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We Didnt Start The Fire

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2: What was the movie that gave Brigitte Bardot the image of a sex Kitten? At what time and what day did the Soviet Union attack Hungary? What ten year fight for justice did the Alabama bus boycott start? What two people or places did Khrushchev launch an attack on because he felt threatened?

3: In 1956 Grace Kelly married the prince of Monaco, why was this so important to Americans? Which was the company that published the book Peyton Place? What was the problem that was happening with the Suez Canal called?

4: She was in many movies during her life time but two movies were the ones that gave her an image and made her internationally famous | Brigitte Bardot stared in many movies, but in the year of 1956 she stared in a movie called "And God Created Woman" which was directed by her husband Vadim. She also stared in another movie called "The Night Heaven Fell".

5: Bardot was a French actress who became an international star. Her image as a "sex kitten" was created by her husband in 1956. Shortly after the films were made Bardot and Vadim got a divorce.

6: What happened in Budapest in 1956 was the Hungarian revolution. On November 4th at 4:15 a.m. the Soviet Union attacked Hungary. The reason that the Soviets were able to take over the revolution was because Pravda published a statement that read "The Soviet government is prepared to enter into the appropriate negotiations with the government of the Hungarian People's Republic and other members of the Warsaw treaty on the question of the presence of Soviet troops on the territory of Hungary".

7: After Pravda published the declaration, Hungary let its guard down and was defeated. Decades after this happened, there would be punishment to anyone who talked about it. | The outbreak of this revolution happened on October 23rd, 1956 and the Soviets attacked just days later.

8: In 1956 an event called the Montgomery Bus Boycott took place. some people believe that other African Americans could have begun this boycott before it actually happened like Rosa Parks, Jo Ann Robinson, and Vernon Johns. the Montgomery Bus Boycott was the beginning of a ten year fight for justice called the Civil Rights movement.

9: Because of this Boycott white people bombed colored people's houses and property. the white people also started shooting buses so no services were allowed after 5 p.m. the government they were finally allowed on city buses on December 21st 1956 it was decided that African Americans were not allowed on buses so the people stayed of the city buses.

10: Khrushchev did many things in the year of 1956. He launched an attack against Stalins rules and he also launched an attack on Hungary because he was afraid of something that they were doing. | He launched an attack on the rules of Stalin because he said that Joseph Stalin was abusing his own power. after he accused Staling he went out and released all the political prisoners. Many people from the communist party tried to take him down. His policy made people in Europe believe that the Soviet union was going to give more. Th prime minister of Hungary was against this and he released non_communist prisoners. This threated Khrushchev so he attack on Nov. 4th.

12: Princess Grace Kelly was an actress before she became a princess. She acted in a play called High Society in the year of 1956 with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

13: In the year 1955 Grace met Prince Rainer but they were not fond of each other. They did not notice each other until the year of 1956 with after four days was the year that he proposed to her in. | On April 19th of the year 1956 prince Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer got married. this was the big wedding in 1956. in had an impact almost everywhere, an American actress had become royalty.

15: In 1956, "Peyton Place," was accepted for publication by the New York publishing house Julian Messner and it was written by Grace Metalious. A lot of critics said that her book was horrible that it was trash. Even though critics said this her book stayed in the New York Times for more than a year after it was published. She once said, "If I'm a lousy writer, then an awful lot of people have lousy taste." The writer of this book was always a poor person, but after this book came out she became very rich. Peyton Place take place in England in a small town, this book includes rape, abortion, sex, suicide, and a murder trial which was for Selena cross being accused of murdering her father who had molested her. This book was very successful but it was banned in a lot of place, some politicians said it corrupted the minds of young readers. But the word Peyton Place became a buzzword of the middle class life because it portrayed all the secrets, sex, and the veneer or property.

16: On July of 1956 the Egyptian blockade of the Straits of Tiran the the nationalism of the Suez Canal were still in process and the problems were growing bigger. The nationalism of the Suez Canal was because of Nasser. He made himself clear that he wanted to destroy Israel and that there was absolutely no way of making peace with that country. In October Egypt, Syria, and Jordan signed an agreement which put Nasser in command of those three armies. On October 29th there was an attack on Egypt because of everything that was going on at the time, like the block of Israel shippings, and the blockade of the Suez Canal. Because Egypt was so aggressive, Israel had 28 dead people and 127 wounded people just in the year of 1956.

17: The reason that Israel was so defeated in this was because the country decided to only have a small army defending this situation, so the country was very threatened because the threats provoked mobilization which could have paralyzed the country.


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