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Virginia History

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Virginia History - Page Text Content

S: Virginia History

FC: Virginia History Created by Maddy

1: 1607 men came to Jamestown

2: They thought there was clean water but there was not They also thought there was a lot of food there was not.

3: They were safe from Spanish attacks.

4: The starvation and it was difficult to find clean water.The water had a disease in it.

5: The Indian attacks and disease.They ate horse,and people.

6: Captain John Smith you don't work you don't eat.He made the first permanent English settlement.Pocahontas Chief Powhatan daughter. she became friend with the settlers

7: John Rolfe he started tobacco the number one cash crop in 1614 to England.John Rolfe

8: The King of England or King James the I made the charters the laws.In 1619 government came.

9: Jamestown became a more diverse colony by 1620.During the summer a ship came to Jamestown carrying people of African descend the slaves.

10: The American Revolution By Maddy M

11: The French and Indian war . The war fought between Great Britain and it two enemies.

12: The sugar act is the taxes they tax coffee,indigo,and certain kinds of wines.

13: The stamp act is every newspaper,pamphlet,and other public and legal document had to stamp or British seal on it. The townshend is they taxes glass,lead,paint,paper,and tea.

14: The problems in Boston. Argry at a new tax on tea American colonist calling themselves the sons of liberty the British ships dumped 342 whole crates of tea in the river.The patriots a person who is loyal or supports one's own country.

15: The sons of liberty made up of Americans patriots that wanted freedom from England. Boston Massacre shooting of five American colonist by British troops on March 5,1770.

16: The Patriots and sons of liberty where fighting the redcoats and the loyalist.

17: Lord Cornwallis went against the colonist and the minute men.

18: George Washington was the leader of the Continental Army. He was the first President of American. | Patrick Henry he spoke a Taxation without representation.He give a famous speech give me liberty or give me death | James A.Lafayette He is one of the many enslaved Africans from Virginia who served with the Continental Army.

19: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. | Paul Revere rode on his house and said The British are coming the British. | Ben Franklin he convise the french to fight with the continental Army. | Jack Jouett he is called Paul Revere of the south.

20: The African American were dived for war they fought for there freedom. The American Indians were dived in war the y fought for freedom.

21: Women came to marry and help the ill. And have babies. Women made food.

22: The Battle of Lexington A was the first battles of the American Revolution.The American colonists fought for the freedom.The battle of Great Bridge. It was the first battle in VA.

23: The battle of Saratoga it was the turning point of the American Revolution.1777

24: The battle of Yorktown.Was the end of the Revolution the British surrender.

25: The Independence. Signing the treaty of Paris . The end of the American Revolution.

26: George Washington was the chief of the continental army. He was the first President of the US his nickname is the Father of the country.He was the leader of the Constitutional Convention. | James Madison compromiser. He was a amazing note taker.His nickname is the Father of the Constitution.

27: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.Virginia statue of Religious Freedom. Freedom of Religious. | George Mason Virginia Declaration of rights .Wrote the bill of rights.

28: Legislative Branch | Judicial Branch | Executive Branch

29: Legislative branch makes the laws. | Executive branch carry out laws | Judicial branch decide if laws have been broken.

30: Tobacco farming drained the minerals in the soil,causing many farmers to look to the west and deep South for new land to farm.Virginians migrate into western territories looking for large areas of land and new opportunities.As Virginians moved,they took their tradition,ideas ,and cultures with them.

31: Harriet Tubman.She helped 300 slaves on the under ground railroad.She took 19 trips!! | A Abolitionist is a person who hates slavery.

32: John Brown.Is a abolitionist.He led a raid on the United States Armory. | Nat Turner.He killed 60 white men,women,and children.

33: A Divided Nation | The Northern states used machines. The southern states worked in factors. The southern side had slaves but the northern side did not have slaves.The northern states what the new states to be free states and the southern states what the new states to be slave states.

34: Creation of West Virginia | The conflict between the eastern counties of Virginia relied on enslaves.The disagreement between two regions of the new state of West Virginia.

35: Lincoln elected for President | If Lincoln was President the slaves states would seceded. What do you no they did.South Carolina was the first to seceded.

36: The Union | The Confederacy | Jefferson Davis was on the Union he was the President of the Confederacy.Robert E. Lee is a General for the Confederacy.Stonewall Jackson helped Robert E. Lee. J.E.B Stuart calvary.

37: The Union side was Abraham Lincoln he was the President for them. Then Ulysses S. Grant the General of the Union. | The Union

38: Important Battles | The first battle I am going to talk about is The Battle of Fort Sumter.First it was not a battle. Now the Battle of Bull Run. It was the first battle in the Civil war. Now the Sea Battle of the USS Monitor and the USS Merrimack.It was a four hour battle (tie).Now the Battle of Fredericksburg.In this battle Robert E. Lee defeated the Union Army. The Siege of Petersburg was when Ulysses S. Grant captured Petersburg.

39: Confederacy Surrenders | When Jefferson Davis was captured was a funny story he was dressed up as a women.Then at Appomattox court house was when the Confederacy surrendered to the Union.Then Robert E.Lee surrendered his army.

40: Problems during Reconstruction | Some of the problem are millions of freed slaves needed jobs,and homes.Virginia's economy was in ruins.Money had any value.Bank were closed. Railroads,bridges, plantations,and crops were destroyed.

41: Freedmen's Bureau and Sharecropping | Sharecropping is when a farmer likes you rent a part of there land. The farmer said you can live on my land but you have give me so of your crops. Freedmen's Bureau is when the government give food, schools , and medical care.

42: After the Reconstruction. | Jim crow Law's happened it effect on African Americans.They were could vote but they have to take a test on reading and writing.Thanks to Nat Turner they do not no how. They were at different schools,water fountains, and different buses and restaurants

43: After Reconstruction terms to know. | Segregation: the separation of people. Prejudices: negative opinions formed about people. Discrimination:an unfair treatment. Jim crow Law's mean laws to the African Americans that separated them from whites.

44: The economy begins to grow. | The people were growing. The homes,bank,and railroads are increasing. It is coming back together.

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