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Women, half the population but not considered equals

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Women, half the population but not considered equals - Page Text Content

FC: By Lise R. Grade 6 Elbow Park School | Women, more than half the population but not considered equal?

1: In my Digital scrapbook you will learn about womens careers, education and how life for women has really changed thanks to the famous five.You will also learn about how women are just as equal as men!

2: The Famous Five changed Canada forever. In 1911 the dower act was passed and 100 years ago women couldn't even vote. What the famous five did to help out is truly amazing. They helped out animals, people, but most of all they helped out women. | The Famous Five, Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Louise Mckinney are truly hero's to me.

3: Also some women are construction workers. Those type of women are people who don't mind getting dirty. Some women in the older days didn't want to get dirty but people shouldn't judge women just because of the past. | Some people believe that women can't do things as well as men. The fact is women can do what men can do just fine. Some men say that women can't do construction work because they don't like getting dirty and they can't be firefighters because they aren't as strong as men. But in fact a lot of women are firefighters. They work very hard and if they move heavy hoses around a lot they most be very strong. Women firefighters are very commited and determined.

4: Right now women are starting to dominate the medical field. Some men say that men are smarter than women. Some websites say that women doctors are a problem because they work less hours then men because of their children. Most of the websites I got this from was written by men! But all women aren't always like that. Some women doctors don't even have kids! So why would someone even write something like that if it doesn't even go for all women doctors?

5: So if some of these websites say that men are smarter than women which is really true? Well girls are mentally smarter than boys. They have a nerve on the left side of the brain that grows faster than boys. So people shouldn't say boys are smarter than girls because they are each intelligent in their own way.

6: As you all know it is illegal for kids not to go to school. But back then some girls couldn't go to school until they were 10! If the family was poor the girl would have to stay home and clean while the parents went to work to make money. Some times the mom would even have to stay home and clean too. but why did the women stay home and the men went to school?

7: If a girl would ask why the boys got to go to school the parents would say they couldn't clean as good as girls. Some dads would say "Daughters should always stay around the Kitchen" or " Girls are not as clever as boys". Good thing that still doesn't happen today. Girls are very lucky.

8: In Yenem every 100 boys it's 270 girls. In Iraq every 100 boys it's 316 girls. In India every 100 boys it's 426 girls and in Benim every 100 boys there are 257 girls. | Although the Famous Five helped a lot of people in Canada, there are still a lot of kids not in school. Between 1999 and 2006 the number of children worldwide not going to school decreased from 100 million to 75 million. Still girls take up 59% of all the children out of school. Worldwide every 100 boys out of school there are 122 girls out of school. In other countries it's much worse.

9: When women that were born in the early 1900"s were not considered persons.The Famous Five worked hard to pass this law. When women were not persons, when they got married all their possesions were their husbands. The Canadian court rejected there plea in 1928. The Famous Five won their case against the judical comitee of the British Privy Council on October 18th 1929. It was one of their greatest achievements!

10: Then they would make a plan and start discussing how it would work. Then as soon as a man walked through the door they would go back to having a regular tea party and eventually leave. The men would never find out. | When the Famous Five were around and way before that women decided to have Pink Teas. They would have a tea party with their nice china and their nicest Teas. All the women would dress up very nicely and in Pink clothes. Of course the men wouldn't want to be around while their wife's are having a tea party. As soon as the men left the women changed their attitude completely.They would start discussing politics. They would say "we need to change this now".

11: The Famous Five helped out women a lot. They made it so women could vote. Just think of how life would be if women still couldn't vote today. But why did men get to vote? Did they think they dominate? Thats what Nellie McClung asked. Then the famous five passed the vote in April 1916. The Famous Five really changed Canada forever that day. It was another one of their greatest achievements.

12: The Famous Five really changed women's rights and freedoms. Without the Famous Five do all the thing they have done women couldn't vote, We wouldn't have a say in politics or be on the senate. So even though women were more then half the population they are not considered equal. Women have struggled for a long time to have the same rights and freedoms as men. Although the Famous Five didn't give women all the rights and freedoms men have they gave them some. They truly changed the world forever.

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