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We Didn't Start the Fire: Cynthia

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S: We Didn't Start the Fire

FC: WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE | Cynthia Aguilar | By Billy Joel

1: We didn't start the fire was written by Billy Joel. This song is basically a list of events that impacted the world in the twentieth century. This scrapbook is a collection of only five of these events: Lebanon, Charles de Gaulle, California Baseball, Starkweather and Children of Thalidomide. I picked these topics because they really impacted the world, and because I thought they were the most interesting in the bunch. | WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE | 1960's

2: Lebanon | When the 60’s were coming to a close, tensions increased in the Middle East between Israel and the Arab countries. This issue began in 1964, when an organization named PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was founded with a set goal of eliminating Israel and creating an official state of Palestine. When they could not think of ways to accomplish these, they turned to terrorism and violence, causing fear to spread among Middle Eastern countries. There were guerrilla attacks in Syria, along with Israel, and in defense Israel attacked Egypt, nearly destroying their entire air force. People in these countries hoped that the attacks would end soon, but instead, a war broke out in June 1967, both Arab and Israel wanting to seize control over the Palestinian area. Luckily, this war ended six days after when Israel occupied all of the state of Palestine. This short war later became known as the Six Day War to many western countries, whilst it remained the 1967 War to many Arabs.

4: Charles de Gaulle | Charles de Gaulle was a very important man of the twentieth century. Having chosen military as his career, he quickly went from being a soldier in WWI to becoming commander of the 5th army’s take brigade in WWII. In 1940, de Gaulle was chosen to be the assistant war secretary, whom was in charge with relations with England, but after quickly realizing that he was a powerful speaker, he later launched a radio, calling on all Frenchmen to resist the Nazis who were trying to take over Europe. In 1947 de Gaulle attempted rising to be of a higher power and place in the government by establishing the Rassemblement du Peuple Franais or the Rally of the French People, which was then the embryo of Gaullism. He was then elected prime minister of France by the parliament, only to be elected president later on in 1959, and reelected in 1962 in general elections. This was when he decided that France would no longer be a part of the NATO organization, thus baffling other former Allies from WWII. Unfortunately, after his referendum for new laws failed, he resigned, therefore ending his regime and leaving the new atomic power that became of France, to cope in the hands of someone else.

6: New York Giants | Brooklyn Dodgers

7: New Yorkers throughout the state were devastated when their two rival teams left their home state for sunny California in 1958. New Yorkers had a reputation for preferring baseball over other sports, such as basketball and American football. But in 1958 their beloved teams of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants soon became the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. Several teams, such as the Braves had also been previously relocated, but none of these had the major impact on the fans. These team relocations followed a major interest to improve the baseball leagues ticket sales and therefore increase the annual profits. But the move of the Giants and the Dodgers left most New Yorkers feeling betrayed, as they had no more rivalry and competition to cheer on. Though things were solemn in New York, the teams thrived in their new state of California. | California Baseball

8: Charles R . Starkweather

9: Charles Starkweather was born in the year 1938. Young Charlie was generally a happy child, but by the time he turned 21 he had become very frustrated. So, when he lacked the money to buy his girlfriend a gift, and the attendant refused to sell it to him, he killed the attendant and stole the gift. Four weeks later, he visited his girlfriend, and again was frustrated, this time at her parents, and thus killed them both and her two-year old baby sister (she had been crying). They then were forced to flee to a small farm outside Lincoln, Nebraska. There he killed seven people, including several wealthy friends of the governor. Realizing that they were being pursued, they again fled to Wyoming. In Wyoming, Starkweather murdered a man simply to steal his car. This was when they were identified by two officers, and after a short car chase, Starkweather pulled over and surrendered. He was charged with first-degree murder, and convicted. After a two-week killing spree, and the murder of eleven innocent people, the young killer was executed in 1959.

10: Children of Thalidomide

11: Back in the early 60’s a legal drug caused massive effects on the well being of unborn children. There had been no warning on the bottles, to avoid any pregnant, or likely to become pregnant, women from taking this small capsule. To their horror, they later discovered a significant side effect of the drug: the deformities, or death of their unborn children. Though they had no clue of it at the time, this drug, Thalidomide, caused sever side effects not only including dangers to the children, but also a lot of irreversible damage to their body’s immune system. Thalidomide had been thought to cure all of peoples problems, because it did help diminish symptoms of HIV, AIDS and several types of cancer, but the pharmaceutical industry was in for a surprise when they found out that this drug could also be lethal. In the UK on the year 1968, over four hundred children were born with deformities due to the consumption of Thalidomide by expectant mothers. To pay for their mistake, Distillers Company agreed Lady Hoare, from Lady Hoare Trust for Thalidomide, then stated that this amount was short of what was required when she said, “Even for this number, this amount of recompense can never recompense for the disaster that’s happened.” This tragedy was so severe that about ten thousand children were born deformed and many people believe that this was caused by the dishonesty of the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the horrible extent of the consequences brought forth by this mistake, the pharmaceutical industry is more careful in order to evade the use of thalidomide by pregnant women thus preventing the birth of any more children with deformities.

12: 1.What does PLO stand for? a.Palestine Liberation Organization b.Polish Law-enforcement Organization c.Pleading for Liberation Organization d.Panda Liberation Organization | QUIZ

13: 3.The Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants soon became known as the: a.Chicago Dodgers and the Clearwater Giants b.Livingston Dodgers and the Tucson Giants c.Denver Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Giants d.Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants 4.What was Charles Starkweather’s crime? a.Stole a bank and robbed $1,000 b.Hijacked a Ford car c.Killed 11 people (ie. men, women and children) d.Murdered a senator of state 5.The drug of Thalidomide was received negatively in the early 60’s. It did help cure some symptoms though. Name two of these symptoms. | QUIZ | 2.True or False. Philippe de Arremé established the Rassemblement du Peuple Franais or the Rally of the French People, and pulled France from NATO. If false, fix the statement to make it true.

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