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Weapons, Gunpowder and Rockets

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S: Weapons, Gunpowder and Rockets By Juanf

BC: Coming Soon! Mesopotamia Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece All By, Juanfri Thanks for watching

FC: Weapons, Gunpowder and Rockets of Ancient China bY, Juanfri

1: Hello welcome to this book here you will learned many things about ancient china that you had never heard and that you like to hear of it, So don't miss this book and read it!

2: During the Qin Dynasty of Ancient China, Qin’s soldiers carried double-edged swords in wooden sheaths, but they were used only by the cavalry charioteers, and officers. The infantry carried the deadlier halberd, a dagger like blade with long wooden shaft. Because of the many trigger parts of crossbows found at the tomb site, that weapon appears to have been more popular during Qin's reign than ever before. Originally painted red, the cross bow was the deadliest weapon of all, able to penetrate the enemy's armor from great distances. Unlike the longbow, hand-operated by the archer, the crossbow was mechanically set. The soldiers usually used the best weapons that existed. They were bows and crossbows for large distance and spears, swords, broads word, halberd and other weapons for closed combat. These weapons were usually made of copper and tin because those were usually the best but it didn't take too much time for the magnificent bronze material to be discovered and used in battle very often around the year 600 C.E. In 650 C.E. the bronze was the most popular material that had ever been used in battle. It was very hard, it was reusable and in battles the army's didn't lose so many soldiers. This material was usually made with traces of nickel, vanadium, zinc, silicon, titanium, manganese, cobalt, chromium and niobium. These Weapons were the most often used materials in those times.

4: During the Ancient China time, Gun powder has change the world. Armies had change the world from using swords, lance of battle and axes daggers to explosives like Gunpowder. Gunpowder is a mixed of inflaming materials, when the fire touches the gunpowder the inflaming materials will make chock and make an explosion with a hard nosy. Gunpowder is made from Saltpeter (potassium, nitrate), sulfur and charcoal, in different proportions.Ancient China discovered that Saltpeter is formed form oxidation of organic matter containing nitrogen and the process of making and purifying, Ancient China discovered all this process. In Ancient China the gunpowder was usually used for fire bombs the small explosives that where usually used to burn cities and towns. They also used it for war, it wasn't really us full for battle because you needed to shoot rally close and the effect wasn't really good, it just took you a finger or a toe depending were you trough it. Also they used it for terrifying bombs. They used usually at night to scared the soldiers by making they were gods also they used it to scare animals like horses in battle. Finally they used the gun powder for fireworks. They made them of many colors the simple one like red, green, blue and yellow. They usually used them for special occasions like winning a war, the Queen having a baby special talks that ended good, Kings Decisions etc. The mostly common person that had fireworks where rick people like the king, noblemen, and famous generals.

6: During the Ancient China time, the rocket was the most powerful gun ever made by the Chinese. It was like the gun of the gods but it was really known when you went to battle. An Ancient Chinese rocket consisted in four parts: arrowhead, arrow barrel, arrow feather and a gun powder tube. The gunpowder tubes witch where mostly of the time made of bamboo tubes or paper board that was filled with gunpowder , with one end close and the other end of the tube open. A small hole was left for the blasting fuse. When it was burn the gunpowder would burn inside the tube, making a big amount of gas, witch, while shooting enemies at high speed, it would produce a high force of power and speed. The Chinese used this weapon (Rocket) for afraid the enemy. Like gun powder but the rocket was much better and superior than simple gunpowder it was a combination of material and gunpowder. It rock the place, in war. They usually used it on the night to afraid the enemy with the enormous shocking noise and the red fire colors that afraid you more. Also as gunpowder they used it to burn cities but with the rocket they burn the cities from far away without letting their enemy's to see them. Finally they used it for war, as same as gunpowder the rocket was used for war it was the best, it could kill one person from more than 20 meters away which was better because to injured a person with gun powder you needed to be 10 meters close to you enemy.

8: Test #1 Qin’s soldiers carried double-edged swords in wooden sheaths, but they were used only by? #2 It didn't take too much time for the magnificent bronze material to be discovered and used in battle very often around the year? #3 How was the gun powder used in war? #4 An Ancient Chinese rocket consisted in which four parts? #5 In which specials occasions where the fireworks used?

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