the best Army. The Red Coats were skilled and trained.

18: Some patriots are important like Paul Revere,Thomas Jefferson,Patrick Henry,Jack Jouett,Ben Franklin,James A. Lafayette and George Washington. Paul Revere warned almost everyone that the British were coming. Ben Franklin convinced France to join there side. Patrick Henry convinced patriots to fight with Continental Army. George Washington was commander-in-chief of the continental army.

19: James A. Lafayette was an African American who fought with the continental army and was a spy. THomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Jack Jouett warned Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming to arrest him.

20: Black slaves and American Indians were divided in war and who to fight for.

21: Women provided support in the war. The women kept the farm going,making clothes for the soilders,caring for the sick and ect.

22: The battle of Lexington and Concord was the first battle of the American Revolution and shot around the world. The battle of Great Bridge was the first battle in Virgina.

23: The battle of Saratoga is considered the turning point of war and France joined are side.

24: The battle of Yorktown was the last battle of the American Revolution and the British surrendered.

25: The signing of the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783 ended the American Revolution and the Continental Army won the war.

26: George Washington was the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.He is often called the father of our country.To thank him they elected him as our first pres.He was the leader of the Constitutional Convention. | James Madison was a great composer he would work things out with people.He took detailed notes.He is often called the father of the constitution.

27: Thomas Jefferson wrote two important documents they were called Declaration of Independence and Virgina Statue of Religious Freedom. | George Mason wrote a important document which is called the Declaration of Rights and he influenced the Bill of Rights.

29: Executive branch carries out laws, and the Governor is in charge. | Legislative branch has the general assembly the general assembly includes the senate and the the House of Delegates and also makes laws. | Judicial branch decides if laws have been broken and includes Courts,Judges and Lawyers.

30: Tobacco farming took all of the nutrients out of soil and as the Virginians noticed they started moving west Virginians moved to western territories to look for large areas of land, and new opportunities As Virginians moved, they took their traditions, ideas, and cultures with them

32: Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist,she helped 300 slaves escaped and took 19 trips on the Underground Railroad. | An abolitionist is a person who is against slavery.

33: Nat Turner was an abolitionist and lead a rebellion on 60 men,women and children. | John Brown was an abolitionist and lead a attack on Harpers Ferry (arsenal).

34: The Civil War

35: Divided Nation. In the North they was against slavery and was industrialized they wanted new states to be free states. The South was agricultural and had slaves they wanted all new states to be slave states.

36: The Western countries of VA were against slavery while the eastern countries of VA had slavery. The disagreement between the two regions led to the break away of the Western countries from Virginia.

37: Abraham Lincoln became Pres. in 1860. He was firmly opposed to the spread of slavery. Seven of the slave states seceded to form the Confederate States of America. Ulysses S. Grant was the Commander-in-Chief of the Union.

38: The pres. of the confederacy was Jefferson Davis. The General of The Army of Northern Virginia was Robert E. Lee and he surrendered at Appomattox Court House. The other General was "Stonewall" Jackson. The General of the Calvary was J.E.B. Stuart.

39: These are some important battles of the Civil War. This a Battle that changed Naval Warfare and this is the Battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack. | This the Battle of Fredericksburg. The other important battles are The Battle of Bull Run, and the Siege of Petersburg. | The battle at Fort Sumter meant that the South wanted war.

40: The Revolutionary War ended at Appomattox Court House. Before it ended they had the battle of Appomattox Court House. Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant.Jefferson Davis was captured after the Civil War.

41: Some of the houses, barns and banks were destroyed and money had no value.

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