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Volcanoes by Destiny

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S: Volcanoes

FC: Volcanoes | by Destiny

1: Table of contents | Table of contents pg.1 What are Volcanoes pg.2 Some different kinds of lava pg.3 examples of volcanoes pg.4 what volcanoes have made pg.5 a volcano that has erupted pg.6 layers of earth pg.7 good effects of volcanoes pg.8 bad effects of volcanoes pg.9 reason a volcano might erupt pg.10

2: Long ago we did not know why volcanoes erupted. Some people thought that volcanoes were the Greek god, Vulcan's, forges. That's why it is called a volcano. Other people thought that Zues used them for jails and the eruptions were giants trying to escape. Eventually scientists figured out that volcanoes erupt when red hot rock comes to the surface. | What are Volcanoes? | This is Vulcan.

3: Some different kinds of Lava | There are quite a few kinds of lava. Examples are AA lava, which moves sluggishly and can pile up to 100 mi. Pahoehoe lava flows faster than AA lava. Last but not least, pillow lava oozes gently and when it hits cold sea water it moves quickly. | Lava is flowing quickly like the Pahoehoe lava. | Lava is flowing sluggishly like the AA lava below.

4: Soufrie Hills which killed 19 people and ash still rises from it. Mount Kilimanjaro has been dormant for 200 years. Tambora which is 95 cubic km and happened in Indonesia 1815. Vesuvius which is 10 cubic km and happened in Italy a.d. 79. Krakatau is 30 cubic km and happened in Indonesia 1883. Mt. Nouaruptau which is 17 cubic km and happened alaska1912. Mt. st. Helen's 1 cubic km and happened in u.s.a. 1980 and last mt. Pinatubo 10 km Philippines in 1991. | Examples of Volcanoes

5: What some volcanoes have made are Thurston lava tube which is 13 ft. Thermal pools in yellow stone national park Waimangu geyser. Last it turned a rich oasis in the sea into a grave yard of glassy rock. | What Volcanoes Have Made | This is something that a volcano has made.

6: A volcano on a island called Montserrat erupted in the Carribean sea. It was two years until it was safe. | A Volcano That Has Erupted

7: There are many layers of the earth, examples are outer layer of crust its made out of cold rock. mantle which is the thickest and it is right below the crust some parts of it are melted the parts of it that is melted is called magma. Magma is what causes eruption.Last the inner core which is hotter than all the other parts of the earth, but is solid. | layers of earth | Some layers of the earth.

8: Good Effects of Volcanoes | There are some good effects of volcanoes. The volcanic soil is rich so it grows flowers. It makes things like the lava fountain in Mauna Ulu, Hawaii which is 1,492 ft tall.

9: Bad Effects of Volcanoes | There are some bad effects of volcanoes. Like the plain between st. Helen's. Spirit lake was buried under ash and pumice. | This is a bad effect of volcanoes below.

10: A reason a volcano might erupt. it might erupt is because of change of growth. | Reason a Volcano Might Erupt | A volcano is erupting in the picture below.

11: The End

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