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Word Dictionary

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Word Dictionary - Page Text Content

S: Lauren's Personalized Dictionary

FC: MY word Blurbs | Lauren Baker

1: Table of Contents | A..........2 B..........3 C..........4 D..........5 E..........6 F..........7 G..........8 H..........9 I............10 J...........11 L...........12 N..........13 O..........14 P...........15 R..........16 S...........17 T...........18 U..........19

2: A | Allied Powers- Are made up of France, Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan, and (from 1917) the U.S. In WW2 the Allied powers changed to France, Britain,U.S., the Soviet Union, and China. | Axis Powers- Are made up of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

3: B | Between- Definition: In the time or space that separates My sentence: My pencil dropped in between the desk and my backpack.

4: C | Central Powers- Are made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey. | Constant- Definition: Remaining steady and unchanged. My Sentence: The clock ticking slowly was a constant reminder that I still had 2 hours left on the plane.

5: D | Drought- Definition: a long period of dry weather My sentence: It hasn't rained in 3 months and the weatherman said the drought will continue throughout the summer.

6: E | Expecting- Definition: To look forward to. My sentence: I wasn't EXPECTING school to be open today due to the weather outside.

7: F | Franklin D. Roosevelt- The 32nd President that the led the U.S. through the Great Depression and World War II. He did so by creating programs and providing changes with his programs such as the New Deal. | Foreclosing- Definition: To take legal measures to end a mortgage and take possession of mortgaged property because rent has not been paid My sentence: My cousins house is foreclosing because she lost her job and can't pay.

8: G | Great Depression- The longest and most damaging economic crisis to hit the Western World. It began in the U.S. soon after the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and lasted til 1939 it placed millions out of work and turned into a worldwide economic crisis for industrialized and non industrialized countries.

9: H | Herbert Hoover- The 31st U.S. president, who rescued millions of Europeans during World War I. His administration was unable to fix the problems of joblessness,homelessness, and hunger. | Harmed- Definition: To cause physical or mental damage. My sentence: The dog harmed the chicken by jumping on its wings.

10: I | Interesting- Definition: To hold the attention of. My sentence: I found reading a mystery novel more interesting than reading a newspaper. | Invasion- Definition- Act of invading My sentence: There was an invasion at the bank by three robbers.

11: J | Journal- Definition: A daily record of things one does that usually has personal thoughts and feelings. My sentence: I kept a journal of my first year as a teacher.

12: L | Lonesome- Definition: Sad from lack of companionship or separation from others. My sentence: My kids left and went to their grandma's which left me lonesome at the house by myself.

13: N | New Deal- is a program that the president Franklin D. Roosevelt started between 1933-1939 to provide help and change for industry, agriculture, finance, waterpower, labour and housing, which increased the federal government activities in everyday life.

14: O | Only- Definition: No one or nothing other than. My sentence: It was only one apple left on the teacher's desk,

15: P | Parlor - Definition: A room in a home,hotel or club used for talking with quests. My sentence: My friends came in my house and I had them wait in the parlor to discuss the plans for my party.

16: Relief- Definition: Aid in the form of money or necessities for people in need. My sentence: My mother had to much pride and refused to accept relief from the government. | Realized- Definition: To bring into being. My sentence: I realized my shoes was missing when I went to put them on. | R

17: S | Satisfy- Definition: To make happy or meet the needs of. My sentence: I satisfy my thirst by getting a big bottle of water. | Souvenirs- Definition: Something that serves as a reminder. My sentence: My mother went out of town and brought me back a souvenir.

18: T | Trial- Definition: The hearing and judgment of a case in court. My sentence: Mr. Davis was on trial for taking money from strangers. | Terrified- Definition: To be filled with terror. My sentence: I was terrified when I saw the spider fall into my lap.

19: U | Ungrateful- Definition: Not thankful for favors My sentence; Jourdan was ungrateful that her mother bought her a new jacket for winter because she started complaining about the color and it not having gloves to match.

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