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BC: Witchcraft is still widely practiced in the world. Although it is often mocked in movies and books, the followers consider it a serious religion, and they continue to fight for their rights to this day.

FC: WITCHCRAFT. by: Macy Walls, Beca Freeman, Rick Ullberg, and Courtney Cheek

1: Witchcraft is defined as the use of certain kinds of supernatural or magical powers. Usually for evil. | Witchcraft is said to have originated in the paleolithic era. Witchcraft is a type of belief/religion, and it is said to have evolved from the many religions that were created in early human life. Like christianity's catholics, protestants, and presbytarians. Witch craft has its certain branches. Some of the famous branches include pagens and covens. Witchcraft is still present today's world.

2: Marie Laveau was born in New Orleans, Louisana. She lived during the 19th century and is one of the first people to introduce Vodounism to the United States. Vodounism was originally started by African Americans who were brought over to be slaves in the United States. They started to practice Vodounism because they had such resentment towards the | white people. Marie Laveau was never married but had 15 children. When her "lover" died she took all her hatred out on the world and began to make Voodoo dolls of all the people that she did not like.

3: People who practice Vodounism make dolls and then put a smell on them to become the people they hate. They then torture the doll | and believe the doll that the human is portraying is feeling the same torture. They would stick pins in the dolls as a type of torcher.

4: Gardnerian Witchcraft: -Was named after Gerald B Gardner. -This witchcraft is centered on the worship of a Goddess, the Horned God. -In order to become part of the craft, you must enter it in "perfect love and perfect trust." -The opposite sex must initiate you into the coven. -The rituals are performed within a "magical circle."

5: American witchcraft -Was founded by Victor Anderson and Gwydion Pendderwen. -The witchcraft honored the forces of nature, life, fertility, death and rebirth. -They do not use the standard secret book of shadows. -The rituals are offerings of beauty to the Gods. -Some aspects of this craft still remain a secret .

6: Witches pass through three degrees as they practise witchcraft: they begin to acknowledge each person as a full member of the Coven and begin to initiate the process of mastering the skills of a Witch. The witch has to be able to recognize growth in ability and be able to admit one to all the inner secrets; and then therefore admit one to the priesthood.

7: Many times when witches are using witchcraft they will use stones to help with their spells. The stones shown above are suppose to represent the elements of our earth. They were thrown into a pot and then had a spell casted over them.

8: There are many common misconceptions and stereotypes attatched to withcraft. Most are said to be untrue by those who practice withcraft. Devil worshipping, animal sacrifices, and riding around on brooms are some common misinformation about the practices of witches & wizards.

9: Withcraft has long been misunderstaood. In 1692 the Salem Withcraft Trials took place. With basically no evidence, around 150 people were prosecuted for witchcraft. Illogical hysteria, devout religious beliefs, and paranoia fueled more and more people to be suspected and put to trial. By the time the people of Salem had come to their senses, 15 innocent citizens had been convincted and killed for their "evil" deeds.

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