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"We Didn't Start The Fire"- Billy Joel

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S: "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel

FC: "We Didn't Start the Fire"- Billy Joel

1: This project is about the song "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. These topics which I have investigated were assigned to me by my teacher. This song is very particular because it mentions the most relevant names of well-known personalities and events that happened during the 20th century. It mixes outstanding scientists, politicians, artists, musicians, war events and many more incidents that characterized the past century. | Introduction

2: Roy Cohn | conspiracy for committing espionage. Edgar Hoover recommend Cohn to Joseph McCarthy, who was an American politician who served as a Republican U.S Senator. Joseph McCarthy appointed Roy as the chief counsel to the Government Committee on Operations of the Senate. He also played a role in the trial of the American Communist Party of the leaders. | Roy Cohn was born in New York on February 20th,1927. He was an American attorney and an important member of the U.S Department of Justice’s prosecution team. Edgar Hoover was very impressed by Roy Cohn’s involvement in the prosecution of Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs, who were convicted of

3: Juan Peron was born on October 8, 1895 in Lobos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an army officer, he was the leader of a group who supported the fascist and Nazi movements. He also was a secretary of labor and social welfare, a minister of war and a vice president. By backing the labor unions and extensive legislations, he won the support of Argentinians workers which helped with his release when he was imprisoned in 1945 because of his participation in a coup; and with his election as president of Argentina in 1946 by an enormous majority. | Juan Peron

4: He called his political program a third position between capitalism and communism, was strongly nationalistic, anti-imperialist and anti-United States. With his wife Eva Duarte, who he married in Oct. 1945, he converted the trade unions into an organization called descamisados (shirtless). In power, because of his increasingly authoritarian behavior, his support weakened in the 1950s. Eva Duarte died in 1952 of cancer. | His anticlerical radical position earned him his ex-communion from the Catholic Church. In 1960, after losing the support of the labor forces, and church he was thrown out of power and was forced to be exile first in Paraguay and then in Spain. A few months later, he met Isabel Maria Martinez in Spain, who he marries in 1961. In 1961, he was forbidden to participate in the presidential elections in Argentina but his designated candidate, Hecto Campora was elected president and then resigned on July 1973. | In September 1973, there was new presidential elections which Peron won more than 60% of the votes and named his third wife, Isabel Martinez, as vice president. When Peron died of a heart attack in 1974, his third wife became the President of Argentina.

5: His performances stressed the establish music of 1700s and 1800s like the music of Wagner and others. At the age of 19, he played at the opera house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He conducted the worlds premieres of such operas as Puccini’s “La Boheme” and “Turandot” and Leoncavallo’s “Pagliacci”. In 1908, David Sarnoff asked Toscanini if he would like to conduct a radio orchestra, the Metropolitan Opera, he accepted and gained a permanent residence in the U.S. | Arturo Toscanini was born in Parma, Italy on March 25, 1867. He was an Italian opera conductor and one of the most celebrated and greatest conductor of his time. Arturo Toscanini emphasized music of Italian composers. Toscanini revolutionized musical interpretation by frequently insisting that his orchestras play the music exactly as written. | Arturo Toscanini

6: With his incredible 17-year tenure with the NBC Symphony Orchestra, an orchestra sponsored by the U.S. radio network, he was heard by millions of people which made his career extended into the age of LP records, television, and even two stereo recordings. In 1937, he directed the National Broadcasting Company Symphony Orchestra until he retired in 1954. | On January 16, 1957, Arturo Toscanini died of a strock in Bronx, New York City. Today, younger critics tend to look down on him and call his fidelity to the printed score "lack of imagination"- a term which shows a total misunderstanding of Toscanini's achievements. He is also known for his readings of the operas of Verdi and the symphonies of Beethoven.

7: Dacron | Dacron is a trademark for a polyester fiber. It is obtained from ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. | Dacron has roots in 1929 writings of Wallace Carothers,a chemist at the Dupont Company whose research helped demonstrate the macromolecular theory of polymers. Dacron is made of high tensile strength, has resistance to stretching, both wet and dry, and has a good resistance to degradation by chemical bleaches and abrasion. It is used in curtains, dress fabrics, high-pressure fire hoses, men's shirts, and threads. In the United States, the trade is named for this synthetic fiber is Dacron, in Britain, it’s known as Terylene; In France, it’s Tergal and in other countries is named Tetoron or Lavsan.

8: "Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley and his Comets | Rock Around the Clock was a song written by Sunny Dae and his Knights in 1952. Two years later, Billy Haley and his Comets recorded the song but little attention was paid when it first appeared. Billy Haley was born on July 6, 1925 in Highland Park, Michigan then his family moved to Chester, Pennsylvania. | He was a vocalist, guitarist and band leader of the Billy Haley and His Comets. In summer on 1955, Rock Around The Clock became a hit song and a rock anthem. It sold more than 25 million copies worldwide and stayed number one on the British charts for eight weeks. This same year, the song was required to be on the Blackboard Jungle Movie soundtrack. By then, because of the movie the song became an anthem for rebellious fifties youth. In 1962, Billy Haley and his Comets breakup and so as Haley’s marriage. Twelve years later, Billy Haley re-recorded “Rock Around the Clock”.

9: One year later, it reentered the British Charts seven times making it a hit in the United States for the second time. Haley died of a heart attack in February 9, 1981 he is remembered as “the father of rock and roll” and also as “rock ‘n’ roll’s first star”.

10: 1.Who originally recorded ”Rock Around the Clock” ? a. Arturo Toscanini b. Edgar Hoover c. Sunny Dae and his Knights d. Billy Haley and His Comets 2. Why did “Rock Around the Clock” became an anthem for rebellious fifties youth? 3. What was Juan Peron’s political program called? Explain 4. How many times “Rock Around the Clock” entered the British charts? True or False 5. _______ Arturo Toscanini was known for his readings of the operas of Verdi and the symphonies of Beethoven. | Quiz

11: - Roy Cohn: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USAcohn.htm http-//3.bp.blogspot.com/_8r5KcavfltE/Syzdfa-7mBI/AAAAAAAANCg/KX-I-osl6WQ/s400/roy+cohn - Juan Peron: http://www.biography.com/articles/Juan-Perón-9438004 http-//www.nndb.com/people/020/000046879/juan-peron-60 http-//www.peoples.ru/family/wife/peron/peron-04072007232846.jpg - Arturo Toscanini: http//content.answcdn.com/main/content/img/getty/6/2/50846762 http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/600338/Arturo-Toscanini and http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0869109/bio - Dacron: http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/society/A0814472.html ; http://www.answers.com/topic/dacron#ixzz1NR2SRUvr ; http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Polyethylene_terephthalate.aspx http://www2.dupont.com/Heritage/en_US/1950_dupont/1950_overview.html) - "Rock Around the Clock": http://www.billhaley.co.uk/biography1.htm & http://rockhall.com/inductees/bill-haley/bio/ | Bibliography

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