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Woodsong ABC Book by: Alyssa Williams

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Woodsong ABC Book by: Alyssa Williams - Page Text Content

BC: Woodsong By: gary paulsen copyright: 1990 | notes: - all definitions provided by: http://dictionary.reference.com/ - websites are listed below all pictures of which were taken from - special Thanks to my English teacher Ms. Ludwig for teaching me how to use this website

FC: Woodsong abc book By: alyssa Williams

1: resolution the resolution of the book was gary finishing the iditarod. at first gary's goal was to just try to compete in the iditarod. he did more than achieve his goal. gary paulsen finished the iditarod race in seventeen days, and fourteen hours. | character traits for gary gary is brave, caring, and thoughtful. examples Brave: gary is brave, because he ran with the dogs at night, and witnessed wolves ripping apart a doe. gary also ran in the idiarod race. Caring: When gary was running in the iditarod race every hour he would have to "feed the dogs a snack, give the dogs three or more hot meals a day, rub their shoulders every hour, and they also have to shake the lactic acid off their joint every hour". thoughtful: when gary was running the iditarod race one of his dogs would not eat anything that was sent for her such aspork, lamb, bee, liver, or dry dog food. instead she would eat the meat patties that gary had sent for himself, so gary gave her his meat patties, and ate butter.

2: universal lesson I learned a couple things from this book. One thing i learned from this book is you will never fully understand nature. Another thing i learned from this book was to stride for your biggest goals, and achieve them. Lastly, i learned to be kind, caring, thoughtful, and even brave. all because of gary paulsen telling us about his journey of a lifetime. | plot this book is all about gary Paulsen and his adventures raising and training dogs to run in the iditarod race. the first part of the book is all about gary paulsen's life before he ran the iditarod. The second part of the book is day by day of gary's adventure while running the iditarod.

3: A Alaska | A is for Alaska. Alaska is where Gary Paulsen had his great adventure with his trained sled dogs. While in Alaska Gary faced many challenges even though he was only there for seventeen days. | www.alaskamusic.net/img/flag2.gif | http://www.united-states-map.com/road/alaska.htm

4: b burn | B is FOR burn the burn is a 90 mile wide stretch of land where a forest fire destroyed everything. There was not any snow the year Gary ran the iditarod race. The only thing present was rocks, dirt, dead grass and burnt trees fallen across one another. | http://www.welton.it/photos/oregon_summer_2006-mountains/burnt_forest.html

5: c cedar waxwings | C IS FOR CEDAR WAXWINGS the cedar waxwings come in the early part of spring. the cedar waxwings like to eat high-bush cranberries. one spring afternoon the cedar waxwings descended upon on a tree, and settled in rows on the tree limbs. then the bird closest to the berries would take a berry and pass it on to the next, then that bird would pass it on to the next and so on and so forth until each bird had a berry. Then once every bird had a berry the birds would eat. Then the process would begin again. | http://www.lloydspitalnikphotos.com/d/1138-3/cedar_waxwing_F5R9536.jpg&imgrefurl

6: D doe | d is for doe when the dogs were on a run they came across a doe. The doe was being attacked by wolves. The wolves were ripping the doe apart. two wolves were holding her down while the others were ripping her insides out. All while she was still alive. | http://www.milkintheclock.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/doe.jpg | http://www.sellingamongwolves.com/images/stories/wolves.jpg

7: e eskimo man | e is for eskimo man the eksimo man helped gary when he was sick with the flu or food poising. while gary is running in the Iditarod the eskimo man appears again to help. gary knows the eskimo man is not really there. he is only a hallucination. | http://www.clipartreview.com/_images_300/A_bearded_Eskimo_man_101218-151032-764009.jpg

8: f finish | f is for finish the climax of the story is gary paulsen finishing the iditrod race. gary at the end of the book did not want to finish the race. gary didn't want to finish the race, because he said he wanted the race, the exaltation, the joy, and the beauty of it to go on and on and on. he finally decided that he would finish the race, because he heard a yell and it was his wife. gary's wifes' yell broke the "spell". | http://www.flickr.com/photos/ra64/3363390953/

9: g gary | g is for gary Gary is the main character of the book. gary is kind, thoughtful, and giving. for an example of gary being kind and thoughtful is when gary gave his meat patties to one of his dogs. His one dog stopped eating while they were running the iditarod. the dog wouldn't eat pork, lamb, beef, liver, or dry dog food. since she wouldn't eat gary gave her his meat patties, and gary ate butter. | www.ipl.org/.../askauthor/photos/paulsen.gif

10: h hawk | h is for hawk hawk is a banty hen that gary owns. on one of garys' runs with the dogs he comes across a grouse nest that has been deserted. gary brings it back to his house and puts the eggs under hawks nest. Once the eggs hatched hawk thought that they were her chicks. Then once the grouse chicks grew up and stopped listening to hawk it made her furious that she wasn't in control any more. Then she would take it out on everyone around her including gary, his wife, his son, and all the other animals. | http://www.mypetchicken.com/

11: i iditarod | i is for iditarod the climax of the story was for gary to run the iditarod. the first part of book is all about gary paulsen's life before running the iditarod and his life leading up to his decision to race his dogs in the idiarod. the second part of the book is all about the seventeen days gary paulsen and his dogs spent in alaska running the iditarod race. While running the race Gary faced many challenges, such as frostbite, food shortages, dogs sleeping while running, and much, much more. | http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~aknome/iditarod-headquarters.html

12: j jamaica | j is for jamaica it was between twenty to thirty below on a cold winter night. gary was out on a run with the dogs, and his feet were cold. since garys' feet were cold he was thinking about summer, or being in jamacia. | http://www.thecommonwealth.org/YearbookHomeInternal/139044/ | ttps://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/jm.html

13: k knots | k is for knots gary was taking the dogs on a run, and cookie was the leader. gary kept yelling at cookie to keep going, but cookie knew the gully's edge was close, to close. gary just kept pushing and yelling at cookie to keep going. wHen she did she brought gary, and the whole team of dogs over the edge. Once gary and the dogs stopped tumbling down gary, had to untangle the whole team of dogs because the gangline was in knots.

14: l lad | l is for lad when gary and the team of dogs went tumbling down the gully, 'lad had his nose jammed squarely" in gary's mouth. Then another dog had his nose jammed into gary's armpit. The sled was on top of gary and gary said he wouldn't have been able to tell you his name.

15: m Minnesota | m is for Minnesota the setting of the book is in Minnesota during the winter. gary paulsen lives in a small cabin in northern Minnesota. his cabin had no plumbing, no electricity, and as gary says "no real prospects". the reason for this is simply not having enough money. | http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/usa/minnesota/

16: n nature | n is for nature the whole conflict of the book was gary paulsen knowing nothing about nature.in the beginning of the book gary paulsen states how he knows nothing about nature. throughout the course of the book gary seems to understand more and more about nature. everyday gary learned something new about nature. whether it was about how nature can change your surroundings at a moments notice or if it is the way animals or even people are acting. It could be the weather, or just about anything and everything. At the end of the book and even throughout gary realizes he can't control nature. at the end gary knows he will never fully understand nature.

17: o obeah | o is for obeah when gary fell down the gully obeah was the teams leader. gary thought the team would just keep going on for miles before they realized he was not on the back of the sled. as gary was laying there in pain due to a piece of wood in his knee cap, he heard a sound. he looked up and saw obeah looking down with the whole team behind him tangled up. obeah brought the whole team down the gully and on the way down they went through "a quick stand of cockleburs." once they were down by gary, obeah looked at gary with great concern. then a dog named duberry started to lick gary's wound. while she was licking his wound, gary held onto obeah's ruff for support.

18: p pups | p is for pups gary was on a hundred mile run with some pups (dogs just over one year). "this run was a training for a possible iditarod attempt." the pups had lived in the kennels, and had only been on a couple short training runs so everything was pretty new." the pups had to learn and understand as they ran. THis was quite an adventure for gary! | http://www.clipartguide.com/_pages/0808-0710-1117-1754.html

19: q quincey | q is for quincey quincey is gary's smallest terrier. Quincey was trying to sneak across the yard to get to a somewhat safe area near the lilacs. "Then all of a sudden quincey flops over as hawk (the hen) nails him in the back of the head like a featherhead cannonball".

20: r running | r is for running when gary was running in the iditarod, he had many hallucinations. during one of gary's hallucinations he thought the dogs were running in flames. "there is a small bit of snow that spurts up from each dog's foot as they run, a little white jet, and that turns in my mind to a flame." gary SEES all of his dogs "running in flame, their feet and lower legs on fire. terrified" gary sets "the snowhook and run up to put the fire out." gary leans down to pat the flames out the flames disappear. the flames were gone and of course were never there. | http://www.alaska-in-pictures.com/racing-sled-dog-team-unalakleet-alaska-6914-pictures.htm

21: s storm | s is for storm storm was gary's first dog. gary said " joy, loyalty, toughness, peacefulness- all of these were part of storm." gary also said "that at a peak he was a mighty dog. he pulled like a machine." storm was one of gary's best dogs. storm was also a trickster, he would play tricks on gary and the other dogs. Storm was just an overall good dog. storm and gary spent a lot of time together running between eight to twelve thousand miles together.

22: t trapper | t is for trapper gary paulsen used to be a trapper, that was how he started with all the dogs. then one day when columbia (a dog) played a "trick" on another dog named Olaf. "all of it was so complicated, so complex, that it triggered a chain reaction in gary's mind.' then gary thought" if columbia could do that, if a dog could do that, then a wolf could do that. if a deer could do that, then a beaver and a squirrel, and a bird, and, and, and...." Then right then gary decided to quit trapping. Gary thought it was wrong for him to kill animals.

23: u unalakleet | u is for unalakleet unalakleet is one of many towns or villages on the iditarod map. unalakleet is not a big stop. it is just a small town or village area that the iditarod race runs through. | http://www.city-data.com/city/Unalakleet-Alaska.html

24: v vessels | v is for vessles on day eleven gary was very cold. to bring up his body heat gary would run fifty paces then gary would ride fifty paces, this would just keep going on and on. Then gary couldn't get enough air through his two wool masks, so then gary pulls down his masks and breathes straight air. Gary gets enough air, but then since the air is to cold the air freezes the sides of his throat. Then blood vessels burst and garys throat generates mucus and he then chokes on it. Gary says it is hard to clear, so he has to stick a finger down his thoat to pull it out. Then gary throws it out onto the ice, then the dogs eat it. gary pukes. then the dogs eat the puke and gary pukes again. This goes on just about until gary reaches the last checkpoint.

25: w wilson | w is for wilson when gary was running in the iditarod, wilson was the leader. gary describes wilson as this: "a sweet and a wonderful dog but dumber than a walnut." on day seven wilson cuts his foot, but earlier that day a man puts three cans of soda in gary's sled. since it is so cold out the sodas explode, then the soda leak and settles on the booties. when wilson cuts his foot, he has to wear a soda covered bootie. which is fine until he smells the soda. Once he smells the soda he starts to suck on his foot while running. WHich was pretty funny to see. | these are the booites that the dogs would wear. http://www.affordabledogsleds.com/booties.htm

26: y yukon river | y is for yukon river Gary said "the run up the yukon river was horrific." The yukon river is one hundred-eighty miles straight north into the wind. "all the cold air in alaska seems to settle into the yukon valley and in the night it hits like a hammerblow". gary says "he cannot stand the wind." gary puts on all of his extra clothes, but still can not stand the wind. gary stops the team so he can go up and check the dogs for frostbite. THe dogs are fine, so gary continues to move on. | http://www.billcasselman.com/casselmans_canadian_words/ten_klondike_yukon.htm

27: z zero | z is for zero " it is zero degrees out or slightly above and there is sun and it is downhill for over ninety miles and the dogs run". On this day "there was a change in the dogs and in me" gary said. This was day twelve only five days are left. | eaglepoly.com | http://www.123rf.com/photo_5995341_thermometer-displaying-zero-degree.html

28: wonder words from woodsong | evolved: page: 37 sentence in the book: We have evolved an uneasy peace with them but there is the problem of familiarity. definition: to develop gradually | tandem: page: 2 sentence in the book: the dogs were working evently, the gangline up through the middle of them thrumming with the rythem it has when they are working in a prefect tandem. definition: one following or behind the other | vicious: page: 66 Sentence in the book: he sticks to a thing, but he isn't vicious. definition: reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong

29: wonder words from woodsong | chagrin page: 28 sentence in the book: There was some self-pity creeping in, and not a little chagrin at being stupid enough to just let them run when i didn't know the county. Definition: feeling of vexation, marked by disappointment or humiliation. | eerie page: 69 sentence in the book: It was eerie, quiet even with the wind blowing over the top of the gully. definition: uncanny, so as to inspire superstitious fear; weird | Defintions provided by: http://dictionary.reference.com/

30: sparkle words from woodsong | occurred page: 22 sentence in the book: that change- as with many changes- occurred because of the dogs. definition: to happen; take place | supposed page: 78 sentence in the book: and there came a time when it was supposed to end. definition: assumed as true, regardless of fact | caught page: 80 sentence in the book: somehow, we had gotten caught out in the worst part of the weather. definition: pt. and pp. of catch.

31: frantic page: 35 sentence in the book: all those nervous choices to make at a dead, frantic run with wolves pulling at her. definition: desperate or wild with excitement, passion, fear, pain, etc.; frenzied | sparkle words from woodsong | fault page: 79 sentence in the book: it was my fault and when death came and storm could not face east he knew that i would be upset. definition: a defect or imperfection; flaw; failing | Defintions provided by: http://dictionary.reference.com/

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