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Virginia History

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S: Virginia history.

FC: Virginia History Created by Jasmine

1: In 1607 colonist came to the new world Jamestown on three boats called The Godspeed,Susan Constant, and Discovery. | They went to Jamestown to find Gold and sliver. They also wanted more wealth and power.

2: They needed to defend their selfs from Spanish attacks .So it was an economic venture.

3: The king of England wanted more wealth and power.So it can be very well known and popular so that more people will come and spend more money and that money will go to the colonist but very little of it and most of it goes to King James 1 .

4: The colonist needed deep enough water to dock their ships.Because if they needed something really important like medicine . | They would want clean water to drink from and bathe in. | Because they don't want to go to work smelly and don't want people talking about them. | Most likely they would want their medicine right then right now.Because they need soldiers to help them survive through battles.Te soldiers need medicine to stay healthy.

5: And if they didn't have the three ships The Susan Constant,Godspeed,and Discovery.Then we all wouldn't be standing here right now talking about this matter of fact.

6: John Rolfe was a very smart man he made Virginia and England really rich because he found out how to plant the number 1 selling cash crop and it was called tobacco. After the fact happened he met this wonderful woman named Pocahontas.They Got married after awhile and had one kid named Thomas.

7: Pocahontas was Chief Powhatan's daughter .Chief Powhatan is the leader of the Powhatan tribe. He is very powerful. He traded with the English settlers.Food,for glass beads,pitch,tar,and weapons.So He is very popular and well known for his history.

8: King James first granted charters in 1607. the first charter granted made the colonies .The second let the colonies establish the first settlement

9: In 1643 the burgesses became a separate legislative body.It was named the house of burgesses.They met separately from the governor's council.

10: The Revolutionary war. By:Jasmine Weathers

11: The French and Indian war was between Great Britain and it's two enemies.The French and Indians of North America.During the war,the British national debt nearly doubled,rising from $72'000'000 in 1755to almost $ 130,000,000 by 1764.

12: The king of england put a 3 cent tax on sugar,tea,paper,and goods from England.One more thing is clothing from england.

13: Every newspaper.pamphlet,and other public and legal document had to have a stamp,or British seal ,on it.The stamp of course cost money.These laws placed new taxes on glass,lead,paints,paper,and tea.Colonial reactions were the same as the Townsend act and the stamp act were eventually repealed all the taxes except tea.

14: The Shooting of five American colonist by British troops on march 5,1770.The Boston Massacre deepened American distrust by the British military presence in the colonist.The sons of liberty made up of American patriots that wanted freedom from the English.patriots fight for America,plus freedom.Once they finished they all went home.

16: George Washington was the commander in chief in the Continental army.He led the men in the continental army in the battle of Yorktown. We call him the father of our country because he was the first president.People thought he led them to victory in the war he would be most able to lead the constitutional convention.Then lead them to many more victory's and he was a strong leader. Just as he promised. | James Madison was one of the most detailed writers in his time.He took the most detailed notes and with those notes he would compromise so everyones laws would come together.For that he became father of our constitution.

17: Thomas Jefferson was the writer of the Declaration of Independence . he also wrote the Virginia statue of religious freedom.A reason was because he didn't like men and women to be enslaved by other people.He wanted all people to be treated equally. He also wanted people to be able to worship who they please.That is called freedom and religion. | George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of rights.It spelled out such fundamental rights.Such as freedom of religion ,freedom of the press,and the right to a jury trial .This helped influence the Bil of rights.

18: Executive branch. | legislative branch | Judicial branch

19: The executive branch has the governor carry out laws. | The legislative branch makes laws it has law writers,the General assembly.senate,and house of delegates. | Judicial branch decides if laws have been broken and lawyers,judges, and courts decide this.

20: Tobacco farming drained minerals in the soil,causing many farmers to look to the west and deep south for new land to farms.Virginians migrated into western territories looking for large areas of land and new opportunities.

21: A abolitionist is a person who is campaigned to end slavery.Harriet Tubman is a women who helped slaves escape through a secret route.The route is called "The Underground railroad.'

22: John brown led a raid on an arsenal in Harpers Ferry when he tried to start a slave rebellion.He was captured and hung.Nat turner led a revolt against plantation owners in Virginia South Hampton.Slaves no longer may read or write.He killed 60 white men,women and children.s

23: A Divided Nation | The economy in the north was using machinery.The South wanted all of the new states in the Western territories to have slavery.The North was strongly opposed to the idea this is how the civil war began.

24: problems started between eastern counties of Virginia relied on slavery. This caused the Formation of West Virginia.

25: Abraham Lincoln was firmly opposed to slavery. After he was elected president of the United States in 1860,seven southern states seceded from the Union to form the Confederacy.

26: Stonewall Jackson was a general for the confederacy.He was shot by one of his own men.A few days later he died. | Abraham Lincoln was elected 16th president.He was strongly opposed to slavery.After he was elected president 7 states seceded.

27: s | Jefferson Davis was the president f the confederacy.Robert E.Lee was a general for the Union and the Union ad more solders for the war and much more supplies.Last but not least Stonewall Jackson was a general for the Confederacy.He was shot by one of his own solders.A few days later he died in a hospital of infection of the wound.

28: Millions of slaves needed homes,clothing,food,& jobs.Virginia's economy was in ruins.Confederate money had no value.All banks were shut down.All land was destroyed including railroads,bridges,plantation,and crops.

29: Congress created the freedman's Bureau in 1865.This government provided food,schools,and medical care for freed slaves and others in the south.A new system called sharecropping was established because plantation owners lacked money to pay workers.The former slaves longed for a job.Sharecropping allowed freed men &farmers to rent land from a land owner with a share of their crops once they were harvested in the Autumn. | Freedman's Bureau

30: All of the freedom was taken from the slaves after the reconstruction time period ended.Once laws were passed it made it almost impossible for slaves to vote.Jim crow laws were established unfair poll taxes and voting test were made so African Americans couldn't vote.African Americans had to drink out of seperate swater fountains

31: _ Segregation:The separation of people because of their skin color race or religion. -prejudices Means negative opinions about people without proof.-discrimination an unfair treatment of people.-Jim crow laws:laws established for making life harder on African Americans.

32: After the civil war,advances in industry,technology,and transportation were key factors to Virginia's growing economy. .As more people traveled,Virginia;s cities grew with more people,business,and factories.The need for more and better roads.The railroads were a key to businesses, agriculture,s

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