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We Didn't Start the Fire- Arturo S.

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We Didn't Start the Fire- Arturo S. - Page Text Content

S: We Didn't Start the Fire

FC: We Didn't Start the Fire | By: Arturo Suarez | http://amenability.blogspot.com/2011/03/we-didnt-start-fire-church-edition.html

1: Billy Joel’s song (We Didn’t Start the Fire) has many interesting parts to it but there are two lines in particular that really called my attention. In these two lines there ware seven subjects presented and out of those, five ware analyzed. Those five include the organized crimes preformed by the Mafia, the “eternal” rule of Fidel Castro in Cuba, the great achievement of sending a monkey into space, the magnificent invention of the Hula-Hoop and the release of BEN-HUR an movie nominated for 12 academy awards. All these events occurred around the same time and up until today they are still all important events in history. | Introduction

2: MAFIA | During the 1950’s all around the U.S., especially in New York and Chicago, there were many groups or rather families (how they called themselves) of Italian-Americans, which preformed organized crimes, sold prostitution, did gambling, money laundering, and drug dealing (don’t forget homicides too) in order to get money. These criminal families ware called the Mafia. The Mafia followed a code of honor called “Cosa Nostra” (Italian for “Our Thing” or “that Thing of Ours”) which consisted of ten rules. If a member of a family was to break one of the rules, they could be punished or even killed. The mafia was not only a job for its members but also a way of life, it was a horrible organization of corrupts in need of money. Italians that migrated ware usually really poor meaning they would do anything to end with their struggles.

3: http://www.dochemp.com/greatrace.html

4: Castro | During 1959 along with the Cuban revolution, a communist leader was elected (democratically). This communist leader had a huge devotion to his believe of communism, he also had military power that would make him look like a more powerful and prestigious leader. This leader was Fidel Castro Ruz the long-standing president that Cuba put up with for almost 50 years. While Castro was in power Cuba took place in the Cold War where Cuba was used as a base to keep Soviet ballistic Missiles but when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened the soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was forced to remove the missiles from Cuba. He also helped many citizens of Cuba y expanding education opportunities, improving health centers and made the secured jobs for many workers. On October 9, 1967 Fidel lost a good friend of his, Fidel sent Che Guevara to a “suicide mission” that involved him passing through Bolivia to Argentina, thanks to the lack of communication with Castro, the Che was captured and shot on October 9, 1967. In February 18, 2008 Fidel finally resigned his position as president and passed it on to his brother, Raul Castro Ruz.

5: http://historiamundo.com/?p=1616

6: Space Monkey | In January 31, 1961 the United States launched a chimpanzee to outer space this chimp was known as HAM. All this happened because of the space race between the U.S. and Russia, both countries ware competing to see who could get farther away from the earth and after Russia sent Laika (dog) the first animal to ever orbit the earth but she died in space, the United States couldn’t stay with arms crossed. They sent a monkey that survived six minute in space and came back alive. Before he was sent to space he went through two-and-a-half years of training to be prepared for an event that would change America’s history. But the space race continued after this since the Russians claimed that the primate did not actually reach enough height to actually orbit around the earth and so the Russians had to throw out the first man in space witch lead to the Americans landing on the moon but that’s another story.

7: http://biogeocarlos.blogspot.com/2008/12/los-animalillos-de-las-pelculas-de.html

8: Hula-Hoop | During the 1950’s in the United States, two friends called Richard P. Knerr & Arthur K. "Spud" Melin that worked for Wham-O recreated a revolutionary toy called the hula-hoop. What the two friends did was get the ancient idea of the wooden hula-hoop and make a modern version out of plastic plus the hoops came out in a variety of colors. Kids as much as adult used this toy mostly because it was a popular thing to do at the time (hooping). Wham-O sold 25 million hula-hoops in four months until other companies got the idea, changed the name and sold it as their own product, the competition between the companies took the hula-hoop to its end but not without leaving the Wham-O company 45 million dollars richer than it used to be.

9: http://aerogaby.blogspot.com/2010/08/estar-enfiebrado-no-tiene-nada-que-ver.html

10: BEN-HUR | In 1959 director William Wyler successfully filmed and released the movie Ben-Hur in the United States. This movie was such a successes that it got eleven academy awards out of twelve where it had been nominated (it was the first movie to ever get 11 Academy Awards). The story line is basicaly about two guys who are really close friends but apparently one takes power over Rome and decides to make his best friends life miserable. He achieves this by making his friend a slave and imprisoning all his family. The story is mostly about how the slave survives and how he helps out his family. In the movie there ware really violent scenes, people said that some “minor” actors in the movie actually died in the making of it but no one is sure about this statement.

11: http://www.cineforever.com/2008/03/05/charlton-heston-sus-peliculas/

12: Quiz | 1.What was the name of the code of honor the Mafia followed and what were the punishments for the members that broke the code? 2.How much time was Fidel Castro in power in Cuba? a.40 years b.50 years c.Less than 50 years d.More than 50 years 3.Ham, the chimpanzee was the first animal to go to space and come back alive. True or False 4.How many hula-hoops did Wham-O sell in four months? 5.How many academy awards was Ben- Hur nominated and how many did it win?

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