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William Shakespeare: Elizabethan England

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William Shakespeare: Elizabethan England - Page Text Content

S: William Shakespeare: Elizabethan England

FC: William Shakespeare: Elizabethan England | By Lucas Pettinato

1: Table of Context | Page 2-3: Geography Page 4-5: Religion Page 6-7: Achievements Page 8-9: Politics Page 10-11: Economy Page 12-13: Society Page 14-19: Biography of William Shakespeare Page 20-22: Bibliography | Geography Religion Achievements Politics Economy Society

2: Geography | Europe contains Holy Roman Empire, England, Austria, Spain, France, | Northern part of England flocked with mountains and highlands, Cumbrian Mountains, 50,334 acres | Bubonic Plague traveled by man and animal

3: No cabs like today, people either walked or took a horse; most of the places were walking distances | Southern Coast was composed of rolling hills wide range of plains

4: Religion | Witchcraft was a very popular superstition in England, many books were published by the new printing press and they told stories and tales about witchcraft and magic. | When unexplainable events happen ( such as the Bubonic Plague), people blamed it on the acts of witchcraft. Many trials were performed and the ones accused were people that were poor, old and mostly women.

5: Believed sneezing allowed devils to enter your soul and by saying "bless you" to another person, you can stop this from occurring. | Believed that if a cow breathed on you or if you spat in a fire, you would be blessed with good luck.

6: During the time of the Renaissance, new ideas in science, literature and all aspects of Elizabethan daily life were introduced. | Many jobs had become available for citizens to obtain a profit. Since there were busy harvest on farms, a surplus of crops form. | Achievements

7: New forms of art were created during the Renaissance period using oil paints while the artist painted a more naturalistic style as their new point of view; making them more beautiful and amazing than ever before. | Humanism created a new emphasis on drama and characters in all of the arts. Even new medicines were created to cure common or rare illnesses.

8: Society was ruled by a monarchy (1 ruler: Queen Elizabeth). Queen Elizabeth, by law, held all supreme power over the country. | Politics | All people were forced, by law, to attend church at least once every week to practice their religion. Religion played a huge role in society and faith was needed to be kept.

9: The government's rules were very strict back during the Renaissance and required obedience from the people. For example, if you committed a small crime, there could be a big punishment. | Queen Elizabeth had great intentions for her country and people as a ruler of England. She showed much love and an extreme amount of loyalty for her country.

10: Queen Elizabeth is greatly known for when she boasted the economy back up from a terrible corruption that had hit the economy before she had taken the throne | Queen Elizabeth prospered when she was able to later deal with the trade policies between England and other countries around the wold. | Economy

11: Europe was able to be exposed to different trade, might and art with many other different countries (as a way of interaction. Wealth was increased during the Renaissance because of high economics and tade. | Many home-grown produce created on the farms of England were made, but after the crops had failed in the 1590's, the economy and people had suffered a great tragedy; which was also a major weakness.

12: Many women that were single or widows were discriminated against in a way of which they were accused of witchcraft and were sent onto trial | Society | Wealthy people would eat a lot of meat such as lamb, beef, pork, mutton, goat, etc. which would show high class since it was so expensive.

13: The wife/mother and children would be obedient and very loyal to the husband/father fore he was always in full command over them; the leader of the house. | Many merchants traded in and out of Europe so there were many markets found throughout England with all different kinds of valuables at different prices.

14: Biography of William Shakespeare | - The great William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1569 in the popular country of England and was baptized in a Parish church. - He was the third born of a long span of siblings that he had (Joan, Margaret, William, Gilbert, Joan, Anne, Richard, Edmund). - His family with his parents, John and Mary, to look after them had lived in the rural area of England as his father was a tenant farmer and had also became a glove maker. His mother would usually stay home to look after the kids, work in the house, etc. -He attended school for 7 years in which he had studied Latin, classical authors, etc. but then had left school at the age of 14 - When he grew to about 18, he had married a woman named Anne Hathaway and she gave birth three children: Susanna, Hamnet and Judith. There are many rumors involving the marriage as whether William was involved with another woman, if Anne was pregnant before marriage, etc. - When his only son, Hamnet, was 11 years old, he had unfortunately caught the Bubonic Plague and died which was a huge tragedy for the whole Shakespeare family.

16: -Because William had recently enrolled in a traveling acting class, he had to leave his family and move to London, where he would spend most of his life (his motive for leaving his family had been a major controversy and this is just one of the many ideas given). -Not only had William become an outstanding actor, he also had majored in two other categories that he was later known famous for: acting and playwriting. -In his lifetime, William had written about 37-40 plays that usually either covered the genre of history, comedy or tragedy. Plays including King Lear, King Henry I (history), Measure for Measure, Alls well ends well (comedy), MacBeth and the famous Romeo and Juliet (tragedy, there are also rumors that William had borrowed the plot of Romeo and Juliet from a story called Pyramus and Thisbe from Ovids Metamorphoses). -A form of poetry that William was very famous for was a type of poem called a Sonnet which he also wrote many of. - As Williams works of writing started to become more known, he was able to start his own acting company called " The Chamberlain's Men" but the name was later changed to " The King's Men." -As his plays were performed, many of his famous quotes included: "To be or not to be" and "Parting is such sweet sorrow" from multiple of his famous plays.

18: -As William Shakespeare's success started to get greater, he had started to become known throughout the city of London (but remains far more famous today than when he lived). What many people didn't know is that Queen Elizabeth I had censored all of his plays from containing any Christian content, but would still allow sexual jokes since she found them amusing a lot of the time. -To greatly expand his need for more attention towards his new acting company, he opened the fascinating Globe Theatre outside the city of London (since theatres were forbidden within it) to attract more people to see his plays. -The Globe theatre contained the following physical features: Octagon shaped, made of timber, contained a pit which was like an arena, stage gallery that held the rich and musicians, long pillars, etc. -The acting that took place within the theatre was very popular and many people had enjoyed watching it. However, women were not allowed to be actresses back then so many woman roles were played by men during that time. Also, depending where you sat in the audience showed your social class; rich on the upper level with not much of a crowd, middle or poor on bottom level that was very packed and tight. -Many tragic occurrences occurred around the 1590's: many theatres had to shut down because to prevent the spread of the Bubonic Plague, and the Globe Theatre had caught fire on September 21, 1599. -After all of the success that he had achieved, William Shakespeare had been noticed after he had died an unknown death on April 23, 1616, being 53 yeas old.

20: My Persona | -My persona's name is Vincenzo De luca - I am around 12 years old -I am an obedient butler for the Capulet family so I interact with the Lord and Lady Capulet a lot as well as Juliet. -I am loyal to the Capulet family, however I don't let myself become biased when it comes to my opinions about different people

21: Since I am a butler, I perform many of the similar daily activities such as taking orders from the lord, lady and Juliet Capulet, set up for parties, make sure things are in order, etc. I live in the servants quarters of the palace, which are very comfortable, and live as if I was a middle class citizen. I am 6'0", 160 lbs., dark brown hair and very light blue eyes. I am sympathetic, obedient, curious, humorous, handsome, built and tall (for my age). When I talk, I have the habit (like most Italians) to talk with hand gestures. I wear a tuxedo because it is required to show class. My family had died when I was a baby because of the plague, but I survived was brought in by the king, I met a girl from another kingdom named Carla, but I'm not sure a relationship will work. Lastly, I eat average meals and have much education (as the king allowed me to be educated).

22: Bibliography | Queen Elizabeth: Shakespeare: Map: Cumbrian Mts.: Flat Area: Horse: Spell book: Witch Trail: Evil Spirit:

23: Cow: Literature: Crops: Painting:\ Medicine: Crown: Church: Laws: Flag: Up Arrow: Trade Routes: Money: Down Arrow: Woman: Meat: Father: Merchants:

24: William: House: Anne Hathaway: Romeo & Juliet: Hamlet: MacBeth: Globe Theatre: Globe Theatre on fire: Grave:

25: FIN

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