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William shakespeare During The Renaissance

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FC: By: Michael Salvatori | William Shakespeare During The Renaissance

1: How Does The Renaissance influence literature and History? | The Renaissance had a great affect on the world. The famous paintings and works of literature show the greatness of their time and taught people new forms of art. Perspective was a new idea brought by an Italian Renaissance artist, named Raphael. This was just one of the ideas that was influenced from the Italian Renaissance. Humanism was also an idea about recognizing human potential and achievements. It was a new way to look at life and a form of living. The Renaissance was very impressive because the people were able to not only preserve Greek and Roman Culture, but take it to the next level.

2: GEOGRAPHY | Italian Renaissance | The religion mostly remained catholic. The people were secular, or wordy rather than spiritual. There was less religion than the Middle Ages. | During the middle ages Europe was suffering from war and plague. The survivors of this epidemic wanted to celebrate life. Italian writers and artists started to express art in new ways. Milan and Florence were two cities that thrived during the Renaissance.

3: Important achievements were made in arts. Artists included Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo. these artists were known for perspective, painting and sculptors | Merchants dominated the politics. The government went from feudalism, to monarchy to republic. The Medici family was very important. | Commercial revolution is the expansion of trade and business in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. Crusades led to Commercial Revolution, which led to the Renaissance. | Many people during the Renaissance were Humanists. Humanism focuses on human achievements and potential. Men created the arts, women did not seek fame. The people did a good job to bring back culture of Greeks and Romans.

4: Elizabethan England | Elizabethan England's capital was London. London is very rainy. The location allowed access to the North Sea Thames River and the Atlantic Ocean. | The religion in Elizabethan England was facing a conflict. The religion was fighting between Christians and Protestants. The religion was protestant by law.

5: Plays were very important achievements to Elizabethan England. Shakespeare wrote many famous plays and sonnets. Tragedies, comedies and dramas were forms of plays | Queen Elizabeth was a big leader in England. London was the c3enter of her land. England had a conflict with Spain, defeating them in a war. | A big part of the economy in Elizabethan England was wool. Wool was very important product that comes from sheep. They traded wool for new products. | The people of this time enjoyed eccentric forms of entertainment. The Globe Theater was a site for the entertainment. Men worked outside the house hunting, fishing, and hawking. the women stayed inside and cleaned.

6: William Shakespeare: My Life | William Shakespeare was born in Stratford apon Avon on April 26th 1564 and died in 1616 for unknown causes at the age of 52. His parents were John, a glover, and Mary Shakespeare. He had 7 brothers and sisters. William attended school from the age of 7 and 14 and completely fell in love with literature. Subjects taught in school were arithmetic, Greek, Latin and handwriting. Many plays were done in school around the time of Shakespeare. Shakespeare was pulled from school because his family became poor. This was heartbreaking to Shakespeare because he enjoyed going to school. | "To be or not to be"

7: "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" -William Shakespeare | William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway and had 3 children. The three children were named Susanna, Judith and Hamnet. Unfortunately Hamnet got Black Death and died at the age of eleven. This was a controversial marriage because Shakespeare cheated on her. He thought he could do better than Anne. Anne was also eight years older than William and was pregnant before they married. In William's will he gave all of his possessions to his mistress. Anne Hathaway ended up dying in 1623.

8: William Shakespeare: My Career | William Shakespeare is known for 3 professions, which include a poet, playwright and actor. Between 1585 and 1592 Shakespeare moved to London to join a company of actors as a performer and playwright. In total Shakespeare ended up writing 37 plays and multiple poems and sonnets. Genres of his plays include history (King Henry IV), comedy (Midsummer Nights Dream) and tragedy (Hamlet).

9: Queen Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII and ruled from 1559-1603 before being succeeded by James I. She influenced Shakespeare's success because of her love of plays. She enjoyed watching his work that was in the Globe Theater. Shakespeare co-owned the theater with Cuthbert and Richard Burbage. The theater was built outside London's city limits because the authorities thought actors were unsavory. The Globe theater opened on September 27th, 1599. It was also shut down by Puritans for two years before burning down on June 29th, 1613. In the plays there were no female actors because it was inappropriate for women to be in theater. Men had to play the roles of women.

10: William Shakespeare: The Language Of My Time | William Shakespeare used early modern English when writing his plays. People did speak the way Shakespeare did in his plays. Below are some examples of Shakespeare's words. | art --- are coz --- cousin hark you --- listen knave --- craftly fellow stay --- not to go thrice --- 3 times | 'tis --- it is ope --- open o'er --- over gi' --- give ne'er --- never I' --- I've e'er --- ever oft --- often a' --- have e'ev --- every

11: Citations | Curzon, Sir Nathaniel. Anne Hathaway. (Online image). 1708. Inspiration for the Spirit. []. 4/25/2012 | Portrait, Chandos. William Shakespeare. (Online image). 1600-1610. Wikipedia. []. 4/24/12 | Leonardo. Mona Lisa. (Online image). 1479 - 1528. WebMuseum, Paris. []. 4/25/12

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