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Who Am I

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S: Who Am I

1: Chelsea Johnson Who Am I

2: Born March 1st 1996 Met Brianna in kindergarten around 2001 or 2002 Brianna Invited me to her 7th birthday party 2002 Got pet hamster, Monica, in August 2003 Monica died, 2006 Got first Pokemon Game January 25, 2007 Met Travis August 2007 Got interested in Anime/Manga June 2008 Got into Early College August 2010 Got Drivers Permit March 1st 2011 Joined Art Club February or March 2011

3: Chelsea March 1,1996 People Born On My Birthday Ke$ha - Singer Justin Beiber Singer Brian Batt - Actor Popular Songs Because You Love Me by Celine Dion Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman Name by The Goo Goo Dolls The Macarena by Los Del Rio Popular TV shows Friends ER Party Of Five Frasier | Top New Toys Pokémon Gameboy game Nintendo 64 Jumanji Game Baby Go Bye Bye New Books The Midwife's Apprentice by Karen Cushman Academy Award Winners Best picture: The English Patient by Anthony Minghella Best Actor:Geoffrey Rush in Shine Best Actress:Frances Mcdormand in Fargo | Prices of Stuff Stamp: $0.32 each Gas: $1.29 per gallon Milk: $2.72 per gallon Bread: $0.88 per loaf Car: $18,563 on average House: $166,400 on average US President of 1996 Bill Clinton US Vice President Al Gore | Cool Things That Happened On My Birthday

4: My interview went well. I interviewed my Grandmother, Peggy Smith. I call Peggy, Miss Peggy because she used to be a school teacher. She told me about her life and important events that occurred during her life. I learned new things I hadn't known before.

5: Jack My cat who I love. | My Blanket I had my blanket before I started kindergarten and I still have it. | My Cellphone My cellphone is something I will always have and I will have one for the rest of my life. | My Friends I would never give my friends up or away so they are a relic. | Teddie My first relic is my teddy bear, Teddie. My Nanny gave her to me some time before I started school and I still have her and will never get rid of her because she was my favorite bear.

6: Greatest Accomplishments A success that I have accomplished is getting my Nanowrimo book completed. It took a long time and hard work but I actually finished. My novel might not be the best but it is something that took a lot of work and I did it all by myself. No ones novel will ever be exactly like mine so it is nice to know that I have something of my own. Through there were days of writers block and no concentration but I did it! The End :P

7: Dear Brianna, I would like to say thank you. You have been such a good friend to me. I still remember that day in kindergarten when our friendship started. First off, thanks for sticking with me no matter what. Through thick and thin you were always there. I know in the past things didn't always work out. Between arguments and other friends we're still best friends. I love swimming, so I also want to think for inviting me over to swim. Remember that one time when Carrie was there and she was "exercising". That was funny! At your old house, didn't we break your mommas chair things? I think we did. Swimming at you house is always a blast! Your birthday parties are exclusive, and I'm honored that I've been invited to every one. Thank you for inviting me to them. Your birthdays are always exciting and fun and by far the most creative parties ever. Thank you for all you do and for being my best friend. You're the best! Love, Your Twin, Chelsea

8: My Family History and Exploring My name My name--Chelsea-- means "place of chalk landing" My last name -- Johnson-- means "God is Gracious" My family crest is in the picture and it means Hope,Love,Peace, and loyalty. My family's places of origin is Sweden, England, Norway, Ireland, Germany and Great Britain. In 1851 about 439 Johnson's moved to the U.S. The Johnson life expectancy is about 70 years. In the 1800's the top occupation of my family was farming. During the Civil War, 3,263,363 Johnson's served. Of those, 1,050,000 were Confederate and 2,213,363 were Union. My name was most popular in 1992.

9: Genogram | 1963 | 1996 | 2008 | 1964

10: This tradition could be improved by making sure my cousin and her husband and daughter can come because when they got married they have to go to his sisters house to celebrate so we can't all be together. :( | My favorite family tradition is getting together on Christmas morning and having breakfast then opening presents. This tradition has been going on even before I was born. This tradition serves the family in getting us all together and celebrating Christmas.

11: Ingredients: 2 Chicken Breasts 1 can of Rotel tomatos 3 cans of Vegall 4 Cans of Chicken broth 1 can of Cambell's Cream of Chicken Soup 1 Onion cut very small 1/2 vell pepper cut very small 1/2 teaspoon garlic Rotini noodles | Cook the chicken and tear it into peices then place all ingredients in a large pot, except the pasta. Cook for around 30 minutes. Add a cup or so of pasta and cook an additional 10 minutes | This is my favorite family recipe because it tastes really good. It's spicy and good to eat on cold winter days. The only bad thing is that during summer I bet my mom wont make it :(

12: My Hair color My Eye color My long legs My personality I'm funny | Smart Determined Caring Nice Hard worker Funny Pretty Beautiful Entertaining | Blonde

13: I can reduce my carbon foot print by using refillable water bottles. Another way I can reduce my carbon footprint is by carpooling so if we are all going to the same place we don't have to waste gas by taking more cars than we need.

14: The Lap top has been around for a long time. Lap tops in 1996 Look pretty similar to the ones we use today. | Computers Look The Same except a little thinner. | Computers have definetly gotten thinner and smaller in 2009 | Computers have become touch screen and all sorts of stuff in 2011 but this one is a normal laptop.

15: Cell Phone I chose cell phone because I like to text 6 | Computer I like to look up things on the Internet and check emails and talk to friends. | IPod I chose IPod because I like to listen to music all the time | 3 Tech Favorites

16: 1.Make Weird Creations 2.Eat Lemons without puckering 3.Be silly 4.Doodle 5.Swim 6.Text 7.Be Brave 8.Loose Track Of Time 9.Ride a bike 10.Be bored 11.Memorize things 12.skate 13.Be a good friend 14.Walk backwards 15.Speak Some Spanish 16.Be shy 17.Play Soccer 18.Imagen 19.Laugh at random things 20.Use a camera | 27. Tie My Shoes 28.Cook A Little 29.Read Manga 30.Think Of 50 Things I Can Do 31. Pop My Elbows 32.Be Creative 33.Multitask 34.Be Myself 35.Braid Hair 36.Play Tennis 37.Ice skate 38.Be Smart 39.Play Guitar Hero 40.Be Tired 41.Water Ski 42.Catch Lightning Bugs 43.Speak Some Japanese 44.Make Friends 45. Be Crazy 46.Be Hyper 47.Use PowerPoint 48.Play Video Games 49. Love 50. Watch Scary Movies | 50 I CANS... | 21. Be Forgetful 22.Stay up late 23.Be Loud 24.Fish 25.Play Basketball 26.Tie Balloons

17: 1.Family 2.Friends 3.Animals 4.Anime 5.Manga 6.Video Games 7.TV 8.Computers 9.Music 10.Food 11.Taking Pictures 12.Cake 13.Drawing 14.Sillybands 15.Slushies 16.My Cat 17.Books 18.Swimming 19.Playing Chess 20.Chocolate 21.Reality TV 22.CSI 23.GIR 24.Japan 25.The Color Blue 26. Chocolate Pocky 27.Cherries | 50 Favorites | 28.Sports 29.CECHS 30.Typing 31.Fruit 32.Scary Movies 33.Gum 34.The Mountains 35.The Beach 36.Talking 37.Making videos 38.Having Fun 39.Halloween 40.The Beach 41.Mysteries 42.Coca Cola 43.Christmas 44.Riding My Boat 45.Sleeping 46. Staying Up late 47.My Room 48.Air Conditioning 49.Poke` mon 50.Clouds

18: When I am at my best as a friend I am a clown that makes everyone laugh | Metaphor

19: I am Chelsea I wonder why people lie I see beauty I want to go to Japan I am Chelsea I pretend everything is great I believe everyone should get along I touch the pool water when I swim I feel loved I worry about people I cry when I'm sad I am Chelsea I understand math I say funny things I dream weird dreams I am Me | Bio-Poem

20: My favorite place is Myrtle Beach. It is in South Carolina. I like going there because we don't live near the beach so its fun to go to the beach. I like to shop, swim, and relax when I go to the beach. I share this place with my family because we go on family trips to the beach once a year. Last summer Brianna came with me! We had a great time. I feel like I'm in a new place when I go to Myrtle Beach. I return to Myrtle Beach because it feels like a new environment that I get to experience.

21: Mrs. Bumgarner Catlynn | Craig Valerie Mikayla Tahirah | Loyal Organized Hard Worker Honest | EMily Pedro Alana Andrew Zane | Talkative Loves to have fun Advice Wants everyone to get along | Leaders Sarcastic Competitive Dependable | Brandon Jacob Kenzie Johnnie | Optimistic Creative Funny Witty Enjoys being unique

22: My Wildest Dream My wildest dream is for my friends and I to start a band. I would play guitar and Brianna would play bass. Travis would play keyboard, and Gab would play drums. We've wanted to start a band for a long time. This is my dream because it would be really fun and something not many people do. I want to achieve my dream by either 2011 or 2012. My obstacles would be getting lessons and then finding time to get together and write songs. Unfortunately, I'm not a good singer and neither is Travis or Gab. Brianna would have to be the singer unless Travis or I got singing lessons. Well the singing, somebody would just have to get singing lessons or find someone who can sing. The finding time will probably be on weekends.

23: I enjoy reading mysteries, adventure and fantasy. Fiction. Novels. Books. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Twelfth grade Kills. I really like vampires and I'm reading the series, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. That series are my favorite books of all time. | I like Vampire Knight, Shugo Chara and The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. I have too many books to count. People I share books with are Brianna Goble, Sara Duncan, and Marrissa Andrews. I don't usually go to the library but I go to Barnes & Noble. Would I watch TV or read a book?It depends on what's on TV... and what book I have. I like seeing the movie first.

24: Chelsea's Interests, Hobbies and Collections | Things I like To Watch: Anime The Regular Show Wipe Out | Interests: Drawing Computers Music | Things I Like To Explore: Japan Cooking Movies | Hobbies Hanging out with friends Watching scary movies Playing video games | Collections: Hermite Crab Shells Stuffed Animals Manga

25: Number 1 Linguistic Words and language, written and spoken; retention, interpretation and explanation of ideas and information via language, understands relationship between communication and meaning. JOBS Writers, lawyers, English teachers, editors, translators and voice-over artistes | Number 2 Spatial- Visual Visual and spatial perception; interpretation and creation of visual images; pictorial imagination and expression; understands relationship between images and meanings, and between cause and effect JOBS Designers, cartoonists, architects and photographers. | Number 3 Interpersonal perception of other people's feelings; ability to relate to others; interpretation of behavior and communications; understands the relationships between people and their situations, including other people JOBS Sales-people, teachers, organizers and advertising professionals

26: Dear Chelsea, I'm writing this letter for school. Some accomplishments that you've done are, Getting green lights on most of your assignments. You've also made new friends and made some really good projects for school. You're learning to work with people more and having fun at school. Some things you could improve on is being more helpful to team members. Sometimes you leave them by themselves and they need your help. Start helping team mates more. You should also listen to their ideas and opinions more often. If you do everyone will be happier. Love, Chelsea

27: Dear Chelsea, You have graduated from Appalachian! Congratulations! Your job as a Lawyer is working out great! Now that you live in Japan, you bought a big fancy house. You are married to a handsome man and have identical twin boys. You also have a pet cat and one of your sons is married to Brianna's daughter Anna. Your other son is best friends with Jacob's son. next week Brianna's family is coming to visit including your son, married to Anna. Your other son still lives in Japan.

28: My Favorite Parts of Who Am I are the five relics and favorite place. I enjoyed writing about those things and telling people why I like them. I didn't like letter to my self now and letter to myself in the future because it was hard writing to my self and planning my future. Overall I liked creating my Who Am I because I could express myself in the backgrounds and pictures.

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