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Weapons and armour of Medival knights

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BC: Works Cited Elgin, Kathy, and Peter Dennis. Knights and Chivalry. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple Media, 2005. Print. Gravett, Christopher, and Peter Dennis. Warfare and Weapons. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple Media, 2004. Print. | What a beginning! -Hobo From Las Vegas Quite some information on the knight's armor and weapons! -Hobo Industries Ouch! What happened to Zuhair X. Thomas must have hurt! -Attila The Hun Killer Pizza move over! We have a new bestselling book! Also it hurt quite a bit! -Zuhair X. Thomas's ghost Weapons and Armor of Medieval Knights is bent on WORLD DOMINATION! -National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society (A.K.A NERDS) Great book for future presidents! - Barack Obama If only I was alive to read this!=( -President George Washington's ghost (The 1st President of the U.S.A.) Hello. Hello. Do I get so say a comment? Ok, OK. What was it again? -Person who doesn't know how to leave a comment Woof woof! Woofity woof woof! -My neighbor's dog What a beginning to the armor and weapons part. -Santa Clause | U.S. $11 Canada $15.99

FC: Weapons and Armor of Medieval Knights | By: Zuhair Siddiqui Thomas Riley

1: My Journal | Hello son, I know ye only be a wee teenager there is something you must see. You are destined to be a knight. You might not know it now, but in time you will understand. I hope you heed this journal as a gift and use it as a lesson in life. I love you, these are my final words. Love your Father, Zuhair X. Thomas

2: Here are some weapons that I made sketches for that were burned... but would have helped us for incoming wars.

3: Weapons | Weapons are the difference between life and death. You will keep some of these weapons with you at all times, if it be for a wee robber to a full scale war.

4: Sword | The sword was the most favored weapon of the Medieval Knights. The swords were usually used for close combat. They used to different kinds of swords a wide sword or a double edge cutting sword.

5: Crossbow and Bolts | Crossbows usually used bolts as ammunition. The crossbow was used to fight in long distances. Crossbows were usually made of wood. The bolts are shorter than arrows but can be several times heavier.

6: Poleax | The poleax was used to slice through armor and flesh. It had a spike in the back of it to drive into the opponent.

7: Trebuchet | The trebuchet looks like a giant slingshot. The trebuchet was used to break down the castle walls of enemy castles.

8: Dagger | The dagger is basically a tiny sword. It was used to stab people and to cut ropes for many weapons.

9: Spiked Club | The end of the spiked club has, well, spikes. The spiked club is not usually used by knights.

10: Lance | A lance is a wooden stick with]a metal tipped end. The lance was usually used for jousting. Where the first off the horse lost.

11: Flail | A flail was a long stick with a chain and a spiked ball. The chain was connected to the stick then the spiked ball was connected to the chain.

12: Armor | Son, I hope you stay safe and do not make the same mistakes I did in battle. But since we all make mistakes here is a list of armor you shall heed.

13: Helmet | The round metal that covers the head and protects against most swords and other weapons.

14: Visor | A metal with slits for your eyes to see through, but still provided protection.

15: Gorget | A metal that protected your throat.

16: Shoulder Piece | A metal that protected the shoulders.

17: Curiass | A breast plate that protected the chest

18: Brassard | Armory that protected the bicep area of the knight.

19: Elbow Piece | A metal covering the knee and elbow and allowed flexibility

20: Tasset | Over lapping plates that form a metal skirt around the hips.

21: Gauntlet | Metal Gloves

22: Chain Mail | A net made of metal rings worn under armor to protect against blades

23: Body Armour | Armour that protected against swords.

24: Cuisse | Metal that covered the thigh.

25: Sabaton | Metal armor that covered the foot.

26: Greave | Armor that covers the shin.

27: Vangard | Protects the arm from hand to bicep.

28: Bibliogrophy | Elgin, Kathy, and Peter Dennis.Knights and Chivalry. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple Media, 2005. Print Gravett, Christopher, and Peter Dennis.Warfare and Weapons. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple Media, 2004. Print. Gravett, Christopher.Eye Witness Books. Dorling Kindersely: Alfres A. Knopf, 1993. Print Marrel, Deborah.A Heroes Guide To Warriors. New York: Schoolastic, 2005. Print. McGovern, Ann.If You Lived in the Day of the Knight. New York: Schoolastic, 2001. Print

29: 13 Year old, Thomas Riley goes to Eyer Middle School as an A student. His favorite hobby is Call of DutyTM, and cooking. His favorite class is S.S. Honors and F.C.S. Cooking. | About the Authors | 12 year old, Zuhair Siddiqui goes to Eyer Middle School. His favorite hobby is Weapons Training. His favorite classes are S.S., Science, Math, Music, And Tech Ed.

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