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We Didn't Start the Fire

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FC: "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel

1: "We Didn't Start the Fire" | I choose this words from the song of Billy Joel "We Didn't Start the Fire" because I really found interesting the roles of each topic or person on the 20th century. Hope you learn something about the changes on this time period. Made by: Adriana Tapia

2: Malcolm X was born on Omaha, Nebraska on the date of May 19th, 1925 and died on February 21th, 1965. He was an African- American who was recognized for been the major 20th-century spokesman for Black Nationalism and also one of the most influent Afro-Americans on the history. He defended and supported mainly of the constitutions of the Afro-Americans around the world, by the trips he did at Africa and the Middle East. He was an important member of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, an organization formed by Black Muslims, even after been a prisoner of a strong security prison on Chicago because of been part of the mafia. As an activist, he met important characters such as Fidel Castro and others on September, 1960 and developed a role as assistant minister of the Detroit Mosque. Malcolm X was an important character of the 2oth century because he changed the position of the Afro-Americans of that time and became the most prominent national spokesman for the Black Muslims; also, although it was hard on those times, he started new organizations that revolutionize the right of the black people all around the world. | Malcom X

4: John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29, 1917. He was the 35th President of the United States from January 3, 1953 to the day of his dead, November 22, 1963 and also he was the United States Ambassador on Great Britain, place where he got his first enrollment with the politics. Perhaps, his direct enrollment was when he got the charge of Senator on his homeland, Massachusetts (January 3, 1953- December 22, 1960) and also his membership to the House of Representatives. He defended and supported the ideology of democracy all around the world, creating new constitutions against racism, and establishing new rights to black people. He developed an important and essential role on the Cold War, trying to maintain the containment with the Soviet Union and their ideology of communism and trying to avoid another war. Also, he leaded the main actions on the Cuban Missile Crisis, the secret and the public ones: the taken of the pictures of the missiles on the island of Cuba, given by the CIA and the blockade that the sea navy made to interrupt the actions from the Soviet Union. He also created new organizations and plans such as the African Student Airlift. In general, John K. Kennedy is considered by his country and important icon of American hope and aspirations and also it’s recognized for his strong effort and participation on the principal events on the 20th century and the high progress that he made for his own country. | JFK (John F. Kennedy)

7: Birth control is a term that includes all methods used to regulate or prevent pregnancy. It basically includes three groups or types: Contraception, Contravention, Abortion, and considered the best way, abstinence. It is also considered a group of combination pills containing a mixture of estrogen and progesterone to prevent ovulation. Birth control affected woman all around the world and in general, the 20th century, because of the great impact that it made on the community. Behind the appearance of it, characters such as Margaret Sanger, who was a lifelong advocate of women's rights and strongly support the use of birth control, participate strongly to make the pill approved on the United States on 1960, with the movement started on the earlier 30’s. Finally, all the methods related to the Birth Control were an important subject on the 20th century because of the huge impact that it made, changing minds and causing controversy on the society that was passing though a lot of changes. | Birth Control

9: Pope John Paul II | Pope John Paul II was born on May 18th, 1920 and he was a Pope of the Catholic Church (third one with the longest service: 27 years) and also the first non-Italian to head the Catholic Church. His real name was Karol Józef Wojtya and before been a Pope, he was a Cardinal with the name of “S. Cesareo”. He visited more than 100 countries and traveled the equivalent of 27 times around the world. Perhaps it was considered impossible, he could visit Cuba, city that didn’t allow religion leaders and even, the religion wherever. He also made an important contribution to the draft of the “Constituion Gradium” on the Vatican. He exercised his ministry with a tireless missionary spirit, dedicating it all his energy to the charity of all the poor people who deserved it, which develop his new way to manage the person’s view of the Catholic Church, including non-religious people on the 20th century. Perhaps he tried to help everyone; he always had a preference for the young people, forming the organization called “World Youth Days”. Something impressive about him was his ability to establish successful arguments with other religion leaders. Pope John Paul died on April 2nd, 2005 and he leaved a huge mark on the Catholic Church history and also on the events and changes of the 20th century.

10: Punk Rock is a rock sub-genre that appeared on the late 70’s on the city of New York, United States, spreading into other states such as Chicago and Detroit and later to other countries. It affected basically teenagers and young people all around the world and in general the whole society of the 20th century, including upper, middle and low class. It was considered a subculture that scornfully rejected the political idealism of the hippie myth and also it created a deliberate expression of liberty, talking about politics and current events on that time. One of the most impressive things about this movement was it strongest way to influence teenagers, sometimes making them wear black clothes and bright colors on the hair, which was a completely unusual appearance on that time. After it popularization on the early 80’s, it revival started on the late 90’s with the support of band such as Green Day and Bad Religion. In general, the Punk Rock developed a role on the 20th century because more than a rock movement, it represented a new way to express ideas and feeling about different subjects though strong guitars, constant drums and strong words on a song. Even considered a corruption to the main rules and ideas of the 20th century, this movement attracted a lot of people, making a change on the 20th century and the future. | Punk Rock

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