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Virtual Inspiration Formula

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S: Virtual Inspiration

BC: Thank you for supporting Miracles

FC: Chere raye | Virtual Inspiration Formula

1: Virtual Inspiration Frequency For a New World f

2: Every few thousand years,the Earth undergoes a dramatic evolutionary shift. This shift allows our Planet to stay in harmony and alignment with Universal energy. During this time, the frequency of consciousness must shift to stay in tune with a New Earth Frequency.

3: The purpose of this frequency shift is to begin aligning consciousness with its original purpose. This purpose is defined in the Bible as the Garden of Eden. In the beginning, the frequency of the Garden was virtual. A Virtual Garden requires a righteous condition. A righteous condition is innocent, and is defined as a virtual reality where everything comes together in perfect harmony in One Wholeness Now.

4: In the beginning the Earth was a living school, which taught innocent consciousness to become emotionally mature and handle the unlimited creative potential of the Universe by learning how to assign purpose. Everything that happened in the Virtual Garden was recorded in the Book of Life. | The original Plan was to fill the Earth with Living Memories, born from innocence and brought to maturity into a Virtual World of Love. Consciousness was defined as Caretakers of the Planet Earth, which required perfect peace to prevail in the Garden.

5: On the beginning of the 7th day of learning, a rebellion occurred and 10% of Creation, or unlimited consciousness, chose to understand and appreciate a lie. Even though the frequency of the Virtual Garden remained, those who took to the unrighteous condition of the rebellion could no longer tune into the inner knowing the frequency of the Garden provided. Thus, the Garden became invisible to their eyes. Innocent vision thus became distorted by tan unrighteous condition. After the error, a veil was drawn across the face of time. Even though the Virtual Garden remained, those who had taken residence on the unrighteous side of the veil eventually forgot about the Garden and their original purpose.

6: When 10% of Creative Consciousness separated from the Virtual Frequency of Love, 90% of Creative Consciousness chose to remain faithful. The Creative potential of Consciousness remained in the Virtual Garden of Love to grow into emotional maturity; while the other 10% used a frequency that was out of virtual alignment. Within a specific allotted time, the other 10% of consciousness would be reconciled to their path and the other virtual 90%, which would restore the Virtual Garden State.

7: Spiritual History explores the original error and internal conflict made by the rebellion. The Bible records mans desire to live according to righteousness. Spiritual history also provides a specific time element, which indicate the Virtual Garden State would once again be recognized by the 10% who rebelled. During the recorded history of the world, everything necessary to restore Garden Vision would be made available. As all of this was brought together, a New World Consciousness would emerge.

8: Physical history explores the the struggles of man to overcome his environment. By using internal conflict, humankind has learned to force and manipulate the external world and make it a better place to live. The day of this struggle is over. The end of the last day has begun. The Commandment to be fruitful and fill the Earth has been accomplished. It is time to restore the vision necessary to see the Virtual Garden.The next 1000 years is the end of the 7th spiritual day, which will redefine the world when the Vision of the People is restored.

9: Since the beginning of time information concerning this error has been a part of physical history. The clues concerning the end of the last day is evident in every culture. During the Life of Jesus, the Bible refers to a time when miracles would fill the Earth. This would signal a time when the belief in love would be exchanged for the Miracle of Love. The Plan to give the people access to this Vision is called One Wholeness Now. Virtual Vision requires the people to join the spiritual value found in faith, free will, appreciation, and peace together as one. This will require leaning to use the frequencies in the value of these Spiritual Gifts as one instead of separately. The frequency in the Virtual Inspiration Formula is specifically for this purpose.

10: The frequency of Spiritual Vision is much higher than the frequency of physical vision. The ability to see the Virtual Garden will take some time for physical eyes to adjust. This adjustment will allow the people time to learn how to use their OWN miracle intention to see beyond physical vision to a Virtual New World. Miracles are impossible to see. This is because a miracle frequency requires access to whole vision value, which is faith, free will, appreciation, and peace.

11: Physically speaking, all spiritual value has been invested in physical form. In order to release the spiritual value in physical form, a new way of investing must be learned. This is the purpose of miracle investing. By using the same understanding people already use for physical investing, it is now possible to use this understanding for miracle investments. All miracle investments are investments in the Miracle of Love. By investing in Virtual Inspiration, you will begin to see the effects of the miracle through your intention, which will be visible to the human eye through a miracle experience. This shift will strengthen Miracle Vision. The more miracle investments are made, the easier it will be to see with Miracle Vision.

12: When the mind split and 10% of consciousness rebelled, the ability to see the Virtual Garden was disrupted. This also disrupted virtual understanding. The free will to use Vision became entangled in an attempt to get. Because free will was created to give, not get, guilt and fear were established. The faith necessary to see the Virtual Garden soon became entangled in the emotional conflict of guilt and fear, which gave faith a physical value to find escape. Soon appreciation became entangled in appreciation for physical things. The peace emanating from the Garden was replaced with conflict. When free will, faith, appreciation, and peace are used without Virtual value, the whole frequency of creative vision is lost. Restoring this requires a miracle.

13: The frequency of the Earth is changing. The polar caps are melting and natural disasters are now an everyday occurrence. This change need not be fearful, and guilt over not being able to define the problems are not our concern. | There is perfect order in the Universe. This order provides for the survival of every living thing. Our concern is to access the miracle provisions that have been provided during the frequency shift the Earth is going through. By using natural frequencies found in the Earth it is possible to bring together all spiritual value necessary for Miracles. Our part is to accept what is being offered. Faith, free will, appreciation, and peace are natural frequencies. We have within our grasp the value of these frequencies come through flower essences, rain water, crystals, aroma therapy. and intention. By taking advantage of natural frequency we can consciously evolve along with the Earth.

14: We can make miracles happen by applying natural frequency. The reason people do not understand miracles is because miracles require access to whole spiritual value. When faith, free will, appreciation, and peace are joined together as One, miracles must happen. By allowing miracles to lead the way, we will find the bridge to New World understanding. By adding an intention of spiritual value to the Virtual Inspiration Formula, there is not anything our world is not capable of.

15: When the flower essences of faith, free will, appreciation, and peace are united, they offer us a way to see our intention manifest into form. Because the frequency of flower essences are so high, they can see what we cannot see for ourselves. The more these frequencies are used as one, they will begin to be looked to as a consistent source to see for us what we cannot see. This will spur us on to inner vision, and eventually the Miracle of Whole Love. Eventually the veil drawn across physical and virtual vision will fade.

16: A thunder storm is natures way of cleansing the Earth.The energy in lightening also adds nitrates to the ground, which helps flowers grow. Because we want our intention to grow, natural rain water is the most natural and nourishing way to grow it. Along with rain, the invisible power of a storm has virtual value. By combining flower essences with a thunder storm, a flower storm of virtual New World Frequency will help your intention to grow. By using natures virtual resources, we have a natural way of accessing Virtual Vision.

17: Crystals are used to communicate at a Universal level. Because crystals have memory, they maintain the integrity of our Planet by consistently communicating a Universal purpose to the Earth. The New World Universal purpose for our Planet must be activated in crystals, which will also allow intention to become part of the integrity of Planet Earth. Because of the purpose of Virtual Inspiration Frequency, and the potential impact it will have on the frequency of joining our intention with the Earth, the frequency of a Universally activated crystal is also added to the Virtual Inspiration Formula

18: The last ingredient is Aroma Therapy. When the sense of smell is used for a higher purpose, it has the ability to temporarily suspend all judgment. Because individually we are the judge and jury of what is possible, by temporarily suspending the negative frequency of personal judgment, it is possible to "get out of the way" and allow the Virtual Inspiration Frequency to accomplish the Virtual Vision of our intention for us. Aroma therapy thus removes the block of personal judgment on what we want to achieve.

19: How blessed we are to be living in this time. We are not only a part of the evolution of the Planet Earth, we have been given the opportunity of redefining its purpose through miracles. Our personal and global responsibility in evolving the Earth is in our own best interest. We are being given an opportunity no other generation could possibly even imagine. The Universal Plan, which allows the people of the world to redefine it is called One Wholeness Now. Virtual Inspiration Formula is a natural Spiritual Tool to enhance personal intention to redefine our world through the use of miracles. Anyone who wants to redefine their relationship with the Earth and the Universe are invited to participate in this exciting opportunity.

20: Most of us believe we must do something to provide support for our intention. When miracles, or the combination of faith, free will, appreciation, and peace are being used, doing anything is unnecessary. The purpose of a Virtual Frequency is to provide the Virtual Vision for doing what you love. Because of this, Higher Law must apply. When you invest in the Virtual Inspiration Formula, you are being asked to pay it forward. All miracles are extended and increased when they are given away. For this reason, when you invest in a bottle of Virtual Inspiration, you will be investing in the happiness of another.

21: The Virtual Inspiration Formula is a New World Investment, and offered by The Miracle Response and Share A Miracle Projects The suggested investment for The Virtual Inspiration Formula is $25.00 for a 2 oz. spray. Your investment in The Virtual Inspiration Formula is an investment in a New World Reality of peace and hope and happiness of each other. If you want to invest in The Virtual Inspiration Formula, please visit www.miracleresponse.com

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  • Title: Virtual Inspiration Formula
  • Virtual Inspiration is a frequency that combines faith, free will, appreciation, and peace together in One Wholeness Now. This frequency is inspired by miracles, and when used with a specific intention will offer The Miracle Response.
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