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Words from Within Grade 5 Poetry 2010

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Words from Within Grade 5 Poetry 2010 - Page Text Content

S: 5th Grade Poetry 2010 International School Bangkok

BC: International School Bangkok | Grade 5

FC: Grade 5 poetry 2010 | Words from Within

1: Poets | Illustrators | Eyal Peled Isabel Armitage Ishy Sivasriaumphai Phakorn Chansrichawla Puinoon Na Nakorn Siana Hinsz Johannes Mikkola Varisa Limpijankit Pedro Ferriera Hae-Rang Lee Angelica Johnson Kyung Min Lee (Mimi) Teddy Lu Uyen Vu Ocea Michelin Ari Rand Natt Jaitrong Maddy Sonderby Emmy Khawsam-ang Sandrine Wambura | Fon Somers Nadine Schottler Jake Seo Auymi Nishikawa Siana Hinsz Punsmit (Troy) Chensri Kayla Sadowski Russell Wen

2: Violet, Elegant Made from perfume of princesses Violet, the fresh taste of blueberry Pure Exotic Violet, Inviting melodious slithery texture like it’s going to slip out of my hands | Violet Sharp Romantic Violet Like it will be there with a beautiful smile Natural beauty shining with pride Splendid it whispers in my ear and it is sumptuous like it will be forever | Mimi

3: Loneliness Loneliness looks like a photo that took nothing but darkness Loneliness feels like no one loves you Loneliness smells like nothingness Loneliness tastes like pizza with no cheese or pasta with no sauce Loneliness sounds like footsteps walking away from you leaving you alone Phakorn | He Had to Go Why? Why did he have to go My grandpa So many stories told about him I loved him I never saw him But still, I loved him My grandpa Eyal

4: Friends Good friends Are like stars You don’t always see them But you always know That they are there Emmy

5: Sea Urchin | Black Needles A fierce Living Pin cushion As angry as The sun Burning With anger Flaming Black Waiting | Waiting For the right Moment To strike At you And hide In its Innocent Black shell Waiting | Waiting For the next Prey to come While you Scream With pain. | Puinoon

6: Japanese Tea Garden Beautiful rows of flowers Showing the colors of the rainbow Clear waters revealing my reflection Warm, comforting sunlight And the golden fish saying "This is everyone's home" Varisa

7: Walking Up the Mountain I was looking up the mountain I was going to burst out with Excitement I was walking up the mountain Noticing a lot of huge rocks I was marching up the mountain Focusing on nothing else I was hiking up the mountain Really getting tired I was trudging up the mountain Wanting to cry I struggled up the mountain Wanting to stop I made it up the mountain What a beautiful sight. Angelica

8: Night Sky Round white shiny ball Makes the night bright Stars like diamonds in the sky Decorating the black blanket we call night Hae-Rang | A petal Like a teapot of nature It waits to be tipped and to pour all its wonder A petal The delicate wonder of nature Pedro

9: Disappointment Disappointment looks like One head, dropping down Disappointment sounds like A chorus of yes’s—and one no Disappointment tastes like The salt, from your tears Disappointment smells like Your favorite chocolate, evaporating into thin air Disappointment feels like Your heart Sinking Along with the Titanic Isabel

10: The Gift from the Ocean Swept out of the ocean It revealed itself The colors of the wind Danced on its back The sun reflected the Colors exploring on its Fragile back It had the beauty of nature It shined with pride Having the voices Of the flowing breeze Letting me relax I think it's you Paua shell The gift from The Ocean Mimi

11: Happiness Happiness is like a butterfly If you try to chase it It will fly away But if you focus on something else It will come and sit on your shoulder Emmy

12: The snow was white and falling, The world so cold and dark The sky was big and cloudy The trees were naked boughs The houses damp and desolate The tiles chipped The windows boarded up The flowers submerged in snow The raspberry bushes bare Except for crumbly leaves The prick of a thorn, Revenge for not taking heed Icy water on your hands, Seeping through your gloves Your shoes big and heavy Your toes numb and cold Snowflakes catching on your hair, Tangled in your eyelashes Your tears turned into ice Hopelessness Sadness The wailing of the winds Depression gripping the tail of your jacket | Winter | Siana | The Bus Numbs my brain Crinks my neck Churns my insides Dizzies my thinking Freezes my knuckles A grumpy troll Emerges from the Torturous journey Known also as A bus ride Natt

13: Fear Fear smells like a fire on a hot summer day Fear looks like a nightmare following you everywhere Fear feels like bees stinging you all over Fear sounds like screams and gunshots Fear tastes like bitter candy Fear is a gift that no one wants Maddy

14: The Shell Sitting on the wet sand feeling the breeze on my back The water-cools me, while I sleep on the shore I’m drifting away to the open water, discovering new life forms and watching the peaceful calm, cold water. I look down into the deep sea. What’s this? A pearl-white shell? I dived down to get the shell I stare in amazement while taking the shining object with me to the wet shore I think I woke up from a dream or did I? I see the pearl-white shell My adventure might have been fantasy But the shell proves it all. Uyen

15: Dance It comes out of me flowing out through my body expressing my feelings showing people my talent dancing is my life The pop music makes me feel energetic dancing hard moving freely to music dancing is my life Ocea

16: One hundred years from now One hundred years from now It probably wouldn’t matter What house I lived in, What shoes I wore, What school I went to, But should I think back It may well matter Because I was important In the life of a child! Sandrine

17: Hurry Up! Hurry up, hurry up! They yelled. Hurry up, hurry up! They shouted. Hurry up, hurry up! But, What am I supposed to hurry for? Teddy | Mosquito You always take my blood, Isn’t that enough? Why do you have to give me that Itchy Small Little bump? Isn’t blood enough? Ishy

18: The Pen The pen glides its way through pages of writing And I make my way through life The pen never seems to stop Neither do I The pen leaves it’s trail hoping someone will read it’s writing And I leave my trail in life The pen crosses out a mistake he made while writing I try to correct my mistakes too The pen stops writing I stop living Johannes

19: In my pencil lives 1 pencil man 2 unknown drawings 3 hours of work 4 days of thinking And 5 billion ideas Ari

20: The Bus Numbs my brain Crinks my neck Churns my insides Dizzies my thinking Freezes my knuckles A grumpy troll Emerges from the Torturous journey Known also as A bus ride Natt

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