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Virginia's Regions, Ecosystems & More

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BC: I hope you enjoyed my book

FC: Virginia's Regions, Eco-systems and more

1: TABLE OF CONTENTS | Piedmont........2 Coastal Plains.........3 Blue Ridge Mountains.......4 Valley & Ridge........5 Appalachian Plateau.......6 Forests..........7 Wetlands..........8 Freshwater..........9 Caves and Caverns........10 Natural Resources.........11-12 I love Virginia............13

2: PIedmont is the light green triangle shape on the picture above.Piedmont is the biggest region in Virginia. The name "Piedmont" is French for foot of the mountain. In Piedmont there are a lot of rolling hills. Many of the cities in Virginia are located in Piedmont. It also has good land to farm. Farmers grow peaches, apples, corn, wheat, soybeans, and hay. In the southern part of Piedmont they grow tobacco an important economic crop. They raise livestock such as cattle, chicken, and turkeys and sell their meat, eggs, and milk. Piedmont is a good region for horses. | PIEDMONT

3: The Coastal Plains are the yellow shape in the picture above.The Coastal Plains are right by the Chesapeake Bay it is where Virginia Beach is located. People there like to fish for crabs fish and other shellfish. They like to grow peanuts, cotton, tobacco, fruits, and veggies. The people there like to raise hogs and turkeys. The Coastal Plains are east to the fall line. The fall line is an important natural feature. The fall line is where the earth's plates went to different levels because of an earthquake. It is almost impossible to kayak on the fall line because you would fall and die. The Coastal Plains are really cool. We use the coastal plains in many different ways. | THE COASTAL PLAINS

4: The blue ridge mountains are the blue slate in the picture to the left.The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the thinnest regions in Virginia. The Blue Ridge Mountains got their name because of the blue haze that comes off the trees in the summer. Mt. Rogers is the highest point in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In other parts of the region they farm a lot. They grow corn, wheat, rye, potatoes, and hay grow in their fields too. There are not many cites in the Blue Ridge Mountains but if you visit Roanoke you can wander into museums and even visit the children's zoo. | THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS

5: The Valley and Ridge is the dark green line in the picture above. The Valley and Ridge has the most excellent farming in Virginia. The land is most famous for its apples. Most of the fruit is shipped all over the country. The Valley and Ridge's most beautiful valley is the Shenandoah Valley. Its name comes from the Indian word "daughter of the stars." Harrisburg is in the Shenandoah Valley. There they trade poultry. There is a song for the Shenandoah Valley called Shenandoah. | THE VALLEY & RIDGE

6: The Appalachian plateau is west of the Valley and Ridge. It is the Black boot shape in the picture. The smallest region is the Appalachian Plateau. There they have the smallest city, Norton. The Appalachian Plateau is part of the Appalachian mountain range. The Appalachian Plateau has important minerals in it. They dig up coal and other minerals. They also dig up zinc. Zinc is used to make steel, iron, brass, paint, and rubber tires. They also grow tobacco in this region. | THE APPALACHIAN PLAUTEAU

7: Forests are areas that have trees, wood and greenery in them. Forests used to cover up much of Virginia but we cut them down having to build houses. Native Americans cleared pathways through the forests to travel from village to village. Later pilgrims cut down more trees to make more houses and for room for farms. We must be careful to keep our forest Eco-system in balance. | FORESTS

8: WETLANDS Wetlands are like swamps but with more land in them. Wetlands are important in Virginia. When it rains the grass sucks all the rain up so it will not flood. They make homes to turtles, lizards, frogs, raccoons, and black bears. Did you know that the Florida Everglades are the biggest wetland in the USA? It is important to keep the wetland ecosystem in order or else there would be floods all the time!!!!!!

9: Freshwater is water with no salt in it. Freshwater is very important we need fresh water to live. Because most of our drinking water comes from the lakes or reservoirs. A reservoir is a lake made by people to store water. Polluting is a problem for lakes and reservoirs. When people pollute lakes and reservoirs we are polluting our own drinking water. We should be careful for polluting our own drinking water. | FRESHWATER

10: Caves are naturally occurring rooms with cool shapes made in them. Caves and caverns are really cool. Animals that live in caves usually have bad eyesight. The animals include millipedes, rats, snakes, bats, fish, crayfish, and spiders. Caves are usually formed under mountains, hills, or under cliffs. A cavern is a large cave. They are usually underground. Keeping this ecosystem in order is only so that animals can live and you can visit and see how cool they are. | CAVES & CAVERNS

11: The four natural resources include soil, water, coal, and timber. They impact our lives every day. Coal gives us energy. Timber helps us build our houses. Soil grows our food. Water helps us cook food All natural resources do something for our lives. | Some natural resources like coal have limited supply. We should do little things like turn off the lights when you are finished with them. For Timber we should not use so much paper if you only use a little bit of the paper do not throw it away use the back of it! For soil we can weather rock our selves and find our own humus to make more soil! And last but not least, water. Water should not be polluted we use water for to many things like washing your hands, drinking it, and we use it to cook food. We should try and save more natural resources. | NATURAL RESOURCES

12: My favorite natural resource is coal. Coal is basically a piece of recycled plant. Coal forms when plants die. They sInk into bogs. Then layers of sand, dirt, and rock covered it and heat and pressure presses it into coal! Coal is a cool natural resource. It is limited though so we cannot use all of it up! | COAL

13: I love Virginia

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