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Waldorf Yearbook 2012

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Waldorf Yearbook 2012 - Page Text Content

FC: Waldorf School of Lexington

1: The sun with loving light Makes bright for me each day. The soul with spirit power Gives strength unto my limbs. In sunlight shining clear, I reverence, O God, The strength of humankind Which Thou, so graciously, Hast planted in my soul, That I with all my might May love to work and learn. From Thee come light and strength, To thee rise love and thanks. | I look into the world In which the sun is shining In which the stars are sparkling In which the stones repose. Where living plants are growing Where sentient beasts are living Where humankind soul gifted Gives the spirit a dwelling place. I look into the soul, Which dwells within my being The world creator moves In sunlight and in soul light, In wide world space without In soul depths here within. To thee creator spirit I now turn my heart To ask that strength and blessing For learning and for working May grow within my being. | Good morning dear earth Good morning dear sun. Good morning dear stones And flowers every one. Good morning dear beasts And birds in the trees. Good morning to you And good morning to me. | Kindergarten | Grades 1-4 | Grades 5-8 | Front cover photos and all class photos courtesy of the fabulous Vito Aluia

4: Nursery & Kindergarten

6: Rose Ceremony | "I didn’t like drawing what the teacher assigned. I often drew train tracks in my lesson book."

7: Dismissal | Learning to Knit | "I remember meeting seventeen other kids that were my new classmates the week before first grade, and recognizing everyone from kindergarten except for Peter and Simone."

8: Michaelmas | "In first grade, the boys in our class loved to jump off the ark. It was so fun. We thought we were so awesome."

9: May Day and Apple Picking | I lift my leg, I stretch my leg I plant it firm and light I lift again, I stretch again my pace exactly right With care I go, so grand and slow I move just like a stork My eye is bright My head upright And pride is in my walk

11: "Throughout the years we battled to kill dragon hill and all the hearts that it had which were never ending. I loved fighting dragon hill, throwing rocks into the pit we thought was its "heart." I also liked helping the "injured" people in the infirmary, and then, once they were better, racing back to fight the dragon."

12: "We collected lots of acorns in a basket, planning to use them for something. However, they began to rot and we had to throw them out."

13: "In the second grade play I wanted to be the beggar, but I wasn’t because I couldn’t’ stop laughing. I ended up being a baker who had no lines. On the day of the play I was so nervous I felt sick, even though all I had to do was walk across the stage once."

15: building project

16: Chinese New Year

17: "I remember when Yash played Noah's wife in our play." "In third grade we would spend all recess cracking open rocks trying to find cool ones."

18: "Our group stood in a line holding hands. One person touched the electric fence and we all got shocked." | the farm

19: "I was in the kitchen baking when I heard "Yee-Haw!" outside. I looked out the window and saw Devin riding a pig. They had all escaped and were running around the farm."

20: Thor Triumphant

22: “Almost every winter during gym, we would play ‘The Sledding Olympics.’ Mr. Brooks would give us a category or event, and we would have to sled down in the most creative or most ridiculous way and then he would give us a hypothetical medal of gold, silver, or bronze.”

23: Perseus the Brave

24: Go Cougars! | "During the Olympics Emily tripped during the long run. We all walked with her, cheering her on until the end of the race. Mr. Brooks cried." | Oath To Zeus I do solemnly swear by All-Father Zeus that I have been preparing for these games. I promise to abide by the rules of the contest. I will do my best. I will play fair. I will not argue with the judges or with other participants. I promise to conduct myself in such a way as to call forth the blessings of the Gods, always showing strength, and grace and skill, and all the fine qualities of good sportsmanship. So help me Zeus!

25: Olympics | verse about good sportsmanship so help me zeus | “We played basketball with the French kids before the Olympics. Then we ran the long run with them. The next day we sat in the gym with all of the schools waiting to be told our groups.”

27: "We gave our medieval report presentation at Mrs. Smith’s. We were fully costumed and we ate drumsticks. It was really hot outside. I was a nun." | “We went to get clay pots at a lady’s house and we went to the wrong one. There was a creepy person looking out the window and we were terrified."

29: "In seventh grade I had my first Eurythmy class. I thought it was the weirdest thing, and I couldn’t understand why no one else was laughing."

30: Welcome First Grade!

31: Michaelmas

33: Eurythmy Performance

34: Soccer

35: We grew together as a team this year

36: Go Cougars! | Basketball

38: Service

39: Viennese Ball

40: Hulbert

41: woodwork | conference help

46: Deer Hill Durango, CO

47: San Juan River, UT and Sheep Springs, NM

50: main lesson books

52: Rose Ceremony

55: Graduation

56: "We went swimming in our rain suits on a rainy day nature walk." | "We were on a nature walk. Matthew and Yash jumped off the boardwalk onto a little marshy island. More people joined in, including me. The second time I jumped, I tripped over a long, knotted root, and fell right into the marshy water." | "I played the music I had written in the fifth grade play. I played the cello. My dad played piano in some parts and Simone played violin. Everyone loved it." | "Annual end-of-the-year tree fort (because we can’t climb trees) in the big pine tree." | "After my first visit to the school in 2nd grade I asked my mom, “So when can I start?” I’d had tons of fun that day." | "One day while taking a nature walk, Cormac and I were talking about a short haircut my brother had gotten, and we came up with a song, like this: “A-boo, a-boo, a cool hair doooo.” We accompanied the song with zipping from our jacket zippers. We then got excited about it, and decided we would have an awesome band and would be famous. Alas, our dream never happened." | "While we were walking to Gnome Valley, I tried to take off my blue vest, and it got stuck on my head. It looked like hair so I sang, “Abu, abu, a cool hairdo.” Later we added more verses and were convinced that we would start a band." | "On the first day of school Frau Clark gave us little mini bears made out of plastic. Later when we walked out of school to the ark everyone was taking pictures of us." | "I loved writing/drawing on the board." | "I loved Frog & Toad. I would read the book aloud and change voices whenever certain characters spoke. I would annoy other students." | "The guys in class took their vests and pretended they were airplanes." | "The whole class crowded around an open window, and my brother threw a snowball at us." | i remember... | “In a gym class, Peter had a note with who he liked written on it and all the girls wanted to know so we ran around and chased the boys because they were surrounding Peter and running away.” | “We played a game called messenger. The girls would be in one group and the boys in another, and we’d pick a person from each group and they would send messages from each group.” | “We would always play dodge ball during recess, and people would always throw fits over rules or a redo or something.” | "We were outside with the rest of the class for our chorus party. I had water in my mouth and someone made me laugh. I spit all over the place and then we had the idea to get a whole pitcher of water, and we would get water in our mouth and people would try to make us laugh, and we would spit the water all over everybody. But I spit water on Noah by accident and he got mad and threw a cup full of water all over my pants." | "When I visited I remember thinking Eurythmy was weird, and feeling awkward except in gym and math." | "Swinging on a vine that acted like a swing, and two more people came on with me, and it broke." | "Spying on each other (with headquarters)." | "Hiding in the tires playing tire wars."

57: Faculty | Liaat Zehavi, Andrea Faber, Andy Freeburg, Kathy Aluia, Ralph Brooks, Delores Kaufman, Christa Clark, Tudor Bota, Chris Eastburn, Leah Bartell, Jane Sheena, Megan Curtis, Luana Preston, Tuija Voutilainen, Magnolia Rios, Susan Cody; parents: Lasha Schoeffel, Jeff Ask, Tobi Piani

58: Megan Jones | Matthew Graham-O'Regan | Aaron Corin | Simone Cartales | Alexander Burch | Olivia Ask

59: Jaeda Malhi | Anna Lees | Mia Kania | Cormac Paterson | Gabrielle Paquette | Olivia Pryce-Digby | Anelyse Piani-Hohmann

60: David Yudis | Noah Wass | Eva van Dijk | Sarah Sieber | Stephen Schoeffel | Hannah Scharmer

81: Photo Credits Thanks to Vito Aluia for the front cover photos, all the class photos, the faculty group photo, the fourth grade helmet portraits, woodworking photos, and the main lesson bookmaking photos! Thanks to Betsy Peck for the school interior and exterior photos, eurythmy performance photos, team sports photos, Honk! musical photos, and the rose ceremony photos!

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