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We Didn't Start the Fire 1954

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FC: We didn't Start the fire 1954 | Catarina Daltro

1: "We Didn't Start the Fire" was a song written by Billy Joel in 1998. However it was about what was popular and the important events in the 50's and 60's. Learning about that time period is part of our 8th grade social studies unit. This scrapbook is about what was mentioned in the song about 1954.

2: Roy Cohn

3: Roy Cohn was the chief counsel for the Senate Permanent Investigations Subcommittee; he worked with McCarthy who was the US Republican Senator. During the 50’s they started accusing famous people of being communists, which at that time was a big deal since the world was trying to stop people from believing in that type of government. There are many theories on why they did this, some say that he did it to get revenge from people he had known while others say that he was usually drunk and thought that if Americans thought he was getting rid of the “bad” people they would keep voting for him. Roy Cohn had always worked with him and agreed with his ideas. But in the years approaching 1954, Roy started disagreeing. During that time people also suspected that he was a homosexual and he was harshly criticized since he had hurt so many people for thinking a different way when he was also different.

4: Juan Peron was a Argentinian President who ruled the country from 1946 to 1955 and from 1973 to 1974. Although he officially ruled the country democratically many agree that he considered himself a dictator. He followed populist policies, which rewarded the laborers and soldiers which made people have respect for work and also reduced the amount of poverty. Although not everyone liked Juan, they it is believed that some voted from him because of his second wife Eva. She was loved in the country because she worked with the sick, elders, orphans

5: and she helped in the womens rights movements in Argentina. In 1954 a military coup overthrew Juan Peron to try to regain control of the government. Peron was forced to resigned and arrested, later on he was also asked to leave the country. However he was reelected because after he left the Argentina's economical situation had become worse and it was believed that he was the only one that could them back on track. But he only ruled for one year before passing away. | Juan Peron

6: Arturo Toscanini was an Italian conductor, known to be the most influential symphony orchestra conductor of his time. He spent most of his life in New York because he was strongly against the fascist government in Italy at that time. Toscanini expected nothing less than perfection from the players he conducted. He was also known for being violent whenever things didn't go the way he liked in shows and practices. On April 4th 1954 he conducted his last concert with the NBC (National Broadcasting Company) orchestra in New York. Shortly after that he retired claiming he suffered from a memory lapse, therefore couldn't work since he memorized all the pieces he produced due to eye problems he had. The NBC orchestra had been created especially for him and after his retirement it fell apart. The orchestra had been home to many recognized musicians, who played in radio stations under the command of Toscanini until 1954.

7: Toscanini

8: Dacron

9: Dacron is polyester fiber. It was actually created in the 30’s but only recognized in1954 as a new fabric. It was created by John Rex Whinfield and J.T. Dickinson. They decided to create this fabric because they wanted a strong fabric that didn’t wrinkle and didn’t melt easily. Not only was this used to make clothes but it’s also used to make bottles. The bottles look like they are made out of plastic but in reality it is dacron. A dacron bottle is | naturally transparent and colorless, also they are recyclable. Having dacron bottles nowadays is helpful because we need to start using more things that can be easily recycled in order to save our planet. Therefore the invention of dacron pieces was very important not only in 1954 when it was used as a fabric but also today, to help make our earth continue being a nice and clean place for us to live.

10: Dien Bien Phu is a city in Vietnam. It became known in 1954 because of the first Indochina War. It was the turning point for the section of the war taking place in Vietnam. In this area the Chinese and the French troops had being fighting, after some time in battle the French decided to position themselves in Dien Bien Phu.They believed that that was strategically the best location because there were mountains and the Chinese wouldn't be able to get their artillery through the mountains. | Dien Bien Phu

11: However, they turned out to have underestimated the Chinese, they were able to get through since their weapons had been made for easy mobility. The French troops were surrounded and attacked for almost two months without being able to counterattack since they weren't as well trained with the artillery as the Chinese.After this attack the French surrendered and didn't fight in Vietnam during the Indochina War again.

12: Rock Around the Clock

13: Rock Around the Clock was one of the hugest hits on the 50’s; this song was written by Max Freedman and Jimmy De Knight and was recorded by Bill Haley. When it was released in 1954 it wasn't very successful but after being re-released and featured in a film named Blackboard Jungle, it became very popular. The teenagers of that time liked the song because it was a change from the slow sentimental songs; however most of the adults didn't like it because they believed that it was too rebellious. Nevertheless Rock Around the Clock sold 17 million copies of the song in vinyl discs. Also was it spent 8 weeks as number one on Billboard top 100 being the top CD bought in stores, most played by jockeys (radio stations) and most played in jukeboxes. This song is not the first rock song made but it was the first one that was recognized internationally and it is the third best selling record of all time.

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17: Quiz Time!! | 1. Who did Roy Cohn work with and what did they do? 2. How did Peron’s populist policies work? 3. Why did Toscanini retire? 4. Why was Dacron created? 5. Which two troops were battling in Dien Bien Phu? Which one ends up retreating? 6. In which time period was the Rock Around the Clock song famous? Good Luck!

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