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What is an American?

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FC: What is an American?

1: What is an American? Time Magazine In the article America is compared to the great empires of the world. The article discuesses how America has expanded so much in a small amount of time and how it will continue to expand. it makes references to Great Britain and the Roman Empire and how America is similar to these too. It discusses how Americans are priviliged and are begining to realize they should share these privliges with others. In the end it makes it clear that Americans realize that they have more than enough and need to help the less fortunate. It refers to America as the "brother's keeper" because it realizes it responsibilty to the rest of the World.

2: What is an American? By Harold Ickes In his speech Harold Ickes reminds us why this country was founded; for freedom. He also reminds us that we cannout attain this freedom if the world is not free. He pleads with the country to go and aid the other countries that were overthrown in World War II. He calls on America not to be what the other countries say we are but to go to our allies aid. He tells us we need to give Germany the oppurtunities that we have and free them from Hitler's rule. He urges us to hurry and save the world from the hell that Hitler has now put it in.

3: What is an American? By Peter Ferrara In Pakistan a man posted a reward for anyone who killed an American. In response to this Peter Ferrara wrote an article to classify just exactly what an American is. He made it clear that anyone could be an American and that they could be from anywhere. He tells us that if you are willing to strive for a better life than yes you are an American.He lets the Pakistan man know by killing an American he is just kiliing himself.

4: What is an American? By Edward Hudgins In Edward Hudgins article he talks about how his grandfather came to America from Italy. He discusses how we all came from another country and how America is a land of oppurtunity. He talks about how greatful he truly is to be an American and how greatful he is that his grandfather gave him that chance. He tells us he celebrates the day that his grandfather arrived in America because to him that is just as important as the fourth of July.

5: What is an American? By CNN In CNN's article they discuss how Representative Ton Tancredo spoke badly of immigrants. Rudy Guiliana was upset by Tancredo and said that we should be open to immagration and that it makes us better. The article just simply reminds us that at one time we came from immigrants.

6: Letters from an American Farmer By J. Hector St. John Crevecoeur In this letter the author talks about how fertile America is. He speaks of the different colonies and tells how each one is so very different. He discusses the problems that may occur later on down the road because of all the head strong people of America. He talks about all the different people and how America will strive.

7: The Declaration of Independence discusses how it is important for people to be happy with their government and when they are not they must change it so they are. It makes it clear that it is man's obligation to make sure his government is fair and just.

8: The constitution is an outline for the American public to live by. It demonstrates what is important to Americans and how they believe everyone should live.

9: The bill of rights is a a guideline for Americans. It also allows Americans to make any changes that they might need to, to the laws.

10: In types of primary sources the author goes over what a primary source is and different types of primary sources.The four types the name are; published documents, unpublished documents,oral traditions, and visual documents.

11: In the Primary Sources article they define a primary and tell all the different types of primary sources. Books, Serials, government documents,maps, tablets, and oral history are all examples of primary sources.

12: The last primary sources article lets students know where they can find primary sources. It also tells what a secondary source is. A secondary source is material that was branched off of a primary source.

13: The lottery is a short story about a town of people who every year choose a person to stone to death. In the end a women winds up being stoned even though she pleads fpr her life.

14: In the interview presentation they discussed all the different precautions one should take before they conduct an interview. One thing that one should do before the interview is find out some information about their interviewee.

15: The surveying presentation discussed how surveying is an easy way to find out about a large group of people. it makes it clear to know who exactly you are surveying and the questions you will be asking them.

16: The article 'To Old Times" tells the storyof a few Americans who took a balloon ride in Normandy. While there they met a man who thanked them for being Americans. It reminds us to be thankful for all of our troops.

17: The 3 top ranking countries for healthcare are France, Italy, and San Marino. This was found at http://www.photius.com/rankings/healthranks.html.

18: The olympic scandal took place before the 2006 olympics when it was claimed salt lake city paid 14 olympic counsel members to make sure the olympics took place in Salt Lake City.

19: Fast Food Nation was a movie that uncovered the wrongs of the fast food companies. It talked about how the meat packing companies hire immagrants and have them work in unsanitary conditions. The movie ends when a worker is injuried on the job and the company blames him.

20: The altered states of America talks about how America is becoming too individualized. It discusses how if we want to do anything we need to work together to accomplish things instead of working apart.

21: Our crappy planet made a video showing all the people who hate America. It showed many pictures of people burning the American flag. In the end though it makes you think because they show you a picture of the statue of liberty and war heros. It makes you wonder how bad it really is.

22: The final video was most likely my favorite. It shows both sides of the war, the good and the bad and in the end it asks which side are you on?

23: The article discussing American students talks about how they are not really stupid they are just lazy. It talks about how American teenagers have just transformed into lazy individuals.

24: America's lazy students just don't stack up talks about how it isnt the students but the system. It talks about how if we want children to do well we need to keep them intrested.

25: My Super Sweet 16 and Everything That’s Wrong with America talks about how America has way too much and most of us are given everything we want.

26: America's lazy future talks about how many oppurtunites the Y generation has lost because of their laziness. It tells us how many people will miss out because of their laziness and never fully reach their highest capabilities.

27: American Kids Are Spoiled just discusses a survey that found that too many children are given exactly what they want now.

28: American Kids Are Spoiled talks about several children in America who are spoiled. It tells us about a new hypothesis on children we can use to be sure our children are not spoiled.

29: For Second life we were asked to pick locations that remind us of America. The one place I choose was a church. The reason I choose this was because it is the basis of our country : free religion.

30: Another location I choose was the boardwalk. The boardwalk is a place where American families are their happiest. It is a traditon in the United States to visit the boardwalk every summer.

31: It is often said "Home is where the heart is", this is true for Americans. Family is very important in the United States so showing a home is emphasizing this.

32: Another location I chose was the mall. Americans spend millions every year on unnessecary products. The mall is just on of the places where the buy all of these things.

33: Another image I captured was of a wedding. Americans are always striving for the "American Dream" and so often that comes along with a family. Many indivduals wish for weddings and spend millions for them.

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