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We didn't start the fire

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FC: We didn't start the fire | BILLY JOEL | By Ximena Aranda

1: We Didn't Start The Fire | All the events, people, books mentioned in ths song, take part of the history of the United States. Billie Joel is one of the famous compositors in the United States, one of his characteristics is that in his songs he explains to the listeners how he sees the society, the life, about how the humanity is.

2: Brigitte Bardot | Brigitte Bardot was born on September 28th 1934. She came from a wealthy and Catholic family. Her father Charles Bardot was an engineer and her mother Anne-Marie Bardot was a housewife, she had a sister named Marie-Jean. Her artistic career started dancing ballet when she was five years old, because of it she began modeling, then it lead to promotions of appearing in films such as Le Trou Normand a film by Jean Boyer, then in 1955 she liked different types of hits such as Cette Sacree Gamine which named her as the top sex symbol of France in 1957. In 1960 Brigitte Bardot made a music pop album named “Inside Brigitte Bardot”. She married four times to different men, each husband had a different lifestyle , Roger Vadim, Jacque Charrier with who she had a son name Nicholas, Gunter Sachs, and Bernard d’Ormale. She attempted several times to commit suicide. In 1962 she left everything, movies, fame, photographs, to start with her foundation Brigitte Bardot Foundation to protect animal rights.

4: Peyton Place | Peyton Place was a book, written by Grace Metalious, that was accepted for its publication in 1956, this contains rape, sex, suicide, and abortion; it takes place in a New England town, and the name of the main character is Allison Mackenzie. This book made a huge impact in the society, mostly on the teenagers, thanks to its context. At that time the fact of talking and/or writing about sex, murders, abortion and suicide wasn’t accepted, and many libraries didn’t sell there were posters in the library saying “we don’t sell Metalious’s book, if you want to get it go to Salem.” A year after the book was out (1957), because of the fame that this book had, Hollywood, as always, took the advantage of it, and made a movie in which Lana Turner was interpreting Allison. Then in 1961 the fiber of this movie continued and lead to a series name “Return to Payton Place”.

6: Alabama | There was a law in the United States that separated the African-American from the White passengers in the busses. If in the buss more white people started boarding, the African-American needed to stand up to give their sits. In December 1st 1955, Rosa Parks, an African-American, was in the Cleveland Avenue bus, Montgomery, Alabama, and she sat in her zone, but there started to board more white passengers, so the driver asked her with four other African-American passengers to give their sits, they accepted, but she refused to give her seat which caused the driver to called the police, who arrested her. After the Africans-Americans disagreed with her arrest, and for a year there was a boycott of Montgomery’s busses, which was causing a loose in money, it made Martin Luther King Jr. become more important, and it also caused the Civil Rights Movement. This boycott ended when there wasn’t anymore segregation in the busses.

8: Nikita Krushchev | Nikita Krushchev was born on April 5th 1894 in Kalinovka; he was the son of a coal miner and the grandson of a serf. In 1919 he joined the Red Army, while there was the Civil War he fought against the whites. On 1939 he became the secretary of the Ukrainian Communist Party, in which he was employed by Joseph Stalin who assigns him to carry the Great Purge. In WWII he received the task of organizing a guerrilla between Ukraine and Germany. In 1946 Krushchev’s job was being affected by the food scarcity, and he was accused by Stalin of be more concentrade in giving food to people than taking food for the entire Soviet Union. After Stalin’s death in 1953 he with Gregory Malenkov became prime minister, and the head of the Communist Party. 1962 a U-2 Spy plane discovered that Krushchev was constructing a missile base in Cuba. President Kennedy put a blockade of ships surrounding Cuba so that the U.S.S.R. couldn't pass. On October 26th President Kennedy was informed that the Soviet ships gave up. After all the tensions between U.S. and the U.S.S.R. the Cold War begins, and then Nikita Krushchev died on September 11th 1971.

10: Princess Grace | Grace Kelly was born on November 12th 1929 in Philadelphia; money was not a problem to her, thanks to her father who was a rich bricklayer. In school she did modeling jobs, after she graduated from High School she moved to New York to study in the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts. When she finished the Academy she started to appear in television programs and theater productions, and after in movies.in 1951 she did her first movie Fourteen Hours, but her part was short, her first challenge was in the movie High Noon, in 1952. 1953-1955 were years of Oscar Awards, lots of movies and the Cannes film Festival, in France, and an invitation, which change her life. There she met Prince Rainier of Monaco, then 1956 Grace Kelly was engaged to Prince Rainier.On April 18th 1956, was the first part of her wedding, the civil ceremony, and then in 19th 1956, the wedding was in St. Nicholas Church. She had three children, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stephanie. On September 13th, 1982 Grace and her youngest daughter, Stephanie had a car accident, Stephanie was able to get out of the car and only Grace died.

12: 1.How was Brigitte Bardot a big impact at that time? a)By her sex appeal b)She was a different and exotic woman c)One of the first women to wear bikini and to do ]topless d)All of the above 2.Effects of Rosa Parks’ arrest 1. 2. 3. 3. in 1946Nikita Khrushchev's job was being affected by a)The food scarcity in the Soviet Union b)His friendship with Stalin c)The Communists party d)The Cold War | We didn't Start the Fire Quiz!

13: 4.In which movie was Grace Kelly's first challenge? a)In the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts b)In television programs and theater productions c)In the movie High Noon d)In the movie Fourteen Hours\ 5.How did Peyton Place media evolved? (in what kind of media did it first appear) a)First it appear as a book, then a movie, and after a series b)First it appear as a movie, then a book, and after series c)First it appear as a series, then a movie, and after a book d)First it appear as a movie, then a series, and after a book

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