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Western Thought II

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BC: The End

FC: 2012 | Candice Elaine Clark May 15, 2012 Western Thought II Final Scrapbook Dr. Gerard | Luscious scents tickle your nose. Odorous perfume, beautiful rose. Soft silky petals, sharp thorns like pointy needles. Countless colors paint their blooms, their dazzling beauty consumes. A great gift to please our eyes.

1: The muscles become tense, Suddenly there is a dust of speed. A strong body curved with strength Gets his one As he lies with pride, You will notice The tear is a cry For Survival. | A Deeper Look Into... | ...NATURE

2: ............................................ | Aesop’s Fables ( 6th C B.C.E.): | The Bat, the Birds and the Beasts A great conflict was about to come off between the Birds and the Beasts. When the two armies were collected together the Bat hesitated which to join. The Birds that passed his perch said: "Come with us"; but he said: "I am a Beast." Later on, some Beasts who were passing underneath him looked up and said: "Come with us"; but he said: "I am a Bird." Luckily at the last moment peace was made, and no battle took place, so the Bat came to the Birds and wished to join in the rejoicings, but they all turned against him and he had to fly away. He then went to the Beasts, but soon had to beat a retreat, or else they would have torn him to pieces. "Ah," said the Bat, "I see now, "He that is neither one thing nor the other has no friends."

3: Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor "The Druids" | A SACRED GROVE...

4: Chapter XXVI: Fruits in plants are excrescences proceeding from water and fire; but the plants which lack water, when this is dried up by the heat of summer, shed their leaves; whereas they that have plenty thereof keep their leaves on, as the olive, laurel, and palm. The differences of their moisture and juice arise from the difference of particles and various other causes, and they are discriminated by the various particles that feed them. | Plutarch - Concerning Nature ( 2nd C. E.)

5: ChapterXXVII: Empedocles believes that animals are nourished by the remaining in them of that which is proper to their own nature; they are augmented by the application of heat; and the subtraction of either of these makes them to languish and decay. The stature of men in this present age, if compared with the magnitude of those men which were first produced, is only a mere infancy.

6: Virgil’s Georgics (29.B.C.E. ) | When heaven brings round the season, thou shalt strain Sweet honey, nor yet so sweet as passing clear, And mellowing on the tongue the wine-god's fire. But when the swarms fly aimlessly abroad, Disport themselves in heaven and spurn their cells, Leaving the hive unwarmed, from such vain play Must you refrain their volatile desires, Nor hard the task: tear off the monarchs' wings; While these prove loiterers, none beside will dare Mount heaven, or pluck the standards from the camp.

7: Remains of a Roman villa in Carthage. It is a classic representation of the opulence typical of a Roman villa.

8: Gladiators

9: Pliny's Natural History | They are produced most in a country of Ethiopia, where the People called Asachaei in habit. It is reported, that upon their Coasts they enwrap themselves four or five together, in the manner of a Bundle of Rods, and thus pass the Seas, to find better Pasturage in Arabia, bearing up their Heads aloft as they cross the Waves.

10: Wheel of The Year

11: Nature Spirits | water | Air | Earth | Fire

12: The Green Man

13: Just 100m from Clonfert Cathedral we can find superb example of pre-Chistian beliefs, still vivid among Catholic Irish today. Christianity prefer churches as sacred places but pagan Celts tended to practise rituals in natural environment. Trees took important role in Celtic way of life. There were often worshipped, attributed with power to heel, considered as a sacred home of fairies. | Sacred Trees

14: FORESTRY IN... | SNOW WHITE “Snow White was now all alone in the great forest, and she did not know what to do. The trees seemed to whisper to each other, scaring Snow White who began to run. She ran over sharp stones and through thorns. She ran as far as her feet could carry her, and just as evening was about to fall she saw a little house and went inside in order to rest.”

15: ...LITERATURE | Dante’s Inferno: Cantos I “Midway upon the journey of our lifeI found myself within a forest dark,For the straightforward pathway had been lost.Ah me! how hard a thing it is to sayWhat was this forest savage, rough, and stern,Which in the very thought renews the fear.

16: Sermon to the Birds

17: My little sisters, the birds, much bounden are ye unto God, your Creator, and always in every place ought ye to praise Him, for that He hath given you liberty to fly about everywhere, and hath also given you double and triple rainment; and God feedeth you, and giveth you the streams and fountains for your drink; the mountains and valleys for your refuge and the high trees whereon to make your nests; and because ye know not how to spin or sow,and therefore, my little sisters, beware of the sin of ingratitude, and study always to give praises unto God. Saint Francis of Assisi - c1220

18: Doctrine of Signatures

19: Medieval Hunting | and when they see him with sight they pursue him the fasteroften he reverses over rough terrain, or loops back to listen in the lee of the hedge; At last, by a ditch, he leaps over the brushthen he thought through his wiles to have thrown off the hounds, till he as wareof a waiting-station where three athwart his path threatened him at once, all gray (Abrams et al., 195).

20: "For the Lady, for Brettonia, for King and Country and for your honour with me!" his voice echoed through the Vaults and he spurred his steed towards the greenskins, his knights following | Sir Gaiwan and...

21: ....The Green Knight | He was got up in green from head to heel: a tunic worn tight, tucked to his ribs; and a rich cloak cast over it, covered inside with a fine fur lining, fitted and sewn with ermine trim that stood out in contrast from his hair where his hood lay folded flat

22: BOTANICAL SYMBOLISM | It was told that Mary used the blossoms as coins. A legend says that during the flight into Egypt the Holy Family was accosted by a band of thieves. They took Mary's purse and when they opened it, marigolds fell out | A legend from the second century says that when Mary's tomb was opened to show Thomas that her body had been assumed into heaven, it was filled with these flowers.

23: A horse-type animal with a single horn. Features Untamable, and difficult to capture. Its power is in its horn; the horn is also an antidote for poison and was highly prized. The horn was called the alicorn. An alicorn was an essential item for British pharmacies until the mid 1700's. | MYTHICAL BEASTIARIES

24: Woman As Nature | Nurturing

25: Chaotic

26: Renaissance paintings of... | Flora (1591) | Rudolph II as Vertumnus (1590)

27: ...Imitations of Nature | Giuseppe Arcimboldo

28: To-day I made the ascent of the highest mountain in this region, which is not improperly called (308)Ventosum. My only motive was the wish to see what so great an elevation had to offer | Petrarch's Ascent of Mt. Vernon

29: Maria Sibylla Merian | Botanical\ Realism

30: The Study Of Nature

31: neither the naked hand nor the understanding left to itself can effect much. It is by instruments and helps that the work is done, which are as much wanted for the understanding as for the hand. And as the instruments of the hand either give motion or guide it, so the instruments of the mind supply either suggestions for the understanding or cautions.

32: Dominion Over Nature | Neither the naked hand nor the understanding left to itself can effect much. It is by instruments and helps that the work is done, which are as much wanted for the understanding as for the hand. And as the instruments of the hand either give motion or guide it, so the instruments of the mind supply either suggestions for the understanding or cautions. -Bacon novum organum

33: Managing Nature | Moreover, the works already known are due to chance and experiment rather than to sciences; for the sciences we now possess are merely systems for the nice ordering and setting forth of things already invented, not methods of invention or directions for new works.

34: The Beauty of Nature | The sublime must always be large; the beautiful may be small. The sublime must be simple; the beautiful may be decorated and adorned.

35: Will Man ever re-connect with Nature?...

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