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we didnt start the fire

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S: By: Lexi and Becky !!

BC: By: Lexi Newsome & Becky Mennard

FC: The History Music Video | by: Lexi Newsome and BeckyMennard

1: Harry Trueman | Harry became president of the United States on April 12,1945, upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was born in Lamar, Missouri on May 8th,1884. Harry is known for authorizing the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan. Also setting up the Marshall plan for the rebuilding of Europe.

2: Red China | Red China is an unofficial name for the people's republic of China.It's a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia. The most popular country in the world.

3: Televesion North Korea | Broadcasting in North Korea is tightly controlled by the state.Japanese made color televisions have a North Korean brand name, superimposed, but nineteen-inch black andwhite sets have been produced locally since 1980.

4: He was a five-star general in the United States army and was the 34th president of the United States. Eisenhower also, authorized the Interstate high way system. Which allowed the military a safe way to evacuate. | Dwight D.Eisenhower

5: Vaccine | The first vaccine was invented by Edward Jenner in 1796 for small pox. A vaccine was made in order to protect your body from a particular disease.

6: England's new Queen | Queen Elizabeth was proclaimed Queen on February 6th,1952, after the death of her father George. Her husband also comes from a royal family. They had four kids together and the queen had 50 years on the throne.

7: Joseph Stalin | Joseph Stalin was the second leader of the Soviet Union. He was also a dictator. Also he destroyed the concept of communal socialism. He set up the Great purge which was to sweep away all of Stalin's real and imaginary enemies and to infuse all levels of Soviet society.

8: John D. Rockefeller | John Rockefeller was a german-american who founded a standard oil company. He was very successful and gave his money away to schools, medical research and to churches.

9: Roy Chon | Roy Chon was born in New York, on February 20th,1927. He was an American attorney became very famous by Joseph McCarthys investigation into communist activity in the U.S. during the second red scare.

10: Dacron Dien Bien Phu Falls | The french lost control over Indo-china.Now known as Vietnam, with the fall of the city Diem Bien Phu.

11: Rock around the clock | Bill haley and the comets came out with what was considered the first rock-and-role hit song, "Rock around the clock." It was the theme music for the popular movie called "black board jungle."

12: Einstein | Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity in 1903 and was considered one of the worlds smartest scientist. He became a popular figure in the later years of his life. He died in 1955.

13: Peter Pan | Peter Pan was a top broadway play. Starring Mary Maritn, who flew through the air for Peter Pan. The movie and big mad a big hit for younger kids exspecially.

14: Elvis Presley | Singer Elvis Presley became a national phenomonom. He was called, "Elvis the pelvis", because of the way he shook his hips while he danced. Also he had been nicknamed," the king" and was the most popular person ever.

15: Disney Land | Disney land opened in 1955 in California. It was a them park developed by Walt Disney and was based around his cartoon characters. It was designed as a place for family entertainment.

16: Budapest | Anti communist riots took part in Budapest, Hungary. Soviet troops put down the revolt and arrested many Hungarians, including students.

17: Princess Grace | Actress Grace Kelly left Holly Wood to marry Prince Ranier of Monaco. She then attained the title of Princess Grace.

18: Peyton Place | "Peyton Place", is a book. It became the number one best seller! Teens also marked the "good" parts in the book and passed it among each other.

19: Trouble in the Suez | After Britain and the United States of America withdrew their financial support for the Egyptian Aswan dam project, Egypt was then invaded by British, French and Israli forces. Under pressure from the u.s the invaders left Egypt and A UN emergency force was sent to Egypt.

20: Little Rock | Nine African-American students enrolled at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Governor Faubus ordered the Arkansas National Guard to surround Central High School to keep the nine students from entering the school, because he believed black and whites should be segregated, despite Federal laws on integration. President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the 101st Airborne Division into Little Rock to insure the safety of the students. The crisis gained world-wide attention.

21: Bridge on the river kwai | Bridge on the River Kwai was a 1957, Academy Award winning movie. It was about a World War II Japanese prisoner-of-war camp.

22: California Baseball | The Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team moved to Los Angeles. And then the Dodgers and the New York Giants moved to San Francisco.

23: Starkweather Homicide | Charles Starkweather was a serial killer who made the news 1958 because of his gruesome murders. Starkweather and his girlfriend, Caril Fugate, went on a killing spree of 11 to 15 people over a span of a month and a half. They were captured and he was executed in 1959.

24: Children of Thalidomide | Thalidomide was a medication intended for pregnant women to combat morning sickness and as an aid to help them sleep. Unfortunately, inadequate tests were performed to assess the drug's safety. Between 1957 and 1962, children of women who took the drug thalidomide during pregnancy were born with severe deformities, including only stubs for arms. Because of this tragedy, the drug was taken off the market in 1962. Of the 10,000 children born with birth defects, only 5000 lived beyond childhood. After years of research on the uses of thalidomide, it was allowed to be used to prevent nausea in chemotherapy patients, as well as treating painful skin conditions.

25: Space Monkey | Ham the space monkey was sent up in an American space satellite as a prelude to sending a man in space. He was a mean little guy who would often try to bite the workers who put him in the space capsule. Ham was not really a monkey, but a chimpanzee. The actual year he went into space was 1961.

26: Hula Hoops | The Hula Hoops became a national thing. Everywhere, you would see children and even adults trying to spin the large plastic hoop around their waist. TV celebrities would also display their skills with the hoop. The Hula hoops peaked and then died out quickly.

27: The Titanic | On April 10, 1912, the Titanic, largest ship afloat, left Southampton, England on her maiden voyage to New York City. It was said that this was the safest boat because of how it was built. But four days later on the night of April 14, the ship struck an ice berg. Icy water started to pour through the ship and it tipped. The next morning 705 survivors were rescued. 1522 passengers and crew were lost.

28: Heavy Metal Suicide | Judas Priest claimed that the group Ozzy Osborne’s lyric’s encouraged and caused the suicides. So Lawsuits were made against the heavy metal group.

29: Foreign Debts | Foreign Debts had caused an increase in Inflation. It was also a burden on American tax payers.

30: Homeless Vet's | Many veterans of the Vietnam became homeless. A major problem with them was either a drug addiction or alcoholism. Also, many of them become depressed.

31: Marlyn Monroe | Probably the most celebrated actresses, she was born with the name Norma Jean Mortenson on June 1st, 1926. her first film was in 1947 with a small part in "Shocking Miss Pilgrim".

32: the king and i! a movie about a enilish teacher Anna Leonowens and her son who got to Bangkok to teach the royal household. There Anna falls in love with the king, but sadly the king dies and she then helps his oldest son rule his people!

33: malenkov Geory Malenkov was born on January 13th, 1902, in 1919 he joind the RED ARMY. later he joined the Communist party and in 1925 Stalin apponinted him as his personal secertary.

34: James Dean the RED jackit, white t- shirt, and blue jeans "A Reble Without a Cause". was the most famous and important role for this young boy from Indiana.

35: Davy Crokett August 17,1786 in Tennessee and was involved in politics. he said " I LEAVE THIS ONE RULE WHEN I AM DEAD. BE ALWAYS SURE YOU ARE RIGHT, THEN GO AHEAD."

36: u2 Irish rock band from Dublin. Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen.

37: Chubby checker A singer born OCT. 3, 1941 in SC. "The Class" and "The dancing dinosaur" were his first songs.

38: Heming Way!! As a member of a group of expatriate Americans in Paris or as he called the trip his first real work! "the sun also rises", he wrote a lot of books and short nolves like "the old man and the sea"

39: Stranger in a strange land. a 1961 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein. this novel is about a human returning to earth after being raised on mars!

40: Berlin Berlin Germany. population 3.4 million people and Germany largest city.

41: Bay of Pigs Invasion A unsuccessful attempt by the USA. The USA tried to over through the Cuban government. there Dictator was Fidel Castro.

42: Lawrence of Arabia a complex man who has been labeled everything from hero to sadist. Thomas Edward Lawrence is killed in a motorcycle accident in london and has flash backs to events in his life.

43: OLE MISS. University of Mississippi. the school was opened on February 24, 1844.

44: John Glenn Senator, Astronaut of project Mercury 1959 and Discovery 1998..

45: Pope Paul | Paul was from a wealthy family but his real name was Giovanni Battista Montini. He was born on Septermber 26,1897. He died August 6,1978.

46: Malcolm X born Malcom little on may 19, 1925. His Assassins were Talmadge Hayer, Norman 3x butler and Tomas 15x Johnson. He was shot 15 times.

47: British Politician sex | Harold MacMillian was married to Valerie Hobson. But one night at a club he had an affair with Christine Keeler. Some how this got out and it only lasted a week.

48: J.F.K Blow Away | Assassinated in Dallas in 1963. By Lee Harvey Oswald. He was shot in an open topped convertible.

49: Birth Control | This became and issue with the event of B.C.P.Later abortion was legalized.

50: Ho Chi Minh | He Was the leader of the communist North Vietnamese. Who first fought the French and American.

51: Richard Nixon back again. | Sock it to me, Sock it to me, Sock it to me was his famous saying. After loosing the election for President and Governer he thought it was time to fight back.

52: Moonshot The USA landed the first man on the moon. This was a huge victory for the the USA.

53: Woodstock A farmer in Woodstock NY, donated his land for a Rock Concert. 600,000 people showed up making it the biggest concert ever held.

54: Punk rock Hits the music scene with the Sex Pistols. they would spit at there audience.

55: Reagen Former movie actor Ronlad Reagan became president. He was a republican.

56: Palestine Protested unfair treatment by the Israelis. They were one of the many racist groups.

57: Russians in Afghanistan The soviet union entered Afghanistan to "protect" communist. it was a long war but we won.

58: Wheel of fortune | Its a very popular t.v show that became a favorite all across the United States. It still on t.v today.

59: Aids. | Its a disease that spread across the world. And people came together to fight it. Aids can be caused by sharing needles or it can be sexually transmitted.

60: CrAcK | Crack is an addictive drug. Also, called cocaine or rock. It is found in lots of troubled neighborhoods across America.

61: And then the start of a New Year......

62: congrats to the Middle school class of...

64: Japan Nuclear Crises Tsunami, and Earthquake | On march 11, disaster stuck in Japan. A 9.1 earthquake caused a tsunami which then irritated a nuclear power plant near by. This caused the nuclear plant to leak.

65: Prince William & Kate's Wedding | On April 29th Prince William had his royal wedding. He married Catherine Middleton.This was a very big event because he is the son of Princess Diana. And this history.

66: Osama Bin Laden is DEAD | On may first 2011 Osama Bin Laden was located at a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, which was monitored and when the time was determined to be right, the president said, he authorized a "targeted operation." Osama bin Laden was shot and killed after a fire fight. This was a wonderful and releiving day for a lot of people.

67: Super Bowl 2011 | On February 6th,2011 the Green Bay packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers were in the super bowl together. It was a very close and intense game but the Green bay packers won. The score was 31 to 25.

68: THE GRAMMY AWARDS | The Grammy Awards was on February 13th, and was located in Los Angeles at the Staple center.It was the fifty fourth annual Grammy awards. Lady Antebellum dominated the Grammy's by taking home the most awards, five, and making the toast.

69: Kentucky Derby | On may 4th and 5th and 7th and 8th the 137th Kentucky Derby was held. The winner of the Derby was Animal Kingdom,

71: Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol | On Wednesday May, 25th, Ryan Seacrest announced that Scotty McCreery was voted as the 2011 American Idol. Scotty being 17 was the youngest American Idol so far.

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