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Virginia History

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FC: Virginia history created by Caitlin

1: Jamestown 1607 Jamestown all started when a group of white men from England came on a economic venture to find lots of gold and silver. when the colonist found out that there was only dirt and Indians they decided that they were going to start a settlement to make money instead.

2: The colonist picked Jamestown because of these following reasons. the first reason was the location. the location could easily defend an attack from people at sea or land. another reason that they picked Jamestown was because the water was deep enough to dock.

3: The third reason that they came to Jamestown was that they thought that there was lots of clean water but that was actually not true.

4: Hardships there was many hardships at Jamestown. - there was starvation - they were at war with the Indians

5: - they could not find clean water - lots of people got sick

6: Important people | Pocahontas and John Smith Pocahontas was an important person at James town. She helped to make peace between the colonist and her people the Indians. She was also the chiefs daughter who got married to an English man named John Rolf. Pocahontas was one of the few Indians who were converted back then. Captain John Smith was an important person because he was strung leader and he was the one who started trade with the Indians. Captain John Smith and Pocahontas were brother and sister in Pocahontas culture. | Pocahontas and John Smith Pocahontas was an important person because she helped make peace with the colonist. She was Chief Powhatan's daughter who married John Rolfe. Pocahontas was one of the few Native Americans that converted. She brought corn and other supplies to keep the colonist alive during the winter. She would even visit England! John Smith became the brother of Pocahontas! He started trade with the Powhatan Indians and became a strong leader at Jamestown. He said the famous phrase, "You don't work, you don't eat!"

7: Chief Powhatan and John Rolf Chief Powhatan was an important person because he was the chief of the Powhatan's. If he was not the chief in that time things could have been a very different. For instance he was the one who said ''no'' to attacking right away. | John Rolf was very important .Without him Jamestown would have gone down but he was able to find a way to plant tobacco. He was the one who married Pocahontas.

8: Government In 1619 Government began. They had a representative kind of government.

9: Women In 16120 women and kids came to Jamestown to start family's. they also came to make the mens meals clothes and take care of the sick. Slaves In 1620Africans came to the new world to do work. They were labeled indentured servants. They would work for five to seven years then they would get there own land.

10: American Revolution

11: The French and Indian war was a war between the English(red coats) and the Spanish who had the Indians on their team. This war was very expensive for England.It cost over $130,000,000 for this war. The English red coats won the war but now they were in debt.The king of England (King James III) decided that he would taxes the colonist 300 miles away.He taxed them instead of his people in England because he wants the people in England to like him. Well the colonies were furious because the king 300 miles away is cargeing them money for everything they did. the colonist did not even fight in this war. | vs | French and Indian war

12: The sugar act was when the king of England put a tax on things with sugar mainly coffee, indigo, and wine. | The sugar Act and The stamp Act | The stamp act was when the king of England put a tax on public documents like newspaper, pamphlet, which had to have stamp on it that coast money.

13: The Townshend act was when the King put a law in the new north America which was a tax on glass, lead, paints, and tea. People in North America Furious. | The Townshend Act

14: There were many problems in Boston. There was the Boston tea party were a group of patriots who were angry about the taxes so they dressed as Indians to go and dump loads of tea into the ocean. Another problem in Boston was the Boston massacre. The Boston Massacre was when an angry group of colonist came up on a group of Red Coats and yelled at them. Sometime in the middle of the argument, the people heard a gun shot and the Red Coats started firing. Five people were killed. | Problems in Boston

15: The Sons of Liberty were the men who loved their country. | A patriot is a person who is loyal to his own country. | sons of Liberty and Patriots

16: vs | The American Revolution was fought between the patriots and the loyalist. There were men who were ready to fight whenever even though they were not trained soldiers. They a\were called minutemen. the minute men were on the patriots side. | vs

17: lord Cornwallis lord Cornwallis was the commander ad chief of the British army (Red Coats). | The red coast all wore the same thing. They were also trained professionals. the Red coats were the people who were loyal to their king(King James the III).

18: George Washington was the commander and chief of the Continental army he also became our first president | Paul Revere saw that the Red Coats were coming and he jumped on his horse to warn everybody. | Patric Henry gave the famous speech "give me liberty or give me death"at saint John's CHuch He also had other grate speeches | Tomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. | Important Patriots George, Paul, Patrick, and Thomas

19: Jack Jouett was the Paul Revere of the south. That was his nickname because he road his horse to warn Important people like Thomas Jefferson, like Paul Revere. | James A. Lafayette was an African slave was fought for the Continental Army. He was a great soldier and he earned his freedom. | Ben Franklin was in France during the American Revolution, he helped convince France to fight in the war to.

20: Africans and American Indians were divided in war. | During the American Revolution the African and the Americans Indians were divided in war. Lots of them joined the red coats because they were promised freedom. still some grabbed patriot guns.

21: Women | The women were an Important part of the war. they stayed home to make clothes and food during the war. They worked vary hard to keep the farm going and taking care of the sick. These laides also have to watch and teach their children

22: Battle of Lexington and Concord | The battle of Lexington and concord was the first battle of the American Revolution. This Battle was in Massachusetts 1775. It stated that the colonist were ready to fight for their freedom from England.

23: Battle of Great Bridge | The Battle of Great Bridge was seven mile south of Norfolk Virginia in 1775.It was the first battle in Virginia. This Battle forced the British to flee from the city of Norfolk. | Battle Of Saratoga | the Battle of Saratoga was the turning point of the war because France came to help the American colonist.

24: The Battle of Yorktown | The Battle of Yorktown was an important battle it took place in 1781. This battle was the last battle of the American Revolution because the British surrendered.

25: The Treaty of Paris | The treaty of Paris was signed in 1783 two years after the war ended. The treaty of Paris stated that The United States England Spain and France have Ended this war and the United states are no lounger ruled by England

26: George Washington | George Washington was the commander and Chief of the Continental army. His is known as ''The Father of our country'', because he is such a great leader. Later he became the leader of the Constitutional and the very first president. | James Madison | James Madison was a great note taker and he is such a great compromiser that he was named ''the Father of the constitution''.

27: Tomas Jefferson | Tomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of Independence and the Virginia statue of religious Freedom.He also fought for freedom of religion. | George Mason | George Mason wrote the Declaration of Rights. George influenced the bill of Rights.

28: V A G o v e r n m e n t

29: The Legislative Branch Maxing state laws is the General Assembly's job! After they make the laws they send them to the second part of the Legislative Branch which is the senate and the house of delegates.Then they vote on this law and decide if this is a good law. | The Judicial branch The Judicial Branch is the court system Branch.it has judges, the jury, and layers.They decide cases about people who broke the law and what their punishment should be. | The Executive Branch The governor is the leader of the executive branch.this branch makes sure that laws have been carried out.

30: Have you ever wondered why there are so many different traditions? Well the answer to that is a long time ago a lot of people planted tobacco, but later moved south because tobacco drains nutrients in soil. Then when they moved they took their traditions, ideas and cultures with them.

31: An Abolitionist is a person who disagrees and strongly dislikes slavery | Harriet Tubman is a famous conductor and slave of the underground railroad.She made nineteen trips and lead over 300 slaves to freedom.

32: John Brown was a violent abolitionist who lead a slave raid to steal guns from the US army.He was unsuccessful and was hung. | Nat Turner was a run away slave who lead a rebellion that killed over 60 women, men,and children.He was caught after hiding in the woods for six weeks. Then he was hung. | No more slavery!

33: Divided Nation | The North was industrialized with Machines and factories. | The south was dependent on slaves to do work. Since the south is agriculture the slaves worked long hours in the field. | The North wanted every new state to be a free state in the the western territories. | The south wanted every new state in the western territory to be a slave state.

34: The disagreement between the north and the south about the slaves, led to the formation of the new state,west Virginia. This took place in 1863. | "We relie on slave labor!" (The south would say) | "We think that no matter the color of your skin you are still a person who should be treated fairly." (the north would say)

35: When Abraham Lincoln was elected president seven other states went to join the Confederate States of America, since he was so firmly opposed to slavery. | When Lincoln was elected president

36: Abraham Lincoln | President Abraham Lincoln was the 18 president of the U.S. He was a great president with amazing battle plans.He strongly opposed slavery. | General Ulysses S. Grant was the commander-in-chief of the Union army. Later he was the 18th president of the U.S. | General Ulysses S. Grant | UNION

37: Jefferson Davis | General Robert E. Lee | Stonewall Jackson | J.E.B. Stuart | Jefferson Davis was the first and the last president of the Confederate States of America. | General Robert E. Lee was the Commander of northern VA army. He surrendered his army at Appomattox Court House. | Stone wall Jackson was a Confederate General. He played a major in the Battle of Bull Run. | J.E.B. Stuart was a Confederate commander in the Civil war.

38: Fort Sumter was the first shot of the civil war. | The Battle of Bull Run was the first major clash of the civil war. Stone wall Jackson helped big time to stop the Union forces. | Sea Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack was a four hour Battle fought to a draw. | The Battle of Fredericksburg was a Confederate win. General Robert E. Lee fought in this war. | The Siege of Petersburg was a ten month Battle leading to the Union take over of Petersburg. | Battle's

39: Robert E. Lee surrendered his army at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. Soon after the Union army captured Jefferson Davis. | Appomattox Court House

40: Big Problem! | After the surrender at Appomattox court house that ended the Civil war RECONSRUCTION began. Now that over 4 million slaves have been freed that all need food, shelter, clothing and jobs something has to be done. The government in the North is working hard to slowly bring the South back into the Union. | The South had Confederate money that was now useless. To make the problem worse banks were closed. Since both capitals were in VA during the Civil war most battles were there, which meant that Virginia was in ruins. Railroads, bridges, plantations, and crops were destroyed.

41: Sharecropping | Life is hard for the African Americans and the poor white children, so they developed a new way of farming called "sharecropping." This was a great way for slaves to have a house and earn food. This is when African Americans go to live on poor white peoples land and split there harvest. This was a win win. | Freedmen's Bureau was created in 1865 by Congress. This Provided food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and schools, for poor white farmers. | Freedmen Bureau

42: "What happened" | After the Reconstruction time period the rights that were promised to African Americans slowly slipped away. Jim Crow laws were established making a big impact on African Americans lives. They found it hard to vote because they had to take reading and writing tests when they did not know how to read or write. They also had to pay a lot of money that they did not have to vote. Since whites found African Americans different, they didn't use the same bathrooms, water fountains, bus seats, trains, restaurants, and children attended different schools.

43: It's not fair | America is no longer broken, but it is segregated. People of different races and religion were treated poorly. Jim Crow laws only made things worse. They established segregation. These were created by people who were prejudiced against the millions of freed "slaves."

44: VA is growing | Lets work together | Take my Hand | Transportation was a great way of expanding Virginia's economy. This made a higher demand for better roads. Railroads were the key, because people would travel and then unpack to start businesses and other things. More people came to Virginia and that is what makes what VA is today.

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