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We Didn't Start the Fire

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S: 1958-Lebanon, De Gaulle, California Baseball, Starkweather, Thalidomide.

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FC: 1958-Lebanon, Charles de Gaulle, California Baseball, Starkweather Homicide, Children of Thalidomide.

1: These topics: Lebanon, Charles de Gaulle, California Baseball, Starkweather Homicide, and Children of Thalidomide are all from the year 1958 from the song, "We didn't start the fire." by Billy Joel.

2: Children of Thalidomide Thalidomide is a drug, and when pregnant women use it, it results in deformed children. Thalidomide is used for fighting morning sickness for pregnant women, instead it gave the women deformed children. Once these pregnant women give birth, their children will have many deformities, such as missing arms, legs, fingers, and toes. These children can also be deaf and mentally retarded. Some others like: Phocomelia, aplasia, deformed legs, seeing problems, heart problems, and wrong kidney shapes. Phocomelia is usually congenital deformity of the extremities in which the limbs are abnormally short. Aplasia is a defective development or congenital absence of a limb, organ, or another body part. These things happened to babies of pregnant woment who took thalidiomide. Thalidomide was invented by Dr. W. Kunz and his partner Dr. H Keller in their labs in Germany. Thalidomide was made for people who had ENL: Erythema Nodosom Leprosum. It was also made for skin sores and to treat bone marrow cancer. For women who are pregnant this drug was very convenient for them, except for the side effect: Deformed children.

4: Charles de Gaulle Charles de Gaulle was born on November 22, 1890. He died on November 9, 1970. He led the French tanks in World War 2. But what really was important is the year 1958. The French's Fourth Republic quickly died from the takeover of the citizens. De Gaulle came quickly to the rescue. He helped the formation of Frances Fifth Republic. The French were about to go into a civil war but de Gaulle came in and was going to serve as president of France. In June of 1958 the president of France requested that de Gaulle While he was in the government he helped the officers of France regain independence with the government. Finally Algeria backed down and France went on its was with Charles de Gaulle being Frances president for their own protection. They wouldn't want that to happen again so they kept him as their promising president.

6: California Baseball Baseball is a fun sport, but when two of your home teams move to another state, then it’s not so good. First the Los Angeles dodgers: after making a big deal about moving from New York to California, the Brooklyn dodgers, or should I say, Los Angeles dodgers, beat the New York giants 6 to 5. Now that they had beaten the giants, they would become a good team, winning against one of their old friends from New York. The Giants then moved to California, but to San Francisco. The San Francisco giants had a valuable player, Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play on a baseball team in the United States of America. The giant’s old symbols on their hats are now the New York mets hat symbol. Now the giants and the dodgers are now staying peacefully in California. They were good in New York but now they are better in California.

8: Starkweather Homicide The Starkweather homicide consisted of two killers: Charles Starkweather, and Caril Fugate. Two lovers in their teenage years. All together Charles and Caril killed 12 people: Robert Colvert, Marion Bartlett, and Velda Barlette. Carils 1 year old sister: Betty Jean has also been murdered by the two killers. August Meyer, Robert Jensen, Carol king, Clara Ward, Lillian Fend, Lauer Ward, and Merle Collision. Charles has been bullied when he was a kid because he had thick, big glasses and he had a speech impediment. After killing all of these people he only served prison for about 1 year. Then he was sentenced to execution via Electric Chair. Caril Fugate only served 18 years in prison and she got out. Caril is still alive today, unmarried, and she will never speak again about the things that happened when she was with Charles Starkweather. The story of the Starkweather Homicide will never be forgotten.

10: Lebanon’s Civil War In the year 1958, Lebanon had many things happening to it, the main thing was the Civil War against the Lebanese Muslims and Druzes. First they became friends with the west part of Saudi Arabia: Egypt and Syria had accepted Lebanon as a new member into the United Arab Republic. Lebanese Muslims and Druzes started to rebel against the Lebanon government. The United States tried to help by sending thousands of marines into Lebanon at the request of the Lebanese president, for an intervention. Finally the United States marines restored peace in Lebanon, in October of that year, 1958, the marines were sent back to the United States again. This war had many marines, Muslims, and Druzes killed, up to 5,000 people killed. Thanks to the US marines, Lebanon lived in peace again.

13: Quiz on the year 1958 – We didn’t start the fire, by Billy Joel. Questions: 1.At what time did the US Marines get retrieved from Lebanon? 2.How many people did Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend, Caril Fugate, kill? 3.Where did the Dodgers and the Giants move to from New York? 4.What did Charles de Gaulle become after he helped the French Republic out? 5.What was Thalidomide used for?

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