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Who Am I? 2011

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Who Am I? 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Who am I? 2011 By: Chelsa Fillers

BC: Made by Chelsa Fillers I want to thank my seminar teacher, Mrs.Wendy for giving me this year long assignment.

FC: Who Am I? 2011

1: Life Timeline pg. 2 cool Stuff pg. 3 Time Capsule pg. 4 5 Relics pg. 5 Greatest Accomplishment pg,. 6 Thank You letter pg. 7 Interview with my Dad pg. 8 Genogram pg. 9 Family History pg. 10 Name Research pg. 1 1 Family Tradition pg. 1 2 Family Recipe pg. 13 Technology Timeline pg. 14 3 Technology Favorites pg. 15 50 I cans pg. 16 50 Favorites pg. 17 Creating a Metaphor pg. 18 Biopoem pg. 19 My Favorite Place pg. 20 Personality Shapes pg. 21 Self- Image Venn diagram pg. 22 Self Portrait pg. 23 Carbon Footprint pg. 24 Reading Interest Inventory pg. 25 Hobbies, Interests, and Collections pg. 26 Multiple Intelligences pg. 27 CFNC pg. 28 My Wildest Dream pg. 29 Vision Statement pg. 30 Resume pg. 31 Letter to myself right now pg. 32 Letter to myself when I'm 50 pg. 33 Can I afford it? pg. 34 Poem of Possibilities pg. 35 Self Reflection of Project pg. 36 | Table of Contents

2: Life Timeline | Birth: July 19, 1996 First day of kindergarten: 2001 Adopted: 2002 First book, Balloonia by: Author N.A: 2002 First chorus concert: 2006 Winston Salem: 2006 Linville Caverns: 2005 First Beach trip: 2007 Nathanial born: February 19, 2005 Jocelyn born: August 28, 2008 Summer Bridge: July 28, 2010 First day of High School: August 10, 2010

3: Cool Stuff That Happened on My Birthday:) | Chelsa Victoria Fillers July19, 1996 Names & Occupation of people born on my birthday: Alessandra De Rossi-Actress, David Griffin-Actor, Sally Struthers-Actor, Dennis Cole-Actor Most Popular songs: Macarena by Los Del Rio One Sweet Day By Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men Because You Loved Me By Celine Dion, Nobody Knows By Tony Rich Project Popular TV Shows: Touched By an Angel, Home Improvement, 7th Heaven, and Cosby Top New Toys: Happy Holiday Barbie, Tickle Me Elmo, Power Wheels, and Pet Doctor Barbie New Books: The Moor's Last Sigh, Infinite Jest, The Tailor of Panama, Ants on the Melon Academy Award Winners: Ethan Coen, James L. Brooks, Jane Scott, Tom Cruise 1996 Prices: Gas $1.66 Loaf of Bread $1.15 Stamp $0.32 Milk $2.56 Car $18,563 House $166,400 US President: Bill Clinton US Vice President: Al Gore |

4: Time cap

5: 1. A poem from my real dad. It is important because it means a lot to me. | 3. A turtle made of seashells my mom gave to me. I love it because it's so cute. | 4. A bracelet my best friend gave me for my birthday 5. a car that Katherine gave me that she made, | My Five Relics | 2. A two dollar bill my dad gave me. I want to keep it because it means a lot to me.

6: Greatest Accomplishment | I think my greatest accomplishment was making a four on my eighth grade science EOG. My teacher, Mr. Hosfield; my family and I are involved. The accomplishment took place last year. I chose this one because I believe it was the greatest thing I have accomplished.

7: Thank you letter | Dear Mrs Hall, I'm writing a letter to thank you for being such a good influence on me. This assignment was assigned by my new English teacher, Miss Sims. We have to write a thank you letter to someone who helped us in life. You were literally the first person that came to mind. I'm thanking you for turning my math grades around , they were horrible! When I started seventh grade I was making D's and C's. Now, because of you I make A's and B's. You quickly became someone I admired and respected. You were so honest about about everything even if it had nothing to do with math. You were so nice but still strict at the same time and that has helped me appreciate teachers and how they teach. You've taught me to listen hard and work even harder. Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and friend. I love you, Chelsa

8: Interview with my Dad: | When I first thought about interviewing someone I instantly thought of my dad. Nothing against my mom though, she tells a lot of stories, dad doesn't. I heard amazing stories from him: from describing his self as the meanest kid in his class, to marrying his wife. If anyone asked me if they should write a paper on a relative, I would say, "Go for it, you never know when they will be gone or what you're missing out on."

9: 45 | 49 | Married: 1966 | 90 | 96 | 97 | 98 | My Genogram

11: Explore My Name and Family History | First Name means: Chelsea- From the name of a district in London, originally from Old English and it means "landing place for chalk or limestone". It has been in general use as an English given name since the 1970s. | Last Name means: Fillers- No match | Family Crest: No Family Crest | Families Place of Origin: German: variant of Filler 1 | Life Expectancy: About 75 | Top Job of Fam. in 1800's: Farmer | Civil War Vets and All.: 4 Confederate 11 union | Year of Immigration To U.S.: 1889 One Person

12: Favorite Family Tradition | We always open one small present on Christmas Eve. I really don' t know how it started, I guess we were kids and we could not wait to open our gifts. We do this every year and we have for as long as I can remember. I don't guess it serves a purpose we just like the thrill of doing something that is really not supposed to be done. I do not want to improve this tradition because it is perfect just the way it is.

13: Favorite Recipe Broccoli Casserole | Why I Chose... I love making this recipe with my mom. My favorite part has always been crushing the crackers and sprinkling them on the top. | Ingredients: 2 (10 oz.) pkgs Frozen Chopped Broccoli, cooked and drained 1 cup Shredded Cheddar cheese 1 roll/pack Ritz crackers 3/4 Mayo 1 Small onion, chopped 1 Egg, beaten 1 ccan Cream of Mushroom Soup | Directions: Mix all Ingredients together and put in a casserole dish(9*13). Top with crushed crackers. Bake in preheated oven for 30 to 40 minutes on 350.

14: Technology Timeline Camera | '96 | '97 | '00 | '06 | '08 | '10 | '99 | '05

15: 3 Tech Favorites | Television-I love to watch my favorite shows. | Computer-I love to be able to search for anything and be able to find it. | MP3 Player-I love to listen to music.

16: 50 I Cans: | 1.Watch T.V. 2.Be a good listener 3.Read good 4.Ride a bike 5.Be a good Friend 6.Talk fast. 7. Be understanding 8.Be annoying. 9.Write sloppy 10. Match clothes 11. Arrange things 12.Wear glasses 13.Tie my shoes 14. Straighten my hair 15.Be creative 16. Get along with people 17. Leave people alone 18.Get mad 19.Laugh silently 20. Wear glasses 21. Wash the dishes 22. Be confident 23. Be crazy 24. Ride in a car 25. Be nice | 26. Type 27. Go shopping 28.Be happy 29.Spell 30. Paint my nails 31.Make straight A's 32.Make a scrapbook 33.Be proud 34. Laugh at myself 35.Not judge 36.Collect Stride gum packs 37.Color good 38.Read cursive 39.Stand for a long time 40.Cut straight 41.Want some Rainbows 42.Read a book very fast 43.Put my ankles behind my neck 44.Make lists 45.Tutor 46.Make up good ideas 47.Lose nicely 48.Read graffiti 49.Be a role model 50.I can do 50 things!

17: 50 Favorites: | 1.Pink 2.Lime green 3.Yellow 4.CECHS 5.Soccer 6.Singing 7.Reading 8.Libraries 9.Computers 10.Miss Sims 11.Mr.Warren 12.Hollister 13.Rue 21 14.Wal-mart 15.Wendy's 16.Makatos 17.Twilight series 18.Peanut butter 19.Selena Gomez 20.Taylor Swift 21.My name 22.Strawberries 23.Oreo's 24.Camera's 25.Kristen Stewart 26.Zebra Stripes 27.Polka Dots 28.Flip-flops | 29.Sillouete paintings 30.Black and white pictures 31.Old Paintings 32.Sunset and Sunrise 33.Distant Waves 34.PJ's 35.Rainbows 36.Plaid 37.Chocolate Moonpies 38.Pineapples 39.Vanilla Candles 40.Swimming 41.Colorful Jewelry 42.Carowinds 43.Marshmallows 44.Funny Poems 45.Pink Flowers 46.Skiing 47.Romantic Movies 48.Capris 49.Pocketbooks 50.Hallmark movies

18: I am Chelsa I wonder why I hear music I see puffy white clouds I want to see Taylor Swift I am Chelsa I pretend I'm not scared I believe in God I touch the stars I feel happy I worry about not finishing I cry during sad movies I am Chelsa I understand that nobody's perfect I say Live the Life you Love I dream about being a bird I am confident | Bio-Poem

19: Metaphor | When I am at my best as a student, I am a tornado ready to destroy everything standing in my way.

20: My Favorite Place | My Favorite place is The Broyhill Walking Park. When you drive in there's a parking lot then past that is a pond with a pavement walking circle. I always walk around one time and sometimes we go up on one of the trails. I think it's my favorite place because it's so peaceful, I would love to just sit and read on a bench there. My family and I always get my niece, Jocelyn. I always feel so at peace because they have a fountain that you hear all around the pavement.I return because I love the place!

21: Personality Shapes | Mikayla Zane Tahirah Valerie | Mikayla | Zane | Tahirah | Valerie | Pedro | Emily | Alana | Andrew | Mrs. Bumgarner | Catlynn | Jacob | Danielle | Jonnie | Kenzie | Caregiver | Have fun | i n d e c i s i v e | t a l k s a b o u t f e e l i n g s | Out Spoken | P o w e r | c o n f i d e n t | Organized | Loyal | S t u b b o r n | P r c r a s t i n a t e | disorganized optimistic unique creative

22: Venn Diagram | I am nice and I have pretty eyes. | Gorgeous, friendly, funny, smart and pretty, awesome, nice, sweet young lady, and apparently your my twin!

24: How could I reduce my Carbon Footprint? | I could buy organic makeup, organic nail polish. I could reduce my footprint by not wasting paper, I could get a Kindle instead of reading paper books.

25: Reading Inventory | I love to read romantic and adventure stories. I prefer fiction. I like novels better because you can get in to them. I would rather read books but I like reading magazines too. I am reading a book now but I just started it so I'm not in to it yet. The title is Sophie. I picked out this book because on the back it talks about Sophie and her mom arguing. I think if I had to chose my favorite book of all time it would be the Twilight series. I don't really have a favorite author.I do have books at home but only about four or five. I always discuss my books with my sister, Ava . I share with her whether or not she wants to hear it. I don't usually go to the library when school is out I get very bored though.I love, love,love to read but I would rather watch TV. I think I would rather read the book before watching the movie. My favorite TV show of all time would be The Mentalist. My favorite movies are Titanic and The Notebook. My favorite movie stars are Selena Gomez, Julia Roberts,and Tim Allen. If I'm not in school I have to have a book because I love to read.

26: Chelsa's Interests, Hobbies, and Collections | What I like to watch: NCIS The Mentalist Bones | Things I like to explore: Mountains The Beach Rocks | Interests: Acting Designing Taking pictures | Hobbies: Reading Watching Movies Going shopping | Collections: Stride gum packs Movie & Ball game tickets Books

27: Multiple Intelligences | Top Three Intelligences: 1. Linguistic 2. Interpersonal 3.Musical | Description: 1.Linguistic-interpretation and explanation of ideas, understands relationship between communication and meaning 2. Interpersonal-ability to relate to others, perception of other people's feelings 3. Musical-musical ability, appreciation and use of sound | Three Jobs of my Three Intelligences: 1.Linguistic-Writer, Lawyer, Journalist 2.Interpersonal- Therapist, HR professionals, Mediator 3.Musical-Musician, Singer, Composer

28: CFNC

29: My Wildest Dream | My Wildest Dream is to go to Africa and help children there. That is my dream because I feel sorry for the kids and I want to give them something to look forward to when I get there. I want to achieve my dream by 2016. The obstacles that are standing in my way: not enough money, or not enough time. To overcome these obstacles, I need to thy to raise money to go and schedule time to go so I can't plan something else.

30: Vision Statement | Vision: I am surrounded with the people I love, and I have a successful business and I am doing what I am passionate about every day. I am ready to have children with a pretty house and an amazing husband.

32: Letter to Myself Now | Dear Chelsa, I'm glad you did such a good job on the river presentation. You are doing a good job not getting mad at Dad and Mom. I'm hoping you save more than just one dollar for a car or insurance. You need to stay focused on your school work and try to be nicer to certain people. Love You, Chelsa

33: Letter to Myself When I'm 50 | Dear Chelsa, I hope you ended up getting a car while you were still a teenager.I hope you ended up going to a college that you enjoyed. I really hope you are married and at least have grandkids by now. Maybe you got the Hyundai parked in the driveway. You better have a couple pets. How's being old feel? Love, Chelsa Love, Chelsa

35: Poem of Possibilities | This is Chelsa in five years, She is studying in her rocking chair. She sees many tears. Chelsa goes to school from nine to five, you could not pry, her from her guide. She misses the carefree life, of a teenager that didn't have to strive. Chelsa is taller and fatter, She doesn't want to die. The stress of paying her own bills, is so big she doesn't even want to do a cart wheel. Chelsa finally moved out, after finding a route, to get to her house.

36: Self Reflection The part I liked about My Mix book was that I could make it look exactly the way I wanted it with stickers, backgrounds, or pictures. My favorite piece was my bio-poem. It gave me a space to be creative and write about me, plus i had a lot of extra time to decorate it really pretty. The only element I would change would be that we had due dates for our projects. I do like the flexibility of it all. I would take out Poem of Possibilities because it was so hard to take the information and make it into a poem that made sense.

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