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We Didnt Start the Fire

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FC: 1957 | Kameron Paulson

1: We Didn't Start the Fire is a song written by Billy Joel. This song talks about the most important events that happed during his lifetime between the years 1949 and 1989. The year I was assigned to research in depth was 1957. | We Didn't Start the Fire

2: On September, 23, 1957, nine students left their houses to go to school. Little did they know, they would be called names and be the perfect targets to be picked on. In the small town of Arkansas segregation was taken to the extreme and 9 kids couldn't have the opportunity of having an education just because of the color of their skin. The “lucky” 9 were told they were accepted into Little Rock High School and when they tried to enter the National Guard even stopped them. The US army came to help the kids and try to stop any violence that could occur. Even thought there were many adults that were trying to keep the kids safe they were also warned to not fight back when they would be insulted. One of the girls was suspended for the rest of the school year because she dropped a bowl of chili on one of the kids who was insulting her. The little rock nine were a big eye opener to segregation. | Little Rock 9

3: Boris Pasternak | Born in Moscow in February, 10 1890 Boris Pasternak was born into a wealthy Jewish-Russian family that had many talented artists. In 1917 in duration of three months he wrote a piece called My Sisters Life. He was ashamed of his work because it was a very experimental style of righting. In 1958 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature but felt pressured by the Soviet Union and declined the award. After he published My Sisters Life he found that style of writing a success. Some of his later more influential pieces include: Lyric Cycle Rupture. On May, 30 1960 he died from lung cancer. During his funeral a poem from Hamlet was recited in his honor.

4: Jack Kerouac | Born on March, 12 1922 Jack Kerouac was considered one of the most influential writers of his time. He was raised in Massachusetts and lived most of his childhood in the United States. Many thought his accomplishments were due to his amazing education but he dropped out of university. Most of his work was made spontaneously and he carried around a note book with him all the time. One of his most famous pieces was a book called The Town and the City. Being creative as he was, he put together many pieces of paper to make a scroll to write his stories on. One of the major problems that he had was that no one wanted to buy his work because he used a very experimental style of writing that used a lot of love. He got a divorce and when his ex-wife said she had a baby he refused to except that it was his until he got a blood test. In 1969 he died from internal bleeding.

5: Sputnik | History changed on October 4, 1957 when Sputnik was launched into space. Sputnik was one of the revolutionary devices that has brought on space exploration and has changed the lives of astronomers. Weighing 183 pounds Sputnik was only a little bigger than a volleyball but also made the incredible journey through outer space. Sputniks estimated payload was 3.5 pounds but when testing prototypes the actual amount of weight Sputnik could hold much more. Sputnik was first launched into the air in October 4, 1957 and took as little as 98 minutes to orbit the entire earth. Many controversial topics started appearing such as political, military, and scientific ones. Many people feared that Sputnik would be the start of another world war given that it could hold small nuclear warheads instead of important information. On November 3rd yet another Sputnik was launched. Instead of the smaller beach ball sized device, a much bigger one was created. The purpose of this giant would be to hold a small dog named Laika. Sputnik One would be the first of 10 Sputnik devices in the future.

6: Chou En-Lai | Born on March 5th 1898, Chou En-Lai might have been one of the most important people in China's history. Chou En-Lai was the first premier of China and was very important to the way China's government functions today. Chou En-Lai’s main accomplishments were that he helped the communist party rise to power and helped it stabilize. Chou En-Lai also served as a foreign minister of China for nine years. While in this position Chou En-Lai was one of the main contributors who helped in the modernization of China. This was very critical because China had just experienced a cultural revolution. When connections with the west had been broken Chou En-Lai helped re-connect China when Nixon was the President.

7: Bridge on the River Kwai | Bridge on the River Kwai is a film set in World War 2. Mainly this movie shows a Japanese prisoner of war camp. The movie starts off when many officers from the US are caught and then brought to the Prisoner camp. Regardless of rank all the officers are forced to build a bridge. When one of the officers refuses to work, he is then warned he would get shot if he kept stalling. When he gets behind a deadline he and a few other soldiers are taken to a punishment building for not working. The officers have to endure the heat in the building. They all try to escape the Camp but only one man escapes. He is presumed dead but actually falls in a river and gets himself to a hospital. He and the other soldiers that are there decide to destroy the bridge so they go back and kill the Japanese officers and destroy the bridge. It was directed by David Lean. The movie was a success and won several Academy Awards.

8: Mickey Mantle | Born on October, 20 1931, Mickey Mantle was considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Mantle was born and raised in Oklahoma and spent his entire youth there. Even though he was more interested in Baseball in his early years he was offered a football scholarship because of his skill. During one of his games he was kicked in the shin and his leg got infected and this nearly ended his athletic career. The cure to the infection had only been discovered one year before his injury. He was offered to play in the minor league in baseball when he was only 16 but was forced to wait until he graduated. His nickname, Commerce Comet, was given to him because of his lightning speed. Mantle also had a reputation of hitting some of the longest home runs in history estimated a 560 feet. In January 16, 1961 he became the highest paid player in history. He died in August 13, 1995.

9: Quiz | Little Rock 9= Why was one of the girls from the little rock 9 suspended? Pasternak = Why was he ashamed of his writing? Jack Kerouac= Why did no one want to buy his work? Sputnik= How many minutes did it take Sputnik to orbit earth? Chou en Lai= How did he help Chinas government rise to power? Bridge on the River Kwai= where did this movie take place? Mickey Mantle= how far did his record home run go?

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