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Virginia's Reigons and more

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Virginia's Reigons and more - Page Text Content

S: Virginia

BC: This book is about Virginia and its regions natural resources and ecosystems.

FC: Virginia | By Morgan O'Keefe | I am in

1: This book is by Morgan O'Keefe and only Morgan O'Keefe So don't any one else take credit for it. How many clouds can you find?

2: The Coastal Plain is on the east coast. The Coastal Plains are next to water. It got its name because the oceans tides come in from The Chesapeake Bay. Because of the tides the water level rises and falls. Many people who live there work on the water. Some people will catch fish or repair boats. Other people will travel there to have fun at the beach. Crops like corn grow well there. Some farmers raise hogs and turkeys there.

3: Piedmont is the second most eastern region. In Piedmont the land rises gently and turns into rolling hills. Piedmont means foot of the mountain. Piedmont is a great place for farming. A lot of farmers grow apples and peaches. In the southern part farmers grow peanuts and cotton. Farm animals are very important. Farmers raise cattle and turkey. Animals are raised to make money by selling their meat and eggs.

4: Pennsylvania and end in Georgia. Mt. Rogers is the highest peak in the state. Farming is also very important in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They grow Wheat, Rye, and potatoes. They Raise Hogs , Cows, and Chickens. There aren't many cities in the mountains.

5: The Valley and Ridge region is the second most western Region. The Valley and ridge region is famous for its apples. People who live there make a living by making apple juice and applesauce and selling them on the street. This region is made up of part of the Allegheny Mountains, plus several valleys. One of the valleys is the largest and prettiest The Shenandoah Valley. Shenandoah means daughter of the stars. There is a song about it,it goes like this, Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you Away, You Rolling River Oh, I long to hear you Away, I’m Bound away , ‘Cross the wide Missouri.

6: The Appalachian Plateau is the most western region, it is also the smallest land region.It is part of a huge mountain Range. Miners Dig out lots of coal for electricity.

7: Ecosystems

8: Forests used to cover our land. Native Americans used to hunt in them. To Travel from village to village they cleared paths. Settlers cleared land for farms. Today Virginians still use the forest for hunting.

9: Rivers & Lakes are part of the water ecosystems.Most of our drinking water comes from reservoirs. A reservoir is a lake made by humans. When people pollute it brings in dead plants and animals from other reigons.

11: In Virginia there are over 3,000 natural caves.Like Lurray Caverns. What kinds of animals live in cool damp caves?Animals like spiders , beetles , and bats. These animals can't see because it's so dark where they live.Bears visit caves but they don't live there.

12: Wetlands and are good for Virginia. They keep water levels steady when it rains.They prevent flooding by absorbing water. Our wet lands include beaches & swamps. Theese places are home to many fish. The great dismal swamp is home to lizards, fish,turtles, and racoons.

13: Natural Resources

15: We couldn't live without natural resources.If we didn't have them we would die. Virginia's natural resources are Water,Soil,Timber,and minerals. The reason we need water is because without it we would have nothing to drink everything that is a liquid has water in it. If we didn't have minerals the soil wouldn’t be fertile because rocks are made of minerals and soil is made of tiny rocks. If we didn't have timber we couldn't breathe or have cabins. If we didn't have soil we couldn't have vegetables and fruit.

17: To Conserve trees we should recycle all of our paper. Beacuse paper is made of trees.To conserve water we should stop polluting. To conserve coal we should stop using it for jewelery You don't need to conserve soil it conserves itself.

19: How water gets from the lake to you is what i am going to tell you. First people take boats and get water from the lake. Then they take it to the factory where it gets filtered then a machine makes plastic bottles then they pour the water into they bottles and ship them to the store.

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