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We Didn't Start The Fire

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S: We Didn't Start The Fire

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FC: We didnt Start The Fire

1: John F Kennedy | John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29, 1917.He was the 35th president of US, and he was the youngest man who was ever elected as a president, he served as president from 1961-1963. In 1963, at age of 46 years old, he was died when he was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. In Kennedy's early life, he entered U.S. navy at age of 23 and he became a hero by getting many honorable awards during World War II, but he honorably discharged from navy. One of his famous achievement is when his ship was destroyed and he was thrown into the ocean, he tied himself with injured friend with rope and swam about 6km to an island, and they were saved later. Then at age of 29, Kennedy was elected as U.S. representative Congressional District in Boston at age 29. At 1952, he was elected as senator from Massachusetts and re-elected in 1958. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon to become the 35th president of the United States at age of 43. Then Kennedy became loyal president, but he was assassinated in 1963 at age of 46. For the lyrics of the song, it said John F Kennedy blown away, and I think that blown away mean Kennedy getting shot, head literally getting blown away by getting shot. It was really big issue in US that he was assassinated and it was also really sad day for US citizens.

2: Birth Control | Birth control was big issue during 1960s. Contraceptive was called “pills” in that time. Nowadays, there is choice for people to use contraceptive but it was illegal in 1965. But it was legalized by a man called Griswold and that also gave idea of women to have more control over their reproductive right. Before it was legalized, two staff of hospital was arrested for advising and gave prescription to married couple which became an issue. Then Griswold stood up to legalized it and he successfully legalized it, so nowadays it is legal to use pills, contraceptives.

3: Malcolm X | Malcolm X was one of the most famous, influential African leaders in 1950’s to 1960’s. His actual name is Malcolm Little and he was born in May 19th, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska. He was criminal before he transformed into important defender of the rights of blacks. In 1931, his father got drove over by a car and Malcolm believed this accident was done by white racists. Then his mother was transported to mental hospital so he moved to foster homes. In 1946, he was arrested for burglary and then was sent to prison. In prison, he joined the Nation of Islam, commonly called the Black Muslims. Nation of Islam taught white people are devils. Then he was released from prison in 1952, and then adopted X as his last name. He became minister of Nation of Islam. Then in 1964, he left from Nation of Islam. In 1965, Malcolm was shot while giving a speech and he died there. Then three member of Nation of Islam were convicted for crime, and Malcolm’s idea, or views stayed in people’s mind after his death.

4: British Politician Sex | John Profumo was elected to the House of Commons as a Conservative Member of Parliament. Then he got relationship with Christine Keeler, an actress in 1963. Before people found out that scandal between Profumo and Keeler, people left that topic for a while. Also Profumo said that rumor was a lie but he later admitted that he actually had relationship with her. Keeler had relationship with Yevgeni Ivanov, Russian spy too, which made this topic the biggest scandal in British politic history. It was especially bad time about that scandal since it was during cold war, and Britain was with US’s side and they were against Soviet Union, and revealing information to Soviet could be really bad.

5: John Paul II was born in Poland in 1920, and his actual given and family name was Karol Jozef Wojtyla. He became a priest in 1946 and he thought ethnics and philosophy. He became first non-Italian pope since Arian VI, Dutch elected pope in 1522. John Paul II was elected as a pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 1978. Unlikely other popes, John traveled about 130 countries. Those visits were used to show universal character of Roman Catholic Church. John Paul also established good relationship to other nations such as Italian government, US and Israel. John Paul also made changes to the church law such as allowing priests marry woman. He also used television and other media such as books to tell his vision of faith to the world. John Paul died on April in 2005, and he was beatified which is the last step before sainthood is conferred. | John Paul II

6: We Didn’t Start the Fire quiz 1. True or False: John F Kennedy served as president for 2 years True : False 2. How did Pope Paul share his ideas? (There is more or equal to 2 answers) a. Medias b. Books c. By making Christian Church video games 3. What is major accomplishing of Malcolm X? a. He legalized marijuana b. He tried to eliminate racism against blacks c. Killed enemy presidents as a spy during WWII d. Killed a duck which asked him for a grape 4. Who did John Profumo have secret relationship with? a. Taco maker b. English former model and showgirl c. Co-founder of Facebook 5. What was the big deal about birth control?

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